US ‘to be blamed’ in case of Israeli strike on Iran: Bolton

Israel will attack Iran by end of 2009: Bolton

Israeli attack on Iran ‘catastrophe’, says Sarkozy:

Ahmadinejad DID NOT threaten to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Seems like William Cohen is laying the ‘foundation’ for a coming Israeli attack on Iran which of course would get US involved in another war for Israel yet again!

Cohen: Fear of Iran tops Middle East’s wrath against Israel:

John Bolton has been associated with the ‘JINSA’ (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) which Colin Powell conveyed (in Washington Post correspondent Karen DeYoung’s bio book about him) was in control of the Pentagon (via JINSA/PNAC/AEI Neocon associated Dick Cheney):

U.S. Middle East policy motivated by pro-Israel lobby:


See video: In-Depth Discussion: In Israel’s Interest – US Policy Influenced by Media and Neocon Agenda:


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