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Press TV interview with Dr. Stephen Sniegoski (Author of ‘The Transparent Cabal’)


Press TV interview with Dr. Stephen Sniegoski (Author of “The Transparent Cabal”):

Can also click on following URL to view this excellent interview about the war for Israel agenda in Iraq which seems about to be expanded to Iran before long: .htm

Neocons’ Goal: Iran by the Way of Libya (by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski):

Press TV talks to Stephen Sniegoski on American “Third Party”?


Obama to be next neocon US president?

‎’The Transparent Cabal’ book reviewed at

You might want to read Karen Kwiatkowski”s excellent review of Dr. Stephen Sniegoski”s “The Transparent Cabal” book about the JINSA/PNAC/AEI Neocons who pushed US (via JINSA/PNAC/AEI associated Dick Cheney whose wife was a fellow up at AEI and still is to my info) into the Iraq quagmire in order to secure the realm for Israel in accordance with the “A Clean Break” agenda (access the “A Clean Break” link at the upper right of if interested further):

Kwiatkowski Review of Transparent Cabal

In-Depth Discussion:

In Israel”s Interest = US Policy Influenced by Media and Neocon Agenda (call for friends Dr. Stephen Sniegoski and Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski included via the youtube linked at the following URL):

The Neocon Agenda (excerpt from Karen Kwiatkowski interview with Dr. Stephen Sniegoski)

Scott McClellan Questioned about Neocon Push for Iraq War (‘The Transparent Cabal’ mentioned):

Additional via following URL:

 Bill and Kathy Christison review the “The Transparent Cabal”:

Review of The Transparent Cabal in Middle East Policy:

Brownfeld Reviews Transparent Cabal in WRMEA

White Man’s Burden (Iraq war was brought to US by 25 Jewish neocons):

Calling It Conspiracy

“Transparent Cabal” Website:

Amazon listing of “The Transparent Cabal”:

“The Transparent Cabal” mentioned in “The Independent” (UK) newspaper by Richard Ingrams:

Fragmentation of Iraq Was Israel’s Strategy (by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski)

Britain’s Inquiry into the Iraq War and the Israel Lobby Taboo (by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski)

The Chilcot Inquiry: Britain’s 9/11 Commission

Chomsky’s ‘war for oil’ smoke screen discussed (see comments by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski posted in comments section at bottom of following URL):

Norman Finkelstein on Israel, Palestinians and Iraq War (Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book mentioned):

Take a look at Dr. Sniegoski’s response to disingenuous Norman Finkelstein in the comments section at the bottom of the following URL:

Norman Finkelstein on Israel, Palestinians and Iraq

Additional about how the Iraq war was for Israel via

Steve Sniegoski discussed Norman Finkelstein as well related to the following:

Finkelstein, a Victim of the Israel Lobby, Denies That It Has Power

Stephen Sniegoski’s lecture on his book, “The Transparent Cabal”

Powell’s Chief of Staff Mentions Role of Neocons and Israel in Iraq War (by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski)

Former CIA Bin Laden unit head says US fighting wars for Israel


Full link to C-SPAN “Washington Journal” segment with Michael Scheuer included at following URL:


You might be interested in taking a look at the following article as well (the “democracy” line was simply used to mask the war for Israel agenda in Iraq as discussed in Dr. Stephen Sniegoski”s “The Transparent Cabal” book as well):

Thinking about Neoconservatism:

Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement:

And as if Iraq wasn’t enough for former PNAC chairman Bill Kristol as he is calling for yet another war for his beloved Israel yet again of course!:

Kristol: ‘Better’ For US to Attack Iran Than if Israel Did

Keep in mind that Kristol’s father (Irving Kristol who is a founder of the Neoconservatism movement) had an Israeli flag draped over his coffin during a recent funeral service (see the ‘Newsweek’ article linked via the following URL which mentions such):