Fierce debate on Israel underway inside Obama administration (UPDATED)

Fierce debate on Israel underway inside Obama administration (UPDATED)


AIPAC Israel firster Dennis Ross to become de facto National Security Advisor
US Explicitly Opposes Palestinian Right to Self-Determination

4 Responses to “Fierce debate on Israel underway inside Obama administration (UPDATED)”

  • spktruth says:

    Obama holding a seder at the White house tonight should tell you everything you need to know about the takeover by the zionist mafia. While Israhell is bulldozing down the AlAqsa Mosque, the zionists have re entered Gaza for the final solution. I hope Obama prays for his soul tonight knowing his government just delivered $250M in more weapons of mass destruction to the paranoid freakouts known as zionists. When will the UN stand up, the US citizens? When will the zionist owned media realize the final solution for the Palestinans brings on Armageddon. The zionists and the christian evangelicals are in uniting. The dumb zionists dont realize the evangelicals believe the zionists will either submit to christianity, or die. The zionists are using the stupid, dumbed down fools called evangelicals to espouse their continued lies and historical deceptions about Israel. They believe the Zionists owned Palestine and all the land belongs to the zionists. The corporate media continues to lie whenever the topic comes up, by continuing to spread their lies and deceptions. Its a known fact every news channel is owned by the zionists in america. Thank God we have the internet and can get information other than corporate controlled zionist news spin.

  • Skeeb L. Rogers says:

    Sounds correct – the evangelical leaders likely do not believe what they spout, but the money is SO good coming from the duped flock. Meantime, the billions going to Israel from hapless US taxpayers causes Israelis to laugh all the way to the bank, not the least bit concerned about any Armageddon.

  • Robert L. Stebbins says:

    Jerusalem must “belong” to Jews, Christians and Muslims; not to Jews only. If the Prime Minister of Israel want to construct apartments there, they should construct equal numbers for persons of those three faiths. Then they should construct a common social center where peace-minded persons of those 3 religions, all of whom claim Abraham as their spiritual ancestor, could meet to discuss their differences and (hopefully) become friends. If this could be done, it would demonstrate a great possibility for future peace between persons of those faiths in the whole world.

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