Ron Paul victory causes panic on neocon Right, Obama-ite Left

Ron Paul victory causes panic on neocon Right, Obama-ite Left

Ron Paul Routs the Neoconned at CPAC

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  • Todd says:

    I can’t wait for Ron Paul and anyone who is not an incumbent to get in the seats in congress and the senate. Zionism is doomed in America, watch as it unfolds just as the CIA will and the other intelligence agencies that are traitors

  • robert the hostile bicyclist says:

    The chicken s**ts know the gig is up,maybe……

  • Robert Francis says:

    YES! Ron you keep talking, because WE NEED YOU!

  • Mike Scirocco says:

    Ron Paul for President!

  • Ron Paul is a great Constitutionalist, which is more than can be said for most of the Senate and those other Pretenders on Capitol Hill. If people love America then that means they love the Constitution. The Constitution is America. Any attack on the Constitution is an attack on America.

    Well it is obvious who has been attacking the Constitution and who the attack serves. It serves the traitors who have aligned themselves with the Zionist cause. Set yourself free America. Find your voice and become the Republic you were born to be. Protect Ron Paul and his kind from enemies foreign and Domestic. Keep your 4th Amendment Rights. Remember who you should be and realize what you have become. In the name of Liberty rise America, rise.

  • Aridzonan says:

    The 2008 Presidential numbers for Ron Paul were grossly under reported. How can you raise more money with smaller donations and not have greater numbers?? Ron Paul’s number scared them last election cycle. His numbers this time will terrify them. FedGov.Inc is in real trouble.

  • dear inquire,
    yes i’m excited about ron paul for president. the country is in need of radical change. Ron paul is the man for the job. i’ve followed him for some time now, who else is there. since i’m a registered independent at times i thouhgt it would possibly help if he would consider the middle but he declines and i’m satisfied with that.yes some of his ideas seem a bit radical but look at where were our nation and the world are headed. it’s going to take some brave new thinking to pull us out of this tail spin. the real problem is that way to many don’t see how teriblly far along this mess really is. ron paul’s approach can possibly fix this mess or else were doomed. jon scheitel from minnesota a disabled veteran.

  • Cheryl Yankowski says:

    Ron Paul is a good man. He also is a true representative of the people. I have mostly voted Democrat in my life. I am 62 years old. I would vote for and work for Ron Paul to get elected as President of the United States.

  • Charles R Krueger Jr says:

    Perhaps there is hope in the US after reading about Ron Pauls victory.
    If the media were not controlled by Zionist Jews Ron Paul probably would have won the last election. Of course he did not get the Zionist lobbyists funding for his campaign as he smells a skunk and calls it by name when he sees it.
    Ron Paul is probably the only hope the US has to fight the Zionist feces that controls every facet of US policy, press, and the economy. Sooo, you wonder why the US has an ailing economy? Just ask Goldman Sachs, the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve and the Media how they have hoodwinked the US into a war in the middle east and how they are stealing the economy of the US at the tax payers expense. All for a rogue state (not even recognized as a country by many countries) that has ruined the US with its Khoesher facade.

    Charles R Krueger Jr

  • Gordon says:

    If one took a look at the amount of people in the Ron Paul For President work groups back in 2008, versus the other contenders, Ron Paul had by far the most. However, the elites and the owners of the newspapers used their influence to black ball Ron Paul for their own selfishness.

    The Middle Class gave the masses of people the most hope and the most satisfaction in life and the highest level of world peace.

    Yet the elites and those in power want a handful of rich, a few handfuls of middle class and massive poor.

    These people are in league with satanism, for their concepts are evil and selfish. Almighty Lord, what these evil people get in their end is their just reward.

  • Randallisimo says:

    Lets face it Left or right, black or white. Nothing will change until The Feds are Audited. Ron Paul will pull this of if the Rothschilds and/or Rockefellers don’t give him a heart attack or a flight into the ground first.

    END THE FED – Go Ron Baby GO!

  • joeglas says:

    Hats off and best wishes to Ron Paul butit is readily evident that the No. 1 problem facing the US,namely the Zionist cultural,political,media and finacial occupation of the country isnt being adressed properly in the political arena as support in the US for Israel is at a record high at 63 percent.The message just isnt getting through,despite the efforts of the alternative media.

  • John Hendricks says:

    I’m a Ron Paul supporter. I hate to be a party pooper, but lets go back to 1980. Reagan won the Republican nomination and ran on a platform that was identical to that year’s Libertarian Party. He was elected in a landslide victory. Happy days are here again, I thought.

    Did it do us any good? Is there a single good thing the Reagan administration did for us – other than a lot of inspiring speeches? I can’t think of one. There was the October Surprise, Iran Contra, NAFTA, financial deregulation, the rebirth of militarism, etc. etc. Many of the problems we are dealing with today originated with the Reagan administration.

    Of course Reagan was shot early on, and without doubt that is because he did not choose to go along with the program. Do you think Ron Paul will do any better?

  • pete says:

    The Sheeple of the United States of Israel can’t be bothered with Objective reasoning. The fact that the Zionist parasites controlling the “Renfields” in D.C., spy on us, bomb us, kill our children, our servicedrones not withstanding, their lives are just too hectic what with the Super Bowl etc.
    I can’t think of a society more worthy of collapse. Think of all the innocent people around the world that could sleep at night knowing the C.I.A. isn’t going to slaughter them for their raw materials for Israel/big-business. It’s easier to parrot what they’re told and root for your favorite pro-team than to actually reason. It’s laughable that they’re all set to die and slaughter AGAIN based on nothing but lies. Your “leaders” don’t give a damn what you want/need/deserve, (unless Israel tells ’em to) You go guys!!

  • KevinC says:

    Ron Paul is slowly taking back America. Tea Party infiltration or not. There is a real libertarian ideaological shift taking place within the Republican party.

  • stan says:

    Who ran that pole and did the jews have anything to do with it? Hurray the only straight shooter in congress is back. It is really too bad that the sheeeple in this country didn’t put the only man alive that could put ole humpty together agin. Go Congressman Paul.

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