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Is the U.S. Preparing to Bomb Iran (for Israel)?

Is the U.S. Preparing to Bomb Iran (for Israel)? 

Pentagon Expedites Bunker-Buster Bomb Plan:

Report: Pentagon Boosts Development of Iran-Focused Bombs

“Massive Ordinance Penetrator” Made to Destroy Fortified Underground Sites; Military Wants it Fast


ABC News is reporting the US military could be speeding up plans for a possible attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. The Pentagon recently won congressional approval to shift millions of dollars in defense spending toward development of a bunker-busting bomb known as the Massive Ordnance Penetrator. The bomb is designed to strike targets deep below ground. It’s said to have little use for military operations in Iraq or Afghanistan but would be ideal for striking underground Iranian facilities. 


Israel and U.S. prepare for largest-ever joint air force drill

 Dr. Ron Paul on the Iranian Nuclear Program


WMD All Over Again:


Another War (for Israel) in the Works:


Disinformation about the Iranian “Threat”


Max Keiser: Dollar to be buried way before 2018

Max Keiser: Dollar to be buried way before 2018
World’s major powers including China and Russia don’t want to ‘finance’ American military adventures anymore. That’s the view of Max Keiser, finance critic and former stockbroker. He says China and Russia are interested in collapsing the US economy by rejecting the dollar:

On the Edge with Max Keiser – 16 October 2009

On the Edge with Max Keiser . . . and Michael Hudson

Max Keiser – Face Off – “Is the Crisis Over?” (1/2)

Max Keiser – Face Off – “Is the Crisis Over?” (2/2)

Ron Paul Warns of Violence from Pending Dollar Crisis; Says Israel Strike on Iran the Trigger:

Demise of the Dollar (youtube by Peter Schiff):

Additional at the following URL:

The Demise of the Dollar:

A Hidden $34 Billion Bank Subsidy? Study Exposes How Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Other Large Banks


Check out what this neocon/neoconned member of the Wall Street Journal Journal Editorial Board had to say about the crashing dollar (but look how he still supports the Iraq quagmire as well and dodged the questions about how much it has cost US taxpayers as US states go broke!):
Stephen Moore, Editorial Board Member for the Wall Street Journal discusses latest economic news, health care legislation and new financial regulation provisions (October 16th, 2009)
Ignorance Is Bliss
By Peter Schiff
Published 10/17/09