British journalist warns of Israeli plot to draw US into war with Iran

British journalist warns of Israeli plot to draw US into war with Iran
Web posted at: 2/28/2010 7:1:21

DOHA: A famous British journalist and author has warned that Israel wants to draw Washington into a war with Iran.

But the US is not falling into the Israeli trap and every time the issue comes up, the White House dispatches a senior advisor from the national security department to Tel Aviv to say no to war.

Patrick Seale who is here attending the Monaco Club conference told reporters on the sidelines of the event that Israel believes that if it wages a war against Iran on its own public opinion would force the White House to intervene, especially if Tehran targets US military interests in the Gulf.

The prospects of a war in the region do not bode well for the GCC. Many countries believe that Tel Aviv wants the GCC countries to be a target of Iran in the eventually of a war.

Israel’s thinking is that being dragged into a war, the wealthy Gulf region which is also the cradle of Arab civilisation would get weakened.

Seale argued that Israel thinks that it can literally get away doing anything, especially as Russians are busy elsewhere — with Ukraine and Central Asia.

“This is the real danger we face,” said the British scribe who is based in France.

It is a matter of immense regret that the US is weak when it comes to Israel and the Europeans as well as Arabs remain divided on the Issue, he added.


That was a war council in Damascus

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  • Danial says:

    With a sensible President like Obama this can never happen!!

  • Mike Boileau says:

    Please, please, please make sure the World sees what Israel is trying to do here. Make the American Mainstream Media broadcast this business of Israel trying to drag the World into a nuclear holocaust without regard for the cost in terms of lives and money. Israel must be left to her own devices. America must walk away. Do not get sucked in like they did in Iraq and Afaghanastan. STOP!!!!!

  • Meatwad says:

    The extreme hubris of a certain little man is going to get his nose flattened for good. This reminds me of,,, oh how should I put it,,, a stuck up call for a boycott of a certain nation back in the 1930s.

  • Kate says:

    America needs to look out for America and stop interfering and occupying other nations. If Israel is so inclined to kill more peoples then let the blood be on them. America has enough blood on her shoulders as it is. The Zionist Neocon killing agenda needs to stop. Who would Jesus Christ the Savior direct anyone to kill and bomb? Those who live by the sword, shall die by the sword.

  • Mike S says:

    Israel will probably resort to a false flag attack on US citizens on US soil, faking “evidence” of Iranian involvement, to provoke the typical cowboy mentality knee-jerk response of the US, spurred on by corrupt politicians and a corrupt press, to attack and smash them into the stone age, before getting all of the facts. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see this.

  • Cat Callahan says:

    American Christians have been fed a constant mantra of the Jews being ‘God’s Chosen People.’ According to Israeli writer and scholar Schlomo Sands, the Jews in Israel are Askenazis-like the Rockefellers-and the ancient Hebrews who occupied the Holyland are really more like the Palestinians. Anyhow, why do I have to support people whose Talmud says my Savior is in hell boiling in excrement and that the BVM is a whore raped by a Roman Soldier? Let the Zionist Jews and blood-thirsty Moussad-who knew about 9/11 enough in advance to send people to photograph it-do their own dirty work!

  • RightofRush says:

    As a paleocon, I have come a bit late to the realization that logic and common sense demand that the USA and the UK get out of the middle east. OPEC will not drink their oil. Besides that obvious fact, the USA has untapped off shore reserves and the UK has the Falklands.

    If it wasn’t for the CIA needing the heroin from Afghanistan for their black projects and the American infatuation with Israel, the above might be possible.

  • Eileen Kuch says:

    Israel has launched several false flag operations, among the worst being the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty in which 34 crewmen were killed and over 170 injured. The worst false flag operation was the 9/11/01 attack on the WTC in which nearly 3000 people died. The US Government has been hyjacked by this Zionist enemy, which had assassinated John F. Kennedy using Lee Harvey Oswald as a patsy. Thank God that American Christians are beginning to wake up to the lies that have been told them for so long. It is the same Zionist enemy that’s waging war on Christianity in the US through banning Christian symbols on holidays such as Christmas and Easter, the holiest of Christian holidays, as well as pushing the homosexual agenda in America’s public schools. Christianity is just a formidable enemy of Israel as Islam, since both their shrines there have been targeted.

  • wayne pacific says:

    It all seems so obvious, but many Americans don’t see it. Frankly, they don’t think much about politics and international relations. They really have the knowledge and intelligence of 8th graders when it comes to anything political. But oh do they know sports, celebrities, fashion, computers and vehicles.

  • J M Damon says:

    Thanks for insightful article.
    Wayne’s assessment of our political maturity is all too accurate, but the tide is turning as more and more people boycott the Zionist media and look to the Internet for news.
    A free and uncensored Internet is obviously our ace-in-the-hole.
    One of our most important tasks is convince our politicians that we will not vote for anyone who kowtows to Israel and AIPAC…
    Most important of all, we have to convince our power elite that we will not be fooled by future false flag terrorist incidents.
    Israel must understand that it will be severely mauled if it attacks Iran.
    Ironically our professional military are less militaristic than the Zionists in high places…
    The “military-industrial complex” profits from perpetual low-level conflicts, not drastic all-out confrontations that could bring in major powers.
    The tide is turning…

  • William says:

    Mike Boileau, there is no US mainstream media, it is all run by a handful of Israeli oligarchs who use it for their advantage.

  • Levon says:

    I am American from New York. I see what you write. I hear what you say.

    You are making a bigger difference than you know!

    RESIST the evil that took over America in 1913; the federal reserve bank.

    Good will triumph over evil but the battle must be fought. This is the way of the world.

    Many in our military carry a gun because they have nothing to live for at home. Many realize they were lied to and know they must do what they were told (carry a gun) or return home to die in starvation.

    I hope the hand of our creator shelters us all in the trials and tribulations we face ahead. Be strong.

  • kerry says:

    My theory? The only truth on zionist TV is gossip and the weather…

    Could we vote for a “pre-emptive strike” on Israel?

  • Richard says:

    It took me a long time to accept how much power Isreal has in the US and their agents are destroying it from within. Who leased trade towers 6 weeks before 9/11? Who were the three guys dancing and filming the buildings coming down? What company recieved text messages to get out or not go to work that day? I could go on and on… just read the “Protocols of Zion” and you will understand what their real agenda is? It is important to understand that not all of Isreal is Zionist… but you the vast majority with influence, power, & money usually are! They always have dual-citizenship as well. Who controls the (primary’s -owns all the smaller) banks and the FED? Who controls the (primary’s -owns all the smaller) media and newspapers?

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