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AP not covering story on Israeli torture


Israeli shackling of detainees ‘torture’

JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli security forces’ shackling of Palestinian prisoners is frequently cruel and humiliating and in a number of instances constitutes “torture,” a rights group said Wednesday.
Israeli torture template:
Israeli interrogators ‘in Iraq’

AP not covering story on Israeli torture

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 8:11 AM
From: “Alison Weir”
It appears that the Associated Press is again not covering an important story about Israel.

Twelve hours ago the Israeli media began reporting on a study that found that Israeli agencies have been routinely shackling Palestinians in “cruel and humiliating” ways that constitute torture.

This has now been reported by AFP and UPI. However, there is no report by AP.

We just phoned the international desk in New York asking why AP is not covering it. The person told us she had “not heard about it” and will now look into it.

The media and public may wish to ask AP why the Jerusalem bureau — AP’s control bureau in the region — has failed to report on this important news story: 212.621.1500.

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