Quartet of Middle East peacemakers urges complete halt to all Israeli settlement construction

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israel urged to halt settlements
Source: news.bbc.co.uk
Israel has been urged by the Quartet of Middle East mediators to stop all West Bank settlement building activity and to open its border crossings.
Quartet to Israel: Freeze settlement expansion
June 27, 2009

Israel Resists Pressure on Settlements


JERUSALEM — Israeli officials held firm on Friday against a total settlement freeze in the West Bank, despite a statement from the so-called quartet of Middle East peacemakers urging a complete halt to all settlement construction.

The peace group’s call bolstered the Obama administration’s unequivocal position against settlement activity, the subject of an unusually sharp dispute with Israel.

The largely conservative Israeli government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party, said it would not build new settlements and would not expropriate additional land for settlement construction, and said that the fate of the settlements would be decided in negotiations.

But until then, said Mark Regev, a spokesman for Mr. Netanyahu, “Our position is that normal life should continue inside those communities,” which includes building that Israel says is necessary for natural growth.


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