EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Israel lobby probe linked to anti-Semitism

Ex-informant points to FBI


EXCLUSIVE: Defense analyst in (AIPAC) spy case was FBI double agent

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  • Patriot says:

    Jim Dean responded:

    Re: Pro-Israel lobby probe linked to anti-Semitism

    Thursday, July 30, 2009 8:58 AM

    Great article here. Thanks for the forward. Jim Dean

    **Here the Lobby raises the anti-semite black flag as part of rehabilitating Franklin as a victim. He was the perfect Intel co-option target…pro Israel…lots of money problems (big family, sick wife, parents/inlaws all living with him) despite being a double dipper. A lot of the military guys think that three pensions is their divine right.

    The Lobby has a long history of promoting their spying helpers up the line where they can be more valuable and I think Franklin was well aware of this and saw the opportunity. As a retired Army officer he disgraced his oath, despite his spinning attempts now, which obviously are being orchestrated by the Lobby with the interview in Plato’s office. I assume he still needs money.

    This anti-semitism charge being brought up as standard operation procedure when any Zionist Intel investigations become public should on it’s face be presented as laughable by the media. When they are so judgmental on other issues, they just lay this out with no real framing.

    What connections were the FBI guys supposed to be asking him about?…how many Eskimos that he knew in the Pentagon? I am going to be able to use this interview to do a good piece for the Vet and Intel community on the depth of how disgraceful this all is.

    I was surprised that they bicycled a large batch of agents through this investigation. This often leads to a wandering one when at least the key people don’t follow it through to the end. It’s hard for me to believe that wiretaps would not have given them everything that they needed. God only knows these folks are conspiring all the time, and feel so immune that they would have no fear discussing a lot of stuff on the phone.


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