Folly of Israeli Attack on Iran

Cordesman on Folly of Israeli Attack on Iran | Tikun Olam-תקון עול


DEBORCHGRAVE Commentary: Defeat is now conceivable

October 1st, 2009 | Author: Patriot | Edit


Another War (for Israel) in the Works:

6 Responses to “Folly of Israeli Attack on Iran”

  • Eyes Wide Open says:

    “Iran has all of the technology and production and manufacturing capabilities needed for fission weapons”

    RUBBISH!! Iran cannot enrich uranium beyond a few %, a far cry from the 96% required to create even a basic Hiroshima style uranium gun weapon. The biggest problem Iran faces is that it’s uranium is contaminated with molybdenum, which is quite dense. When they spin up their centrifuges the molybdenum being heavy sticks to the walls of the centrifuge and causes them to explode. It also has dramas with the special magnetic bearings needed for the centrifuges to be successful.

    So even if Iran wanted to enrich the uranium to the required 96% it cant, having said that who would blame them for trying, with neighbours like India, Israel, Pakistan all who have illegal weapons programs, none of which are signiaturies to ANY international nuclear treaties isnt it hypocritical of the US or anybody to critisise Iran?
    The US openly supplies nuclear technology and materials to all three of these rogue nuclear powers and yet pressures the only nation who is 100% legal in their activities?

    I honestly hope that Iran gets the bomb, then it too will have a big stick to keep the hypocrits and bullies at a distance.

    Oh and just a small point, India, Pakistan and Israel DO NOT have any OIL, certainly not the second largest reserves on the planet, could their be an alterior motive for the demonising of Iran?

    One more thing, does anyone not think it odd that the very same people who sold the world the lies about Iraqs WMD’s, uranium deals, mobile anthrax factories (helium generators) and links to Al Qaeda and who now admit it was a mistake are expecting us to believe that this time they have it right?
    I mean to say, the “mistake” of Iraq has cost over 1,ooo,ooo Iraqi lives and made 4m Iraqis refugees…..some “mistake”

  • freeflo06 says:

    Hopefully Iran will develop the bomb. Israel is a cancer on this planet. They cause nothing but death, despair, and war. Israel would not be missed in America. They have been a parasite on the U.S. taxpayer for too long.

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