Is Iran Next?

Is Iran Next?

Sunday, January 31, 2010 10:32 AM
From: “Stephen Sniegoski”

While I can’t seem to get publicity for my book, “The Transparent Cabal” in
the United States,  I was able to  get on a news panel on CRI (Chinese Radio
International) English dealing with the subject of a possible U.S. attack on

It is rather ironic that I was allowed on a major Chinese government radio
station but have a hard time getting on any station in the U.S., no matter
how small.

The radio program was “Today on Beyond Beijing” hosted by Chris Gelken.  The
specific discussion topic was: “Is Iran Next?”  The description of the
program follows:

“The threat of military action against Iran over its nuclear program has
hung over the Middle East for a number of years. Does Iran pose a ‘clear and
present danger’ to US or global interests? What would be the basis for a
military strike and what would be the consequences? ‘Today’ asks the

The archive is at:

This was a very relevant topic since the New York Times writes  that the US
is increasing its missile defense system in  the Persian Gulf against a
possible Iranian attack.  Of course, the US would only need to strengthen
its defenses to deal with an Iranian counterattack after the US had first
bombed it.

Stephen Sniegoski


Iran Sanctions, ‘Regime Change,’ Take Center Stage

AIPAC (and the rest of the pro-Israel lobby) pushing hard for new Iran sanctions!

Press TV interview with Dr. Stephen Sniegoski (Author of “The Transparent Cabal”):


Be sure (if interested further) to read the write-up by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski which is included along with the ‘Return of the Neocons’ Newsweek article at the following URL:



3 Responses to “Is Iran Next?”

  • Patriot says:

    Iran may be next target of misguided military adventurism

  • john says:

    Hi Stephen,

    After 30 years, Iranian people have learned their lessons.

    I like to point out several points to you. Governments go to war, and politicians and rulers change as a result, but the people of those nations can’t do anything about it. Those unfortunate people of the developing countries live in horror and hardship everyday. Since you live in US, you enjoy a relatively good amount of democracy, so you can’t relate to those type of people. People of Iran wanted US to change Iran’s government long before US attacked Iraq or Afghanistan. Instead of you helping out with giving Iranian people their wishes of war; you want peace with a terrorist, blood thirsty and murderous government? For once the wishes of the Iranian people is agreeing with the wishes of the world government, and you go against it.

    The people of Iran have learned their lessons:
    Iranian people love America and her allies.
    Iranian people are friends of Israel.
    Iranians want just the relative democracy that you, Stephen, enjoy it everyday.
    Iranians don’t want anything to do with the oil and gas or any of their natural resources.

    Please get rid of the Islamic regime and put another Shah in power!

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