Norman Finkelstein on Israel, Palestinians and Iraq

Norman Finkelstein on Israel, Palestinians and Iraq

I think Phil Weiss nailed it with the following blog entry of his for

Finkelstein, a Victim of the Israel Lobby, Denies That It Has Power

Additional via following URL:

Impact of the Gaza war on Israel

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  • Norman Finkelstein makes assertions but makes no real effort to refute the actual evidence that has been provided on the subject of the neocons and the war on Iraq. I provide the most extensive documentation of the neocons’ role in shaping US Middle East policy in my book, The Transparent Cabal:
    The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel

    but many writers have presented this view to one extent or another. An excellent analysis of the power of the neocon network is presented by Janine R. Wedel in Shadow Elite, 2009.

    Even in a very negative review of my book, which labeled it “subtle” anti-Semitism, liberal Zionist (J Street) Michelle Goldberg acknowledged that my major thrust was correct– “Sniegoski aims to show that U.S. neoconservatives masterminded the Iraq war in the service of Israeli hegemony, a proposition that has plenty of truth to it.”

    Goldberg, however, attacks me for not providing anything that is allegedly not already known to everyone. Goldberg writes: “There’s nothing new in The Transparent Cabal — indeed, it’s a kind of clip job. Most of its material about the neoconservatives derives from mainstream media reports and well-known books.”

    It would seem, though, that the extensive evidence that I provided from mainstream sources is totally unknown to supposed Middle East expert Norman Finkelstein.

  • spk truth says:

    This Sunday night the zionists will close down the border to Gaza for 9 days. No truckloads of anything will go in. Yesterday and all last week Palestians and Palestinan Christians protested the WALL, and were tear gassed, beaten and arrested. Israelie trucks loaded with new ammunition, and bulldozers went into Gaza, While in Jersualem the AlAqsa Mosque continues to be under attack. The Zionists are “zionizing all of the Jerusalem”, tearing down Christian churches and threatening to bulldoze down the Mosques. All this happened while Bibi the Zionist was meeting with AIPAC, and Obama. Bibi left DC with $250million worth of new armaments. Do you think the Obama administration is publicly making one statement critizing the zionists, while on the other handing over even more weapons of mass destruction…the so called Final Solution to Gaza? Obama is willing to make a deal with China not to discuss the inequality of the Chinese monetary system in an attempt to get China on board for sanctions against Iran, and perhaps a attack later. Obama has permitted his over zealous zionist controlled cabinent to reak havoc on his Presidency. 350 Congress folk sent a vicious letter to Obama telling him to Stand down on Israel. These AIPAC zionist controlled Congres have committed “treason” against the President the american people. They have placed a foreign entity above their own country. Everyone who signed that letter should be voted out of office. Every candidate running for office must be asked, “do you support Israel”, “will you be a fair and unbiased member of Congress in relation to a fair and just two state solution. Do you take any money from AIPAC? If the answer to anyone of these question is yes…VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

  • george beres says:

    One clearly can see proven evidence of how Israel through its Jewish-American lobby, AIPAC, has bribed the Congress to fully back Israel’s Middle East agenda. Just read the book, “They Dare to Speak Out,” by a Republican, longtime Congressman from Illinois, now retired, Paul Findley. Our Congressmen and women who do Israel’s bidding are guilty of murder of our own troops and civilians in the Middle East. – George Beres, Eugene, Oregon

  • johan says:

    I’am afraid everything you say is true BUT both house’s are so corupt that they even
    do head counts on votes against the peoples will (zionist)so that in cases where they are in danger of losing re-election they are allowed to vote against the bill
    so they can go home and say to the sheeple “see I voted against that bill”and the sheepe put them back in! The people who raped us(the stock market)where in most cases (gold-sacks)either jews or run by zionist jews. & the ONLY thing that changed
    was THE DEBT changed from pvt to pubic the sheepe are now setting them selves up
    to give them what little funds they have left(stk mkt)the push to have pvt sheepe
    invest their $ into stock mkt instead of gove soc sec the ponzi bubble can only be patched so much. Funny thing I haven’t heard of one person going to jail in fact they stil got very large REWARDS for screwing the sheepe,how much is obamas salary boss getting paid “to make sure they don’t profit for the sheepe bailout”WHAT BS!

  • Patriot says:

    The following article by Chris Hedges conveys some additional insight on Finkelstein:

    Israeli Crackdown Puts Liberal Jews on the Spot

  • Patriot says:

    Israel Attacks Gaza, Silence from Mainstream Media about Israeli Violations of International Law

    US Israel Policy got us into Afghanistan

    See the video linked via the following URL from http://NEOCONZIONISTTHREAT.COM to see former Israeli minister mention how the anti-Semitic trick is used:

    It’s a Trick:

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