by Jeff Gates

Winning wars in the Information Age largely depends on winning the battle for public opinion. Thus the opinion-shaping role of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) when it attacked a high profile California professor for his criticism of Israeli policy in Palestine.  

That ADL intimidation campaign successfully chilled debate on campuses nationwide during several time-critical months while a new president, promising the hope of change, reassessed U.S.-Israeli relations. His only change—endorsing more Israeli settlements on Palestinian land—quashed any hope of peace.

This ADL silencing strategy offers a microcosm of how the U.S. was induced to war in Iraq based on false intelligence. From the provocation of September 11, 2001 until the invasion of March 2003, war-planners ignored, dismissed or sought to silence anyone critical of the spurious premises offered for war.

Only later did we discover that the intelligence was fixed around a preset agenda. Even now, Americans are unaware that the U.S.-led invasion had long been an Israeli goal.

Or listen to a machine-read version here: (not sure who did this)
Or see it on the Criminal State website: Lawful Treason? where you can also order Guilt By Association, the first release in the Criminal State series.
As predicted — right on cue, the ADL’s Abe Foxman is working to portray confirmed facts as hate speech:
Here’s Israel’s latest operation: “What is Israel’s Role in Destabilizing Israel?” — first published on Opinion-Maker, an influential Pakistani website where it got 25,000 reads in the first 24 hours.
If you’re still uncertain how this duplicity proceeds in plain sight, review: “Today’s Ancient Warfare: Facts vs. Faith” — first published on Veterans Today where it got 30,000 reads in 72 hours.
Confused about the tragic shooting at Fort Hood? Major Nidal Hasan was a classic “asset” as explained in the Introduction to Guilt By Association. Here’s an analysis on Intifada-Palestine.
To restore U.S. national security requires that this trans-generational criminal syndicate be made transparent and its perpetrators apparent, including its many “assets” in the Congress and in “our” latest presidency. What we face as a nation is an education challenge. People simply do not know
Thus case lots prices of Guilt By Association are available for donations to libraries, universities, think tanks and so forth. People have been buying copies for “reading circles” and as “wake up” gifts. Mailings can be done to opinion-makers in the U.S. and abroad. Just contact me at
As anticipated, these facts and analyses have received no coverage in mainstream media in the U.S. None. Nor, of course, on compromised websites such as Huffington Post.
Word docs of these four op-eds are attached.

Jeff Gates

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