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Barack Obama to announce substantial surge in US troops for Afghan quagmire according to BBC

Obama ‘may unveil Afghan surge’

US President Barack Obama may announce a substantial surge in US troops to Afghanistan, the BBC has been told:

Report: Obama to Deploy Additional 45,000 Troops

The BBC meanwhile is reporting President Obama has already decided on an increase of some 45,000 troops that could be announced as early as next week. The White House has denied the report. Meanwhile, President Obama convened a fifth war council meeting Wednesday to discuss the occupation of Afghanistan. The administration is currently weighing a proposal from Afghan war commander General Stanley McChrystal to add up to 60,000 additional troops. On Tuesday, Obama said a decision will be made in the “coming weeks” and defended US war aims.

President Obama: “Our principal goal remains to root out al-Qaeda and its extremist allies that can launch attacks against the United States or its allies. That’s our principal mission. We are also obviously interested in stability in the region.”


Britain: Afghan Troop Increase “Consistent” with US Plans

Britain has announced it’s preparing to send more troops to Afghanistan and suggested the US is poised to do the same. On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he would deploy an additional 500 soldiers if several conditions were met, including additional troop commitments from other NATO forces. Brown indicated the troop boost is linked to an expected US troop increase, saying, “I believe the decision we are announcing is consistent with what the Americans will decide.” Addressing the British parliament, Brown said the decision had been made in close consultation with the United States.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown: “But I do want—I do want to stress that the decisions that we are announcing today have been made after the fullest possible consultation with our American allies, with the Secretary-General of NATO, and with our own military commanders, commanders on the ground, the chief of the defense staff and the chief of the general staff, and I’ve regularly met them over the last few weeks to deal with these issues.”

Britain has the second-largest foreign occupation force in Afghanistan with around 9,000 troops.


The bottom line (to the Afghan quagmire):

Ron Paul on ‘The Situation Room’ October 14th, 2009

Saving Face and Losing Lives (by Congressman Ron Paul)

Saving Face and Losing Lives in Afghanistan (by Congressman Ron Paul)

Saving Face and Losing Lives in Afghanistan (by Congressman Ron Paul)

by Rep. Ron Paul, October 14, 2009

Ron Paul – Hearing on Afghanistan 10/15/2009

The bottom line (to the Afghan quagmire):

US-led war in Afghanistan ‘unwinnable’

Afghanistan: A War of Lies:

 I’m Beginning to Feel a “Draft”

Ron Paul: The World’s Most Popular US Congressman

Ron Paul on ‘The Situation Room’ October 14th, 2009

Read the following article for more about AIPAC operative Wolf Blitzer who had Ron Paul on his CNN ‘The Situation Room’ program on October 14th, 2009:

Israel’s Fifth Column

Ron Paul Warns of Violence from Pending Dollar Crisis; Says Israel Strike on Iran the Trigger

Message from John Tate, President of the Campaign for Liberty (

“CNN has shared with my staff that they want to hear from you on this issue. Contact The Situation Room and let them know you think neoconservatism has had its day and it is time for our elected officials to stick to the Constitution.”

My message to CNN:
Thank you for allowing Ron Paul to express his views, which I share, on your 10/14/09 program. As a libertarian Republican, I will continue to work to defeat both neoconservatives, such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain, and socialists, which include most Democrats, by supporting true, limited government, constitutional conservatives, such as Ron Paul and several other liberty candidates for Congress and Senate in 2010. Where liberty Republicans are not running for office, I’ll support Libertarian Party and Constitution Party candidates.
Keep in mind that Dr. Stephen Sniegoski goes after Cheney and his AEI/JINSA/PNAC Neocon friends in his ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book (access the following URLs if interested further) as he clearly conveys that Iraq was invaded in order to secure the realm for Israel in accordance with the ‘A Clean Break’ agenda (access the ‘A Clean Break’ agenda link at the upper right of http://NEOCONZIONISTTHREAT.COM as well):

Stephen Sniegoski’s lecture on his book, “The Transparent Cabal”:

“Afghanistan: Back Door to War on Iran”

Disinformation about the Iranian “Threat” (by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski    ):

The bottom line (to the Afghan quagmire)

The bottom line (to the Afghan quagmire)

Ron Paul Warns of Violence from Pending Dollar Crisis; Says Israel Strike on Iran the Trigger

Ron Paul Warns of Violence from Pending Dollar Crisis; Says Israel Strike on Iran the Trigger

‘Israel may attack Iran after December’

Brzezinski wants Israeli jets striking Iran shot down:

Israeli attack on Iran ‘catastrophe’, says Sarkozy:
 Dollar hits 14-month low against euro

Dollar loses reserve status to yen & euro

Jim Rogers News Blog: Gold Will Hit $2000 Dollar Will Lose Reserve Status Jim Rogers

Demise of the Dollar (youtube by Peter Schiff):

Peter Schiff Death Of The Dollar, Hyperinflation

Ignorance Is Bliss
By Peter Schiff
Published 10/17/09

Check out what this neocon/neoconned member of the Wall Street Journal Journal Editorial Board had to say about the crashing dollar (but look how he still supports the Iraq quagmire as well and dodged the questions about how much it has cost US taxpayers as US states go broke!):
Stephen Moore, Editorial Board Member for the Wall Street Journal discusses latest economic news, health care legislation and new financial regulation provisions (October 16th, 2009)
Israel and U.S. prepare for largest-ever joint air force drill
Pentagon Expedites Bunker-Buster Bomb Plan: Pentagon Boosts Development of Iran-Focused Bombs
Max Keiser: Dollar to be buried way before 2018

Israel feels the heat over UN meeting on Gaza war

Israel feels the heat over UN meeting on Gaza war

UNHRC endorses Goldstone report, angers Israel

White House phones Jewish leaders to promise veto on Goldstone

Goldstone, Israel’s Frankenstein’s monster

Israel Attacks Gaza, Silence from Mainstream Media about Israeli Violations of International Law

War Criminals Are Becoming Arbiters of the Law:

Israelis may stay at home to avoid arrest in Europe:



UN Takes Up Gaza War Crimes Report

The UN Human Rights Council is expected to open discussion today on the findings of a UN inquiry that accused Israel of a series of war crimes during its three-week assault on the Gaza Strip. The session occurs just days after widespread Palestinian outcry forced the Palestinian Authority to reverse its backing of US and Israeli demands for an indefinite delay to addressing the report at the United Nations. It also comes one day after the UN Security Council took up the report’s findings. On Wednesday, the Palestinian representative to the UN, Riyad Mansour, said the report’s reception heralded an end to Israeli impunity in attacking Palestinians.

Riyad Mansour: “The culture of impunity that Israel—allowed Israel to get away with murder for the last sixty years is no more. We are entering a new culture of accountability, and this process is not a short process. It’s a long process, but we are all determined to defend international law, international humanitarian law, and to bring the criminals to face justice.”

Around 1,300 Palestinians were killed in the assault, compared to thirteen Israelis, a ratio of 100-to-one.

Israel Continues E. Jerusalem Home Demolitions

In other Mideast news, Israel continues to demolish Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem. On Monday, Israeli troops destroyed the home of Amjad, an East Jerusalem father of three children.

Amjad: “In the morning I sleep inside. The soldiers come and take me. They bring the dog. ‘What do you want?’ I tell him. ‘I have a problem in my heart.’ ’It’s not my problem,’ he tells me. ‘Go outside.’ But I don’t want to go. Five soldiers take me, they brought me out. They take my phone and my—[inaudible]. You know, she tells me, ‘No, we don’t want.’ And we see, after, they broke the house. Now I have two problems: I don’t have any place to sit, I have three children.”

Over 200 Palestinian homes have been demolished in East Jerusalem and the West Bank this year, displacing at least 520 Palestinians.

Groups: 335 Palestinians Unlawfully Jailed

Meanwhile in Israel, two human rights group have released a report documenting what they call the unlawful imprisonment of some 335 Palestinians in Israeli jails. The groups B’Tselem and HaMoked say Israel is violating international law by holding the prisoners without charge or trial for years on end. The 335 figure could be substantially conservative; there are an estimated 10,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails.


The following is affirmed yet again as there has been no discussion (from what I have seen thus far) of the above (to include the Goldstone UN report in the pro-Israel biased ‘American’ media:
Conspicuous Silences: The New York Times Buries Its Head in the Sinai Sand

Washington blames Turkey for air drill cancellation

Washington blames Turkey for air drill cancellation:

Turkey’s Wake-up Call for Israel:

Turkey crisis: Concern that arms deals may be cancelled:,7340,L-3788905,00.html