Lieberman: Attack May be Only Option on Iran

Lieberman is another AIPAC sponsored Israel firster as well!:

Monday, August 3, 2009 12:24 PM

Launching a military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities will be the “only one choice” left for the United States if new economic sanctions fail to convince Tehran to halt its bomb-making program, according to Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

Only through “crippling sanctions do we have a chance to convince the Iranians to stop this nuclear weapons program,” Lieberman, an independent Democrat from Connecticut, told the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. Stiffer sanctions are necessary in order to “save ourselves” from having to make the most difficult choice, which he said was “doing nothing in regard to a nuclear Iran, and taking military action.”


“Because this is the choice we will be faced with and to me in that moment I think there is only one choice, but we don’t have to make it now, and it’s why these sanctions proposals are so important,” Lieberman added, in comments reported last week by the WashingtonTV.

Lieberman was referring specifically to an Iran fuel sanctions bill introduced to Congress in April, which would impose sanctions on foreign energy companies that sell refined petroleum products to Iran and the insurance companies that insure the tankers destined for that country, the WashingtonTV explained.


Earlier in his testimony, Lieberman warned the committee that time will be a factor in determining the need to take military against Iran’s nuclear facilities.


“Time is not on our side. We have very few options to peacefully draw this to a close in a positive way. That’s why I support President Obama’s initiative to engage with Iran,” Lieberman said. “We’ve got to test that, but we’ve got to test it as you’ve said on a time-limited basis. They can’t drag this out as they did with the Europeans.”


According to Reuters, President Barack Obama had rejected earlier calls by lawmakers for establishing what he called an “artificial deadline” for talks with Iran, but he indicated in May that the administration would review progress in any negotiations by the end of the year.


The Senate committee heard testimony on “Minimizing Potential Threats from Iran: Assessing Economic Sanctions and Other U.S. Policy Options” from four expert witnesses, including Nicholas Burns, former undersecretary of state under the administration of former President George W. Bush.


Burns disagreed with Lieberman’s assessment that the only options available if sanctions fail were either to do nothing or to undertake a military strike, and felt that “containment” was also a viable option not yet explored.


“I think it would be unwise to limit the president’s options, should negotiations and sanctions fail,” Burns said.


“To be left with only one option — military force — when that option is fraught with difficulties for us, a third war in the Middle East and South Asia in a decade, I think would be very unwise of us as a country,” Burns explained, adding: “Therefore we need to look at containment.”


Burns compared the current situation to the threats posed to the United States during the Cold War by the former Soviet Union and China, which were far more superior in their military strength than present-day Iran.


Containment, therefore, “ought to be an option alongside the use of force that we ought to be looking at very carefully,” Burns said.


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  • escapefromobamastan says:

    If the Senator from Tel Aviv want to fight Iran, he should renounce his American citizenship, keep his Israeli citizenship, move to Israel, put on an Israeli uniform, grab a helmet and gun and go to town.

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