Bombing Iran?

Bombing Iran?

Nuking the Mullahs

“Hold Me Back!” by Uri Avnery

War of Words Over Iran

A former Israeli Defense Minister has said that Israel will be COMPELLED to take military action against Iran by November. This is clearly a warning and a threat to Iran and America. A war just before the election will no doubt be used to undermine the Democrats and the Obama Administration and allow demagogues on the right to trot out their most hawkish rhetoric. Israel is seeking to shift media attention from peace with Palestinians to war with Iranians.

BEIJING — Tehran’s top nuclear envoy called for negotiations without threat of sanctions on Friday, following meetings in Beijing in the wake of U.S. reports saying China had dropped its opposition to possible new U.N. measures against Iran.

Saeed Jalili sidestepped questions on whether China had confirmed to him that it had changed its position on a fourth round of U.N. sanctions against Tehran for its nuclear program. He maintained that both Iran and China sought a return to the negotiating table.

“(Our) Chinese friends all say this problem can only be solved through negotiations and peaceful means. And some big countries should give up their incorrect actions. Pressuring through sanctions will be ineffective,” Jalili said.

What War with Iran Means:

Manufacturing consent for an attack on Iran?

Obama: Evidence Shows Iran is Developing Nukes
By Amir Oren
Evidence shows Iran is attempting to develop nuclear weapons, U.S. President Barack Obama told CBS on Friday, adding that he felt his administration should continue the pressure on Tehran to cooperate with the international community over its “contentious” nuclear program.
Former IAEA Chief: Iraq War Killed “A Million Innocent Civilians”
By Patrick Martin
Mohammed ElBaradei, said that those who launched the war in Iraq were responsible for killing a million innocent people and could be held accountable under international law. He was clearly referring to US President George Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and their top military and security aides.

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  • Soraya Ulrich says:

    Many people were shocked when Bush attacked Iraq. Surely one has to wonder why Mr. Obama gave Israel 3 Hercules C-130J at $70 million a piece (no – not sold, our taxes pay for it) after the world thought Netanyahu had just humiliated America’s vice president and persisted on building more settlements in E.Jerusalem in violation of international law. .

    These monsters are not for tours: Here is Wikipedia on them: With the addition of the Marine Corps’s ISR / Weapon Mission Kit, the KC-130J will be able to serve as an overwatch aircraft and can deliver ground support fire in the form of 30mm cannon fire, Hellfire missiles, and precision-guided bombs . Previously, the US had given Israel bunker-buster bombs. And in January the US sent bunker-buster bombs to Diego Garcia.

  • monce says:

    when will we get a world government whereby all countries have a vote to do anything and start seeing the bigger picture ?

  • spk truth says:

    Israel always play the victim. How can Israel who is as we speak bombing the hell out of Gaza, claim victimazation. Hamas has no army, navy or war planes. Hamas has no weapons of mass destruction, they have children throwing rocks at tanks ready to bulldoze their homes, garden, cheese factories, and other human needs. Israhell has violated 250 UN resolutions. The question is: What does Israel do that makes a cadre of US presidents, the United Nations and European rulers fall to their knees when Israel obviously lies, and deceives on a regular basis. Are they afraid Isrhell will use nuclear weapons agains their perceived enemies? Who is Israhells enemy….any country, any human being, that tells the truth about their zionist, apartheid control of human beings imprisoned behind a concrete wall. When will OBAMA SAY: TEAR DOWN THAT WALL?

  • Patriot says:

    A Timetable for War (with Iran):

    Keep in mind (when reading the following) that DEBKAfile has reportedly been associated with the Israeli Mossad:


    Re: Bombing Iran? (maybe Obama has some backbone after all)

    Obama recalls bunker-buster bomb kits to bar Israeli strike on Iran
    DEBKAfile Special Report March 20, 2010, 6:54 PM (GMT+02:00)
    Tags: bunker-busters Israel Obama

    Advanced BLU-100 recalled by President Obama

    Shortly after Vice President Joe Biden’s Israel visit ended on March 11 in high dudgeon over the approval 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem, US president Barack Obama ordered a consignment of Joint Direct Attack Munition- JDAM already on its way to Israel to be diverted to the US Air Force base on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. This step, the pointer to a US arms embargo for preventing Israel attacking Iran’s nuclear sites, is first revealed here by debkafile’s military sources.

    US military sources describe the consignment as consisting of 387 JDAM kits for attachment to the warheads of 2,000-pound BLU-109/MK-84 or the 1,000-pound BLU-110/MK-83 bunker-busters for their conversion into smart bombs.

    On March 13, debkafile disclosed that the Obama administration was pondering withholding from Israel military hardware that could be used for an Israeli attack on Iran. In late February, we reported that defense minister Ehud Barak had submitted to defense secretary Robert Gates a list of the items Israel required urgently to stand up to a four-front assault by Iran and its allies – mainly air force ordnance, certain types of missile and advanced electronic devices. Barak made it clear that all these items must be present in Israel before the outbreak of hostilities. The requests were so urgent that the minister proposed that if Washington was reluctant to hand them directly to Israel, they could be stored for the interim in the big American emergency depots in Israel’s Negev.

    The 387 DJAP kits were due for delivery at one of the Israeli Air Force’s Negev bases in March. Because of his concern over the US president’s step to divert the shipment, prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu decided to take the defense minister with him to Washington next Monday, March 22 and have him present at the meeting with Obama which the US media reports has been fixed for Tuesday (the day after his address to the AIPAC annual conference). Together they will ask for the delayed munitions to be released and handed over as part of any general understandings they may reach.

    debkafile reports that the pair of Israeli Gulfstream Vs converted to spy planes sighted over Budapest on March 17 may have been an Israeli signal of its concern over White House measures for keeping the means of attacking Iran out of its hands.

    The long-haul flights, demonstrating the Israel Air Force’s ability to cover the distance to Iran, took the aircraft over Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania as well as Hungary. The two planes carried out maneuvers over Budapest international airport with no attempt at concealment.

    Because they fly in pairs, Western aviation experts say the electronic measures aboard are able to detect the functioning of electronic devices, radar stations, communications centers and cell phones on the ground, locate them and relay the data for warplanes to destroy them.

    Two years ago, in June 2008, Israel deployed more that 100 Air Force F-16 and F-15 warplanes over Greece and the Aegean Sea in a big exercise designed to showcase its long-range capabilities.


    Washington sharpens crisis with Israel, may give Palestinians military shield

    DEBKAfile Special Report March 18, 2010, 11:36 AM (GMT+02:00)
    Tags: Gen. Petraeus Israel Obama

    US Centcom chief Gen. David Petraeus
    “Israel is one of our closest allies and we and the Israeli people have a special bond that’s not going to go away,” said President Barack Obama to Fox News Wednesday, March 17, after denying any crisis in the relationship. debkafile’s Washington sources note that denial makes a lot of sense for the president because it lets him off the hook for dealing with it.

    However, in Jerusalem , prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu called his inner cabinet into its second session on the crisis that same night. The seven ministers were asked to review the situation after President Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton turned down their initial proposals for easing the upset and laid down three pre-conditions for restoring normal relations with Jerusalem:

    1. The Netanyahu government must extend the 10-month freeze on West Bank settlement construction to include East Jerusalem;

    2. When the moratorium runs out in September, it must be renewed for the duration of peace negotiations with the Palestinians;

    3. Israeli must make more concessions to the Palestinian Authority and its chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

    The Israeli government was informed that until those conditions were met, its ministers would not be received in Washington by high-level American officials – a virtual boycott, which downgrades the normal diplomatic, strategic and security exchanges between the two administrations to the level of senators and the special Middle East envoy George Mitchell.

    Netanyahu tried offering the Obama administration a number of compromise proposals, such as the suspension of construction in East Jerusalem and the city’s outlying Jewish suburbs until September, but they were rejected, as was an offer to prohibit further Jewish purchases of land and buildings in Jerusalem ‘s Arab districts during peace negotiations.

    Obama and Clinton made it clear they would brook no departures from their three demands, which Israel is required to treat as an ultimatum.

    Neither party to the difference has mentioned the US administration’s fourth condition for resuming normal relations: an Israeli commitment to refrain from attacking Iran ‘s nuclear program without prior US consent. Because that commitment has not been offered, administration officials are continuing to hammer Israel in every possible arena. Indeed, the gloves are now off in earnest for insinuations that Israel ‘s settlement policy is the root-cause of Iran ‘s drive for a nuclear bomb and of the conflicts endangering American lives in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq .

    Vice President Joe Biden launched this drive, when he reportedly attacked Netanyahu for the announcement of 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem by saying: “What you are doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq , Afghanistan and Pakistan .”

    A much-admired American military figure, CENTCOM chief, Gen. David Petraeus, was the next US official to put this linkage into words. In his briefing to a Senate panel, he said Wednesday, March 16: Clearly the tensions on these issues [with Israel ] have enormous effect on the strategic context in which we operate in the Central Command’s area of responsibility.”

    The general denied he had as yet formally asked for the Palestinian territories to be transferred to his command, but added: “In fact, staff members at various times have discussed asking for the Palestinian territories to be added to CENTCOM’s turf.”
    debkafile’s military sources explain that, if approved, this step would be tantamount to providing the Palestinians with an American military umbrella against Israel .

    More than one friend of Israel demurred against the Petraeus suggestion.

    Former presidential candidate, Republican Senator John McCain, caught on fast to the way the wind is blowing in Obama’s Washington : During his testimony, he put in: “Isn’t the issue not the issue of settlements as much as it is the existence of the state of Israel …? So maybe you could put it all into the larger context of what needs to be done to reduce tensions on the US ‘s closest ally and friend in many respects.”

    The general did not rise to the senator’s challenge, except for a polite: “Absolutely true.”

    Some of the more respectable US and British media are playing up the theme that Israel has shot itself in the foot and therefore deserves what’s coming, namely escalating punishment from the Obama administration.

  • spk truth says:

    But Abbas is not the duly elected leader of the Palestinans. His term has been over for over a year and there have been no new elections…who is jiving who here? The only duly elected democractically elected government is the government of Hamas in Gaza. So why is the US speaking to a former leader of Fatah, who worked with the Israelies when they blasted Gaza last winter and killed thousands, destroyed homes, schools, fired on hospitals and ambulances? Who is the real terrorist here?

  • John Murphy says:

    Not to worry; Barry-the Bomber will send them back as soon as AIPAC slaps his Zionist butt.

  • Shocked at SHOCK AND AWE! No…sick, disgusted, ashamed to be an American, out in the streets protesting, arrested for refusal to leave an “unlawful assembly” when, in actuality, the spokesman for A.N.S.W.E.R. had made a gentleman’s agreement with the Captain of LAPD in Hollywood. We had protested for months over the obvious upcoming illegal invasion/occupation. We have been protesting the illegal invasion/occupation of Afghanistan and the upcoming attack on IRAN. Wake up, America. Your government HAS been hijacked! There are MORE hideous things that are going to be dealt!

    I must say I truly abhor the statement projected that Netanyahu insulted, humiliated Biden with the announcement of construction of more settlements by Israel in Palestinian territory. CAN WE NOT GET BEYOND OUR OWN ARROGANT EGOS IN THIS COUNTRY AND THINK OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE, THEIR DEATHS, DESTRUCTION OF THEIR HOMES, THEIR LANDS, THEIR FARMS? WHAT IS IT WITH AMERICANS…OUR VICE PRESIDENT WAS INSULTED…WHAT ABOUT THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE? GO TO: IFAMERICANSKNEW.COM AND LEARN THE TRUTH. Also, YOUTUBE.COM and view: US Troops kill 2 Reuters journalists in IRAQ ’07-get really ill!

  • Robert L. Stebbins says:

    The Prime Minister of Israel should build an equal number of apartments for Jews, Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem and make them available only to persons who agree to live in peace with their neighbors who are of other religions. Then build a social center for use by all three and a school for all three. This could be a nucleus for improved relations and peaceful co-existence in the future.

  • Skeeb L. Rogers says:

    Bomb Iran? They are hyping the same about Iran they hyped to gear Americans into war on Iraq, which was a fiasco costing 3trillion$ and growing! Saying Hussein was getting material for nukes from Africa – turned out to be lies. Now saying weapons have been “found” with farsi writing on them? Means Iran is helping our “enemies” – which ones? But Iran has oil, and that’s where the “balance of power” and hegemony comes in. The real reason for all the wars in the M.E. by the armchair warriors for profit/greed.

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