White House Won’t Rule Out Attacking Iran

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White House Won’t Rule Out Attacking Iran


By Jason Ditz On February 16, 2010

Underscoring the very real threat that remains of an American war against Iran, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today declared that the Obama Administration will not rule out attacking Iran over its decision to enrich uranium to 20 percent.

Gibbs accused Iran of repeatedly refusing administration offers of diplomatic negotiations, declaring this was proof that the Iranian nuclear program is not for civilian purposes.

In fact, Iran and the United States did take part in diplomatic negotiations in October, resulting in the draft enrichment deal. Iran also offered additional talks in November and December related to the deal, but were rebuffed and condemned by officials for the proposed talks.

Far from refusing to make agreements with the West related to its nuclear program, Iran actually accepted the draft enrichment deal earlier this month, as repeatedly demanded by the Obama Administration. The acceptance too was roundly condemned by Western officials, though mysteriously many have continued to demand that Iran accept the deal for weeks since the acceptance was already made.

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No options ruled out on Iran, White House says

Tue, Feb 16 2010


WASHINGTON, Feb 16 (Reuters) – The White House on Tuesday would not rule out any options, including the military option, for dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said: “I wouldn’t rule out anything.” He said Iran’s rejection of every attempt by the Obama administration for diplomatic engagement is proof that its nuclear program is “not of the means and type that they have tried to convince others that’s it’s for.” (Reporting by Steve Holland and Ross Colvin)


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