NATO members: no more troops to Afghanistan (quagmire) now

NATO members: no more troops to Afghanistan now

By SLOBODAN LEKIC and VANESSA GERA, Associated Press Writers Slobodan Lekic And Vanessa Gera, Associated Press Writers 8 mins ago

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia – Two NATO members said Friday they will not send more troops to Afghanistan unless its Nov. 7 presidential runoff creates a legitimate government and until President Barack Obama decides on a new strategy there.

Dutch Defense Minister Eimert Van Middelkoop said his country, with 2,160 troops in Afghanistan, is awaiting the final election results “because the legitimacy of the Afghan government is key,” as well as a decision by the Obama administration.

“I think most countries are waiting for the American decisions,” van Middelkoop said at a meeting in Bratislava of the defense ministers of the 28 NATO countries.

The top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrytal, was briefing NATO ministers — including U.S. Defense Minister Robert Gates — on his view of the war in Afghanistan at the meeting.

Danish Defense Minister Soeren Gade said allies won’t increase troop levels until they’re assured the new government in Kabul is committed to the NATO goals.

“I think whoever is going to send more troops to Afghanistan will put up some conditions,” said Gade, whose country has 690 soldiers in Afghanistan.

“They need to see the new Afghan president and say: ‘If we send more troops to your country, you have to deal with this, this and this.’ We have to make sure the new government in Afghanistan are committed to their job before we send any more troops to Afghanistan.”

Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung of Germany said he also doesn’t expect his country to increase its troop numbers in Afghanistan when the soldiers’ mandate from the German parliament comes up for renewal in December. The existing mandate allows the deployment of a maximum 4,500 soldiers, and Germany currently has just over 4,200 troops in Afghanistan.

Gates said he will prod NATO for more economic and security aid to Afghanistan while trying to sidestep the simmering international debate over sending more troops to the fight.


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  • spktruth200 says:

    I urge you to google: RAWA (Revolutionaly Women of Afganistan) these women say their are huge deposits of oil, gas, iron, gold, emeralds, etc etc…thats what the Russians were after and that is what the neo con/zionists are after. These multi national corporations, and the military industrial complex will once again use our sons/daughters not to fight for democracy..but to steal the resources of the extremely poor nations with no army, no way to fight the occupier nations. Gordon Brown (England) will send 500 troops, but other nations (with better sense) will not….please tell me why Obama is even considering sending more of our sons/daughters to die for imperialism? Didnt we get rid of Bush/cheney and neo con zionists? Didnt we elect a man who told us diplomacy and the rule of law would once again reign in America…were we all fooled?

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