Obama hints that Two-State Solution may be Impossible

Obama hints that Two-State Solution may be Impossible


US Opposes Palestinian Self-Determination:


And we wonder why we have a terror problem which has only been compounded by the Iraq and Afghan quagmires with Iran on deck:.

What Motivated the 9/11 Hijackers? See testimony most didn’t:


US Israel Policy got us into Afghanistan


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  • Jack Glasner says:

    March 30 2010


    President Obama is against building settlements in occupied land I agree whole- heartedly because……..
    A bunch of people known as the UN (who are biased) divided a region known as Palestine, which left many homeless, they gave part of this stretch to many who fled Europe, where they had lived for decades. Consequently , we should not tarry but return the complete track of land to whoever was before them.
    Obama’s fairness and sense of evenhandedness reference the Israel/Palestinian question is laudable, but precisely because of this evenhandedness he should also work for the return of America to the Indians. The Falkland Island to Argentina, Gibraltar to Spain, New Zealand to the Maoris, Australia to the aboriginals, the Kurli Island to Japan. It’s a big job, but I am sure that with the help of Emanuel R. and David who have excelled themselves by pointing Israel in the Obama’s direction, and have the savoir fair he would succeed.
    Obama treats our enemies with silken gloves, his statement in Europe
    “there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive…” is a sign of weakness in the Middle East.
    Some allies getting a different treatment (see Karzi and BiBi)
    Nevertheless, to his credit, though overburdened and stretched out in Afghanistan Iraq and Pakistan, in a war that cannot be won, he finds the time to focus on prohibiting the building of dwellings in Jerusalem.

    It consequently makes sense as The US Dept spokesperson Mr. Philip J. Crowley pointed out that though Israel has a right to defend itself, military action would not solve the Middle East conflict, therefore Israel and the Palestinians Authority need to engage in direct negotiations.

    Mr. Crowley is absolutely right, consequently I respectfully suggest, a
    Complete withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan, Pakistan, because
    Military action would not solve the Middle East conflict therefore Obama needs to engage in direct negotiations with Bin Ladin.

    Reference the Palestinians. There is not a spot on earth devoid of former inhabitants. Be advised, there never was a Palestinian culture, language, government, or a coinage. The present day Palestinians are Arab people with an Arab culture, who have their own Arab states from where they came into Palestine. It is from the term Philistine that the name Palestine has been taken, also known as Aelia Capitolina the original people of this region were the Canaanites who intermarried with those who came out of Egypt.
    Further more: Arab refugees in Israel began identifying themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, two decades after the establishment of the modern State of Israel. 3. Since the Jewish conquest in 1272 B.C.E. the Jews have had dominion over the land for one thousand years with a continuous presence in the land for the past 3,300 years. 4. Arabs have only had control of Israel twice – from 634 until the Crusader invasion in June 1099, and from 1292 until the year 1517 when they were dispelled by the Turks in their conquest. 5. For over 3,300 years, Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital.

    Now to the beef:
    The Israeli/Palestinian dilemma is a side issue and irrelevant, in the Global power play. It is of substance only to a handful of people. The main player is Islam, and its propagation of Islam world wide, ending with the establishment of the Caliphate. This is nolens volens supported by the West’s addiction to oil. I dare say, the Muslims are on the right track, they have proven it in Europe, Ms. Ayaan Hitsi Ali can attest to it. The archbishop Tom Butler of Southwark, and The arch bishop of Canterbury have somewhat come to conclusion that the Sharia law might be acceptable ………It’s a giant step for Islam. They have achieved a lot in spreading out into the western world. If Israel would disappear tomorrow, Islam’s Drang nach Westen would have problems. Where would they find pronto a minority of people who fight among themselves and plead to be accepted? To keep the Arab street busy, their leaders would have to channel their hate/rage to someone else….Not easy. It takes patience and nurturing to instill new hatred.
    …..In the mean time Islam spreads. It will take time, but they think in centuries, and are willing to pay any price, even with blood. The leader’s kids visit the exclusive Universities in the States while the poor suckers are fed with hatred in their madrassas (schools) and learn to shout “Lttbach al Yhood” (kill the Jews). Matter of fact the earliest biographers of Muhammad, Ibn Ishaq and Ibn Sa’d both zealous Muslims record his telling, his followers at a certain point : “Kill any Jew that falls in your power.” That was centuries before Israel. How come they abhorred us then? Did we “occupy” any territories?
    The rich Arab countries love it. If the masses would recognize that they are being used, they might revolt. The rulers don’t want it, the West wants to keep the beast on the leash, so they play ball, and balance, “divide and conquer”. Otherwise it might slow down, the flow of oil…and oil is thicker than blood….so the pendulum what is right, fair and just is subjective and fluctuates. The modus operandi of the UN towards Israel is indicative of their actions.

    “Between 1967 and 1988, there were 88 Security Council resolutions
    passed against Israel and not one criticizing a single Arab nation or
    The PLO. In that same time span, the U.N. General Assembly passed 429 anti-Israel resolutions.”
    The U.N. Human Rights Commission (it really takes a lot of self-control not to put facetious quotation marks around all U.N. titles) included Zimbabwe, China, Ukraine, Algeria, Bahrain, Congo, Libya, Sudan, Russia, Syria, Uganda and Vietnam — all strongholds of civil liberty. Some time ago, the commission passed a pro-terrorist resolution condoning “all available means, including armed struggle” to establish a Palestinian state. Six European Union members joined the 57 nations of the Islamic Conference in legitimizing suicide bombers.
    Some Arab countries supply Suicide Bombers and arms, instead of constructive aid. Did any European or American Agency “Do Gooders” ever take them to task about it? The oil depending west and vast alluring open markets of the Arab world dictates a benevolent policy of the West towards Islam. To divert any fire of discontent from the depth of their citizens, the Arab leaders chain their masses to a hatred of Israel, who without the diplomatic, financial, subsides, by the superpower, which is turned off and on, Israel would have a tough time to survive,
    Obviously there are no free lunches. There is a charge.
    President Obama made it quite clear who calls the shots during his last meeting with Netanyahu, building in East Jerusalem is Streng verboten.
    Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, (and not one inch can be negotiated)
    Just as Teheran is the capital of Iran and Damascus the Capital of Syria. No Superpower had and dared to push Iran and Syria around whether they can build housing.Neither can the USA or for that matter any country dictate another country what arms they can build.

    Yet Biden found it an affront, when on his visit, construction went on in East Jerusalem, so did Hillary giving BiBi a phone dressing down. David Axelrod followed suit, all emphasizing their great concern they have for Israel.
    Politicians are, opportunists, and Hillary is one par excellence. She will say anything to embrace power, once elected, directions change. Case in point; in 1999, and 2007 when she was running for Senator and President, she enunciated “I personally consider Jerusalem the eternal AND INDIVISIBLE CAPITAL OF ISRAEL. From a Real Politik’s point, Hillary wins, Might is Right, Kissinger was a master of it, he told his Iraqi counterpart about Israel,
    “We can reduce its size to historic proportion”
    This reminds me of my school-days when the bully in class pushed his weight around.
    The so called “Palestinians” want pre-conditions, and cessation of building on Israeli territories before negotiations. Obama acquiesced to their demand. Emanuel R. and David A. Obama’s Jewish advisors echoed their master’s voice with double vigor.
    In spite of Obama’s speech in Cairo to the Moslem world, “if countries like Iran are willing to unclench their fists, they will find, from us an extended hand” he hasn’t gotten anything in return, matter of fact;
    Drastic sanctions against Iran have been put on the back burner. It is China and Russia who make these decisions.
    Obama’s posture and dealing with Israel proves that Might reigns supreme.

    Today’s Dealing with the Moslem world it is, “diplomacy” ( This is today) for lack of another word, (rightfully so, there are over a billion believers)

    Interestingly, about 78% of the Jewish vote went to Obama, and Jews were in the forefront fighting for the right of African Americans.
    Speaking from an Israeli point of view: Over the millenniums Israel has survived bigger hurdles, and will survive, with or without Obama.
    If the “Palestinians” want to negotiate Allahn muhsallem
    (They are welcome) let them come and sit across the table, no repetition of their refusal sitting with Jews at the table St. James Palace Feb 7th 1939.
    The current question is, who does Israel negotiates with today?
    League Chief Amr Abbass has No power to implement any agreement, Hamas is in charge, and Hamas charter reads.
    “…..The Islamic Resistance movement believes that the land of Palestine has been an Islamic Waqf throughout the generations, no one can renounce it or part of it…and no Arab king or president nor all of them in the aggregate of all organizations, be they Palestine or Arab, because Palestine is an Islamic Waqf throughout all generations. The so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, ARE ALL CONTRARY TO THE BELIEF OF THE ISLAMIC RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. ETC
    Besides any treaty signed by Moslems may be broken if Allah wills it, see their treaty with the Bani Quraytha Jews.

    Unfortunately Israel does not have Menachem Begin who summoned the U.S ambassador to Israel and read to him the following statement.
    “…….Now you once again declare that you are punishing Israel, what kind of an expression is this-Are we a vassal of state of yours? Are we a banana republic? Are we youths of fourteen who if they don’t behave properly are slapped across the fingers. The people of Israel have 3700 years without a memorandum of understanding with America- and will continue to live for another 3700 etc

    Obviously BiBi is no Begin.
    In summation: First and foremost: The west (especially Europe with their large Moslem citizens) is in fear of Islam. Either way you slice it, the unbridgeable point is, the Arabs do not want Israel in the Middle East. `1) Peace is a home grown process; No Obama pushing Israel will bring it about. 2) If the current Arab rulers change their curriculum of Israel hatred in their schools 3), and if the new generation embraces tolerance LEBEN UND LEBEN LASSEN. It would work, short of this, all talk/, Madrid/ Oslo/Camp David/ Obama,

    Is blowing in the wind

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