US-led war in Afghanistan ‘unwinnable’

US-led war in Afghanistan ‘unwinnable’

From The Sunday Times October 18, 2009

Tony Blair’s envoy attacks Afghanistan war

The bottom line (to the Afghan quagmire):

Hollow Victory

According to the Republicans, the United States is once again at the crossroads of losing another critical war because of feckless Democrats. Only this time it’s Afghanistan.

Ron Paul – Hearing on Afghanistan 10/15/2009

Saving Face and Losing Lives in Afghanistan (by Congressman Ron Paul):

Afghanistan: A War of Lies:

I’m Beginning to Feel a “Draft”

 CodePink Founder Jodie Evans Challenges Obama Up Close and Personal on His Afghanistan Policy
By Don Hazen, AlterNet
Posted on October 17, 2009, Printed on October 18, 2009

Military Seeks $1.3 Billion for Construction Projects in Afghanistan –

Report: US upgrading military bases in Afghanistan

Federal Deficit Hits Record: $1.42 Trillion

Obama administration closes the books on fiscal 2009: Falling revenue plus soaring spending leads to a $1.42 trillion deficit

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria interviews author Tom Ricks – Afghanistan & Pakistan

Max Keiser: Dollar to be buried way before 2018

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