Barack Obama to announce substantial surge in US troops for Afghan quagmire according to BBC

Obama ‘may unveil Afghan surge’

US President Barack Obama may announce a substantial surge in US troops to Afghanistan, the BBC has been told:

Report: Obama to Deploy Additional 45,000 Troops

The BBC meanwhile is reporting President Obama has already decided on an increase of some 45,000 troops that could be announced as early as next week. The White House has denied the report. Meanwhile, President Obama convened a fifth war council meeting Wednesday to discuss the occupation of Afghanistan. The administration is currently weighing a proposal from Afghan war commander General Stanley McChrystal to add up to 60,000 additional troops. On Tuesday, Obama said a decision will be made in the “coming weeks” and defended US war aims.

President Obama: “Our principal goal remains to root out al-Qaeda and its extremist allies that can launch attacks against the United States or its allies. That’s our principal mission. We are also obviously interested in stability in the region.”


Britain: Afghan Troop Increase “Consistent” with US Plans

Britain has announced it’s preparing to send more troops to Afghanistan and suggested the US is poised to do the same. On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he would deploy an additional 500 soldiers if several conditions were met, including additional troop commitments from other NATO forces. Brown indicated the troop boost is linked to an expected US troop increase, saying, “I believe the decision we are announcing is consistent with what the Americans will decide.” Addressing the British parliament, Brown said the decision had been made in close consultation with the United States.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown: “But I do want—I do want to stress that the decisions that we are announcing today have been made after the fullest possible consultation with our American allies, with the Secretary-General of NATO, and with our own military commanders, commanders on the ground, the chief of the defense staff and the chief of the general staff, and I’ve regularly met them over the last few weeks to deal with these issues.”

Britain has the second-largest foreign occupation force in Afghanistan with around 9,000 troops.


The bottom line (to the Afghan quagmire):

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