Lawrence Wilkerson conveys Iraq war for oil when he knows it was for Israel!

Be sure to watch the interview with Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson (former assistant to Colin Powell) via the following video segment which aired earlier tonight on MSNBC:

Colonel Wilkerson knows that the Iraq war was to secure the realm for Israel (look what he mentions about the Jewish/pro-Israel lobby in his excellent interview  which was included in the following Dutch documentary about AIPAC) in accordance with the ‘A Clean Break’ agenda of JINSA/PNAC/AEI Neocons Richard Perle, David Wurmser and Douglas Feith (access the ‘A Clean Break’ link at the upper right of http://NEOCONZIONISTTHREAT.COM if interested further):

Must watch Dutch documentary on the Israeli Lobby (the interviews to include with John Mearsheimer are in English):

The Israel Lobby. Portrait of a Great Taboo :

AIPAC’s Push for War with Iran

Here is a Google video for the English version of that Dutch AIPAC documentary (must watch especially for what Lawrence Wilkerson mentions about WW 3 at the end!):

Take a look at the following article to see how how Colonel Wilkerson had called JINSA (‘A Clean Break’) Neocon Douglas Feith a ‘card-carrying member of the Likud party’

JINSA associated Israel first neocon Feith a ‘card-carrying member of the Likud party according to Lawrence Wilkerson

Bad Blood and an Empty Chair

Additional at following URL:

Will Stephen J. Sniegoski’s Dissection of the Neocons Get ‘Boycotted’?

Even Colin Powell had conveyed that the ‘JINSA crowd’ was in control of the Pentagon:

Colin Powell Blamed Iraq War Plans on ‘Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs’

Colin Powell is a Hypocrite


A War for Israel? Colin Powell seems to think so:

Even Chris Matthews conveyed (on his MSNBC ‘Hardball’ program earlier today) that JINSA Neocon Michael Ledeen is advising Mit Romney:

Additional about JINSA and similar via:

Colonel Wilkerson might be interested in taking a look at the following write-up by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski about the ‘war for oil’ aspect for the Iraq quagmire:

Wilkinson Review of Transparent Cabal

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