Mossad Comes to America: Death Squads by Invitation

Mossad Comes to America:  Death Squads by Invitation

James Petras

March 2010

The principle propaganda mouthpiece of the Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (PMAJO), the Daily Alert (DA), has come out in full support for Israel’s practice of extra-judicial, extra-territorial assassination.

            In the face of world-wide governmental condemnation (except from the Zionist-occupied White House and US Congress), the PMAJO slavishly backs any brutal murder committed by the Israeli secret police anywhere in the world and at anytime.  The recent assassination of Hamas leader, Mahmoud Mabhouh, in Dubai is a case in point.   The PMAJO has defended all of Mossad’s criminal actions leading up to the murder, including extensive identity theft and the stealing or falsification of passports and official documents from several European countries, presumably allied to the Zionist state.  Among the Mossad agents who entered Dubai to kill Mabhouh, twelve agents used stolen or forged British passports, three Australian, three French, one German and six Irish.  These agents assumed the identity of European citizens in order to commit murder in a sovereign nation.

            Once again the PMAJO demonstrate that its first loyalty is to the Israeli secret police, even when they violate the sovereignty of major US allies.  No doubt the PMAJO would readily support the Israeli Mossad, even if it were shown to have used U.S. documents to assassinate Mabhouh.  In fact, two of the 26 Israeli assassins, carrying fake Irish and fake British passports, are known to have entered the United States after the killing and may still be here.

            The position adopted by the Daily Alert and the PMAJO in defense of Israel’s international terrorist act followed several lines of attack, which will be discussed below. These include: (1) blaming the victim, (2) claiming that extra-judicial, extra territorial murders are legal, (3) minimizing the murder of ‘one’ individual, (4) deflecting attention from the Zionists by blaming ‘other Arab’s,  (5) favorably comparing Mossad assassinations to US killings in Afghanistan, (6) trivializing and relativizing world  condemnation, (7) citing “self-defense”, (8) praising the high tech ‘operational details’ of the assassination and (9) discrediting the Dubai police investigators rather than the Israeli perpetrators.

            Abridged articles, cited in the Daily Alert, have appeared in the op-ed pages of several US, UK, Canadian and Israeli newspapers, as well as in rightwing magazines like Forbes and Commentary.  The mainline Zionist propaganda technique is to avoid any discussion of Israel’s egregious crimes against sovereignty, due process, international law and the personal security of individuals.  In doing so, the Daily Alert adopts the propaganda techniques common to all totalitarian regimes practicing state terrorism.

(1) Blaming the Victim

            On February 22, the Daily Alert (DA) headlined two articles, which were entitled: “Killed Hamas Official betrayed by Associates says Dubai Police Chief” and “Hamas:  Assassinated Operative put Himself at Risk”.  The DA forgot to mention that Israeli secret police had been tracking their prey for over a month (having failed to assassinate him on six previous attempts) and that the Dubai Police Chief was not blaming Hamas officials but was in the process of accumulating evidence, witness statements, videos and documents proving the Israeli identities of the assassins.  Needless to say, if we were to accept the American Zionists’ argument that any leading opponent of Israel, who travels without an army of bodyguards, is “putting himself at risk”, then we must acknowledge that ours is a lawless world where Israeli hit squads are free to commit murder anywhere, any time.

(2)  Extra-Judicial, Extra territorial Murder is “Legal” (At least if the killers are Mossad)

            The February 22 and February 24 issues of the DA include two articles arguing that Israel’s practice of extra-judicial, extra-territorial murder is legal.  One article is entitled, “The Legality of Killing of Hamas Mahmoud al Mabhoud” and the other, “The Proportionate Killing of Mahmoud al Mabhoud”.  These avoid any reference to international law, which emphatically rejects cross-border, state-sponsored murders.  Legality, for the PMAJO, is whatever the Israel’s secret police apparatus deems expedient in pursuit of its goal of eliminating leaders who oppose its colonial occupation and expropriation of Palestinian lands.  If Israel’s extra-judicial, extra-territorial murder of an adversary in Dubai is legal, why not assassinate opponents in the US, Canada, England or any other country where they might travel, live, work or write?  What if the critics and opponents of Israel decided that it was now “legal” to murder Israel’s supporters wherever they lived citing the Daily Alert’s definition of legality?  We would then find ourselves in a lawless world of “legal” murder and totalitarian cross-border surveillance.

(3)  Minimizing the Murder

            The Feb 22, 24, and 25 issues of the Daily Alert deflect attention from the Mossad murder by making comparison to the hundreds of Afghan civilians killed by US drone attacks.  The claim is that “targeting individuals” is less a crime than mass killings.  The problem with this argument is that for decades Mossad has “targeted” scores of opponents overseas and killed thousands of Palestinians in the occupied territories (where they work with the domestic secret police, Shin Bet, and the military, IDF).  Moreover, this argument linking Israel’s extra judicial assassinations with US colonial killing of Afghans is hardly a defense of either.  By implicating the US in its defense of state terror, Israel is holding up the worst aspects of American imperialism as a standard for its own political behavior.  One state’s crimes are no justification for another’s.

(4)  Blaming the Arabs:  Deflecting Attention from Israel

            The DA Feb. 22 article entitled “The Assassination Heard Around the World” insinuates that the murder was a “result of a Hamas power struggle” or by one of “many Arab groups who loathes the Islamist Hamas”.

            In other words, all the forged or stolen European passports of Israeli dual citizens, and the Dubai security videos of Mossad operatives in various costumes, not to mention the jubilant affirmation by top Israeli leaders of the killing, was in reality ‘Arab tricks’.  This crude propaganda ploy by the most prominent Jewish American organization reveals their own descent into a fantasy land of self-delusion, possible only in the closed world of US Zionist politics.

(5)  Technical Proficiency

            The DA published several articles praising the technical details of the Mossad assassination in Dubai, an aspect of the operation, with which few Israel security experts would agree.  The Feb. 24 DA article entitled, “Assassination Shows Skillful Planning” chastises Israel’s critics for not recognizing the high quality of the “operational aspects” of the killings and recommends its “lessons for all intelligence services around the world”.  Like sociopaths and serial killers, US Zionists openly promote Israeli death squad techniques to all fellow state terrorists.  In the DA, professional techniques of assassination are far more important than universal moral repugnance of political murders.

(6)  Discrediting the Investigators While Defending the Perpetrators

The DA on Feb. 25 cited a long and tendentious attack on the Dubai police, published in Forbes Magazine, which ridiculed their meticulous investigations uncovering Mossad’s roles in the murder.  In this article, the Dubai authorities were condemned for uncovering Israeli involvement while not investigating the source of the murder victims’ … Iraqi passport!  Instead of encouraging the Dubai police pursuit of justice, the Daily Alert published a long diatribe implicating Dubai in the attacks of 9/11/2001, its continued trade with Iran, its ‘involvement’ in international terrorism etc.  There was no mention of Dubai’s relatively friendly position to Israel and Israelis prior to Mossad’s blatant violation of its sovereignty.


            The American Zionist propaganda campaign in defense of Israeli state terror and, specifically, Mossad’s murder of a Hamas leader in Dubai, relies on lies, evasions and specious legal arguments.  This “defense” violates all precepts of a civilized society as well as the most recent American federal laws prohibiting all forms of support for international terrorism.  The PMAJO can pursue its defense of Mossad’s acts of international terrorism with impunity in the US because of its power over the US Congress, the Obama White House and the American mass media.  This ensures that only its version of events, its definition of legality and its lies will be heard by legislators, echoed by Zionist activists and embellished by its solemn defenders in academic and journalistic circles.  To counter the American Zionist defense of Israel’s practice of extra-territorial, extra-judicial executions by the Mossad, we need American writers and academics to step forward.  It is time to expose their flimsy arguments, bold-face lies and audacious immorality.  It is time to speak out against their impunity, before another Israeli secret police murder takes place, possibly inside the USA itself and with the shameless complicity of Zionist accomplices.

            The authorities in Dubai have found clear evidence that the Mossad assassination team received support from European Zionists.  The hotels, air tickets and expenses were paid with credit cards issued in the US.  Two of the killers may be in the US now.  Will a time come when American Zionists, who are unconditional public defenders of Mossad killings, cross the line between propaganda for the deed to become accomplices of the deed?  The robust American Zionist defense of Mossad’s overseas assassinations does not augur well for the security of Americans in the face of Israel’s willing U.S. accomplices.


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  • Patriot says:

    Was Israel behind Dubai assassination?

    Dubai asks FBI to investigate terror ties to US

    Dubai seeks Netanyahu’s arrest over killing of Hamas man

  • Patriot says:

    Is Focus on Israel’s Dual Citizen Assassin Program Simply another Diversion?

  • Patriot says:

    Alexander J Ajay wrote: Blowing smoke??

    “If it transpires that Israel has been using British passports to assassinate its opponents, the British government will need to give serious consideration to any future cooperation. “Britain has cut ties with Mossad in the past, and will do so again if the Israelis are found to b…e acting against British… interests.” Britain’s relationship with the Israeli security service reached an all-time low in 1986, when the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher closed down Mossad’s UK operation in response to a series of incidents including the discovery of a bag of forged British passports which had been lost by a Mossad agent. Mossad was allowed to re-establish its presence in the UK only after it promised not to abuse British passports in the future.

    British threat to Israel over Dubai Hamas assassination

  • Patriot says:

    Alexander J Ajay wrote on March 14 at 11:49pm

    How long are we going to turn a blind eye?

    And once again we see proof of the pro Israel Lobby acting everywhere in the Jewish Diaspora to present knee jerk support for Israel, no matter what their insults and crimes…


    “I was saddened to see the leaders of the Australian Jewish community remain either silent or incapable of condemning the abuse of Australian passports. They will defend every Israeli action like a mantra”

    Antony Loewenstein: Israel’s Dubai hit continues the country’s moral decline

    Israel is facing a revolt from the Jewish Diaspora. “Intifada” is an Arabic word meaning “shaking off”, as one would violently discard a scorpion.

  • Patriot says:

    UK to expel Israeli diplomat over Dubai case

    By DAVID STRINGER, Associated Press Writer David Stringer, Associated Press Writer
    9 mins ago

    .LONDON – Britain plans to expel an Israeli diplomat Tuesday to rebuke Israel for its alleged use of forged British passports in the assassination of a Hamas operative in a suspected Mossad hit, a U.K. government official said.

    Foreign Secretary David Miliband was to address Parliament on the issue, following an investigation into the use of 12 fake U.K. passports in the incident. Britain’s Foreign Office would not provide any details of Miliband’s statement in advance.

    “The foreign secretary will make a statement to the House of the Commons this afternoon,” a spokeswoman said.

    However, a U.K. official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment ahead of the statement, confirmed that one Israeli diplomat will be expelled.

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s office said Israel’s ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor, met with Peter Ricketts, Britain’s senior diplomat, to discuss the case Monday. Israel’s Foreign Ministry declined to provide details of the talks, but there was no suggestion the ambassador himself would be expelled.

    In 1988, Britain expelled Israeli attache Arie Regev for “activities incompatible with diplomatic duties” — a euphemism for espionage. It also barred a second Israeli, Jacob Barad, from returning to Britain after his departure in 1987. Both men were suspected of coordinating the activities of the Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, in the U.K.

    A French judicial official, meanwhile, said the Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the alleged use of four fake French passports in the Dubai case. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity Tuesday because of the sensitivity of the case, said the probe was for suspected forgery and identity theft.

    Israel’s embassy in London said Miliband had canceled his appearance at a reception Tuesday to mark the refurbishment of the Israeli embassy. The embassy would not comment on whether one of its diplomats would be expelled.

    “We can neither confirm nor deny,” an embassy spokesman said.

    Dubai authorities have accused the Mossad of being behind the Jan 20. slaying of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a luxury hotel room, and have identified at least 26 suspects of an alleged hit squad that traveled to Dubai on fake identities and forged European and Australian passports. Interpol has unveiled a wanted list of 27 people in connection with the slaying.

    Israel has neither confirmed nor denied any involvement in al-Mabhouh’s killing.

    At least 15 of the names used by the suspected killers match those of Israeli citizens who are dual nationals of Western countries — including eight Israeli-British dual nationals. All have denied involvement, saying their identities were stolen.

    Shortly after he was named as one of the British suspects, dual national Melvyn Adam Mildiner told The Associated Press that he thought he was picked because “I don’t have a Jewish-sounding name.”

    It is suspected Mossad specifically targeted the identities of dual nationals. It is relatively easy for British Jews — and Jews from other nations — to qualify for Israeli passports if they meet the basic requirements set out by the Israeli government. It is common for people to carry valid passports from both nations.

    In a recent speech, Eliza Manningham-Buller — the ex-head of Britain’s MI5 — said forged British passports had previously been used by the same country behind the Dubai slaying, though she declined to specifically name Israel.

    Arieh Eldad, a lawmaker from Israel’s National Union — a hardline opposition party — called Friday for the military attache of the British Embassy in Israel to be expelled in response. “Nobody nominated them as the judges in our war against terror,” he told the AP.

    Diplomatic expulsions are a rare sanction against foreign governments. Britain kicked out four Russian diplomats in 2007 over the country’s refusal to extradite to London a suspect in the poisoning death of Alexander Litvinenko.

    Britain’s Serious and Organized Crime Agency has conducted an inquiry into the use of forged British passports, but is not involved in wider inquiries by Dubai police into the killing.


    Associated Press writers Raphael G. Satter and Gregory Katz in London; Aron Heller and Ian Deitch in Jerusalem and Pierre-Antoine Souchard in Paris contributed to this report

  • Patriot says:

    British expulsion of Israeli diplomat over passports puts pressure on Stephen Smith

    British expulsion of Israeli diplomat over passports puts pressure on Stephen Smith

    Diplomat kicked out over passport row
    The UK has expelled an Israeli diplomat over the use of fake passports in the killing of a Hamas…

    AUSTRALIA is under pressure to follow Britain’s diplomatic slap at Israel over the illegal use of forged British, Australian and European passports by the assassins who killed a Hamas official in Dubai.
    British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has telephoned his Australian counterpart Stephen Smith to explain London’s move overnight to kick out of the UK an Israeli diplomat who has been described by the British press as the London station chief of the Mossad spy agency.

    Mr Smith’s office said today the minister would make a statement this afternoon.

    Mr Miliband told British parliament that “no country or government could stand by in such a situation”.

    “The fact that this was done by a country which is a friend, with significant diplomatic, cultural, business and personal ties to the UK, only adds insult to injury.”

    Mr Miliband said later that the Australian government would not make any decisions until the conclusion of its own investigation into whether the Israeli government was behind the use of the forged passports – but his statement to parliament strongly suggested that he expected action.

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    Results: Passports rowThanks for voting!

    Should Australia expel an Israeli diplomat over the fake passports affair?
    42.27% (610 votes) No
    57.73% (833 votes) Total votes: 1443
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    VIDEO: Envoy thrown out over passport row
    US must justify its policy of secret killings
    The Australian, 1 day ago
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    Israel braces for more expulsions
    Adelaide Now, 1 day ago
    An empty gesture by Britain
    The Australian, 1 day ago
    UK expels Israeli diplomat over fake IDs
    Adelaide Now, 2 days ago
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    Addressing the House of Commons, Mr Miliband said that after British investigators had decided that it was “highly likely” that the Israelis were responsible for the use of the forged passports, any country in Britain’s position would have no choice but to take serious action to protect its sovereignty and the safety of its passport holders.

    Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said he was “very disappointed” by the decision, while a senior official said the Jewish state would not retaliate, AFP reported.

    Mr Smith’s office released a statement this morning saying: “The Australian Federal Police investigation into the possible use of Australian passports in connection with the murder of Hamas figure Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh is ongoing.

    “As has been made clear previously, the government does not intend to engage in a running commentary pending receipt of the AFP report. This also includes commentary on what is happening in the UK.”

    In a further snub to Israel the British government amended its official travel advice to warn British citizens that if they travelled to Israel they were at risk of identity theft.

    And the new freeze in relations could threaten intelligence co-operation, which Israel has greatly valued in the face of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

    Asked at a subsequent press conference about his conversation with Mr Smith, the British Foreign Secretary said that although Australia and the UK had extremely warm relations he could not preempt any announcements or decisions by Mr Smith.

    “I had a very good conversation with Stephen Smith. I am not going to tell you what he said and you are going to have to wait for the conclusion of your (Australia’s) own investigation to find out what Australia discovered and then Australia will then make a decision on what to do.”

    “We have been careful to make sure that our close partners were aware of the decision that we have taken, that is why I called (Mr Smith).”

    Mr Miliband noted that more forged British passports – 12 – had been used in the assassination than from the other countries such as Australia, France, Germany and Ireland.

    Mr Miliband told parliament that despite Israel’s refusal to confirm or deny its involvement in the abuse of the passports British investigators had decided there were “compelling reasons” to believe Israel was guilty.

    “The government takes this matter extremely seriously. Such misuse of British passports is intolerable.”

    Mr Miliband said there was evidence that the genuine passports of British citizens had been copied “when handed over for inspection to individuals linked to Israel, either in Israel or in other countries”.

    “Given that this was a very sophisticated operation, in which high-quality forgeries were made, the government judges it is highly likely that the forgeries were made by a state intelligence service,” he said.

    “We have concluded that there are compelling reasons to believe Israel was responsible for the misuse of the British passports.”

    Israeli government officials have repeatedly insisted that there is no proof it was behind January’s murder of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh but they were also quick yesterday to say that there would be no tit-for-tat response such as expelling a British diplomat from Israel.

    The benign Israeli response may have been influenced by the fact that Israel already has strained relations with its most important Western ally, the US, but it was widely seen as a tacit admission that Israel does not have a strong answer to the British allegations.

    The British anger was piqued by the potential danger to the genuine British passport holders who had been dragged into the affair and the threat of other British passport holders being viewed suspiciously in the Middle East.

    London was especially upset by the fact that the Israeli Government promised Britain in the 1980s that it would never again misuse passports in that way after Israeli intelligence agents were caught doing so.

    The British government backs the US view that Israel’s refusal to stop building new homes for Jews on occupied land in east Jerusalem is imperiling any chance of finding peace with the Palestinians.

    Britain’s relations with Israel have been further strained by the issuing of warrants for the arrest of Israeli leaders on war crime charges. Israeli Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni pulled out a trip to Britain last year after one such warrant was issued for her arrest.

    Britain expelled Mossad’s operatives from London in 1988 after Israeli agents were caught running anti-Palestinian operations there and on that occasion it took nearly a decade before the British allowed the Israeli spies to return.

    Additional reporting: Joe Kelly

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