Game Plan: If Israel Strikes Iran

Retired General Says Israeli Attack to Take Out Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Not Only Possible, the U.S. Should Join In;cbsCarousel

Wald is another apparent Jewish Zionist in attendance at a Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) warmonger event as WINEP is a spin-off of the pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC) which has been pushing for war with Iran for Israel for years no matter how many Americans have to die/get horribly maimed as a result of such (hence the Mearsheimer/Walt ‘The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy’ book is validated yet again!):

U.S. Middle East policy motivated by pro-Israel lobby

The AIPAC propagandist Dennis Ross moves over to the National Security Council

‘Israel may attack Iran after December’


Disinformation about the Iranian “Threat” (by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski):

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  • finnmaccool9 says:

    If ISRAEL attacks IRAN we should send fighter interceptors to block them and order them to turn back and if they don’t then shoot them out of the sky. REMEMBER THE USS LIBERTY AND what about those ISRAELI MOSSAD agents FILMING and CELEBRATING after the 911 World Trade Center attack……..I wonder what group within our government and/or the ISRAELI government was/is behind these and other acts against our country. We should also have Grand Jury investigations of the entire Bush administration, indictments and trials to find out the truth if possible. Bush is such a cowardly wimp he would spill the beans about all he knows which actually may not be very much As for Chaney…after he dies they should remove and put his corrupt heart on display at the Circus HOUSE OF HORRORS. If gulty they should be paying the ultimate price…DEATH and if ISRAEL LEADERSHIP OR MOSSAD was part of that or other acts undermining the security of our country then all relations with Israel should be terminated and their nuclear facilities and nuclear weapon storage sites should be eliminated peacefully or militarily by the UN or us.

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