Obama says Iran breaking rules on nuclear programs

Obama says Iran breaking rules on nuclear programs (but conveniently ignores Israeli nukes yet again!):


Iran ‘has second enrichment site’


What about Israel’s nukes (as there is no credible evidence that Iran even has them, but Israel certainly does!)?!:

UN IAEA conference criticizes Israeli nuclear program


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  • Patriot says:

    Debbie wrote:

    Noticed that the US & company are “demanding access to Iran’s nuclear sites.” Why don’t the Iranians say “Sure, just confirm that the same group will be visiting Israel’s nuclear sites at the same time?”
    It is a really obvious thing to do, but I have learned that what is so obvious is commonly overlooked or dismissed…

  • Patriot says:

    Jeanne wrote:

    The US also signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty in which we pledged to reduce and finally eliminate nuclear weapons. And how did that go — not so great. Although, we have reduced our stockpile, Bush let out contracts to build new nuclear weapons. Furthermore, Bush stated that we would use low yield nuclear weapons to bomb Iran. Scientists (in Mother Jones article) ridiculed the idea that the fallout from the nuclear bunker buster bombs would be contained in the deep hole — stating that the nuclear fall out would travel round the world. Imagine the rage in the Muslim world reacting to the double standard — one standard for us and Israel — one for the Muslim world.

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