US Visits to Israel Seen Trying to Prevent Attack on Iran

US Visits to Israel Seen Trying to Prevent Attack on Iran

A flurry of US official visits to Israel recently, to culminate with next week’s high profile visit by Vice President Joe Biden, are aimed at reassuring the Middle East nation about America’s opposition to Iran, and to stave off a potential Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites.

Concerns about the potential attack appear to be growing as Israeli officials express growing fury at America’s inability to push through international sanctions on Iran, with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak announcing in Washington last week that he didn’t believe Israel needed to “coordinate” with the US on attacking Iran.

US confidence over getting the sanctions seems to be faltering, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying that it could take months to get a new UN resolution against Iran approved.

China remains steadfastly opposed to the sanctions, warning they will harm the diplomatic process. Russia has likewise expressed opposition to the Israeli demand for “crippling” sanctions, saying it would only support very limited additional sanctions against Iran.

US military officials have warned that an Israeli attack on Iran would be perceived as being backed by America, and that American targets would almost certainly be hit in retaliation. Vice President Joe Biden insisted last year that Israel was ‘entitled’ to attack Iran whenever it feels like it, despite the potential consequences to the US.


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  • Skeeb L. Rogers says:

    All the US has to do to appear serious is to stop all aid to the rich, nuclear armed Israel. It does not need aid. Bush approved 30 BILLION $ just before leaving office, right in the middle of a US recession. The only reason for this outrage is because US politicians are allowed to accept millions of $ for what is euphemistically called “campaign contributions” – why would a foreign country be allowed to bribe American politicians? Americans need those billions of dollars to use for jobs, better schools and infrastructure.

  • Truthtician says:

    Iran has just as much right to protect, defend and develop its country as any other country in the world. The US and Israel should cease its self appointed position as governers of the world and step down, the global game of fabricating `ghost enemies´ and waving false flags is becoming old hat and all too transparent. The 21st century will no longer accomodate or suffer the follies of arrogant nations, the intellect of the global world will not play ludo with loaded dice anymore. Political and economical chess is the name of the new game now, the US and Israel can no longer win the game with brutality and force.
    If the US cannot deal with Iran trading its oil with the Euro currency, well tough luck. It was not Iran that that squandered trillions of dollars and bankrupted the US economy, it was the Wall Street Jewish led mafia and Federal Reserve. So get use to it Mr `Yes we can´, maybe Israel can borrow the US some cash now. But dont expect Iran to deal trade with worthless Mickey Mouse Us dollars.
    If the US expect that WWIII will bring them out of debt, then forget it, the US created this irreverible collapse. If Israel expect support or sympathy for its WWIII provocation, then forget it, the old `holocaust – get out of jail free card´ is no longer valid and terribly old hat.

    I hope and pray that things will not lead to war, no one especially the innocent civillians on all sides deserve to suffer and die because of some greedy politicians and armchair generals.

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