AEI/JINSA/PNAC Neocons honor each other and AEI/JINSA/PNAC associated Dick Cheney at CSP

AEI/JINSA/PNAC  Neocons honor each other and JINSA/PNAC/AEI associated Dick Cheney at CSP

Cheney undeterred by failure, shame

Men from JINSA and CSP:

Robert Fisk references the above article in the following one:

Bush’s Contempt of the World:

Stephen Sniegoski’s lecture on his book, “The Transparent Cabal” about the AEI/JINSA/PNAC Neocons and their war for Israel agenda (access the ‘A Clean Break’ link at the upper right of http://NEOCONZIONISTTHREAT.COM as well) which has gotten thousands of Americans killed/horribly wounded:

“Afghanistan: Back Door to War on Iran” (by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski):

Disinformation about the Iranian “Threat” (by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski):

The bottom line to Afghanistan:

Afghanistan: A War of Lies:

US-led war in Afghanistan ‘unwinnable’

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