McCain: Time to ‘Pull the Trigger’ With Iran (for Israel of course!)

McCain: Time to ‘Pull the Trigger’ With Iran
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 12:19 PM

Senator John McCain says the United States has been backing away from a brewing fight with Iran, while that country moves ever closer to having nuclear weapons.

McCain opened a Senate hearing Wednesday by saying that Iran will get the bomb unless the United States acts more boldly.

Speaking figuratively, the Arizona Republican says the U.S. keeps pointing a loaded gun at Iran but failing to “pull the trigger.”


McCain goes rogue on Iran (for Israel of course!):

Nuking the Mullahs (be sure to take a look at the comments section at the bottom of the following URL):

5 Responses to “McCain: Time to ‘Pull the Trigger’ With Iran (for Israel of course!)”

  • spk truth says:

    Lets face it the Maverick has lost his mind. I mean literally. We can only hope he looses the next election and he and his multibillion wife can slide into oblivion. Its obvious that Iran has no bomb, and years before they would have one, if they wanted one, while McCains buds the real terrorists in the world have at least 450 (according to Vannu). They also have the hydrogen bomb. El Baradei has stated Iran has signed the Non Profliferation Treaty, and has permitted IAEA in every day to look at EVERY site in Iran. Yet the Zionist controlled republican party and the 350 zionist owned Demorats wouldnt hesitate to use nuclear weapons against Iran. WE HAVE SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE. When Obama was a State Senator he was absolutly opposed the horrors put on Palestinans by the zionists. Big diff in being a candidate for President and actually being President. I do believe the Zionists are blackmailing the US government. I believe they threaten (and would use) nuclear weapons wherever they feel like it. It is because the world knows and Israel lies about their nuclear weapons. It all goes back to Tricky Dick Nixon, who was concerned when he found out Israel had the bomb. He made a deal. “Never talk about what you have ignore the international community”, and we the US will not address the issue. Obama has surrouned himself with Israelie firsters. Biden and Clinton two war mongers who voted for the lies of war against Iraq, would be supportive of bombing Iran. The right wing lunatics will push Obama to bomb Iran…unless the american people STAND UP and FIGHT back. We are sitting at our computers instead of on our feet and IN THE STREET.

  • Ron says:

    If we do nothing the world is coming against us, if we stand for Israel the world will come against us. WE have put ourselves in this situation and since congress ignores the American people what will be the outocme? We will have brought Armegeddon on to ourselves just through sheer support of a people who could care less about us. We just don’t get it, and McCain of all people has never got it. The Chrisitian Right has helped bring this upon us as far as I am concerned. We shall soon see who has interpeted the Bible correctly.

  • James J. David says:

    A great letter in today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I think the American people are beginning to understand Israel’s deception. I think it’s about time. Here is the letter in today’s AJC.
    Readers Write 04/15


    Nuclear weapons might prevent U.S. aggression

    Iran and North Korea have every right to develop nuclear weapons.

    What gives the U.S. and the other nuclear powers the right to possess nuclear weapons, and say nobody else can have them?

    Either nobody has nuclear weapons, or everybody has them.

    It is hypocritical and selfish for the nuclear powers to say only they can have nuclear weapons.

    The U.S. illegally invaded, conquered and occupied Iraq, and has invaded Afghanistan.

    Iran, North Korea and other countries need nuclear weapons to deter U.S. aggression.

    Walter Watkins, Atlanta

  • Jeanne says:

    McCain said many times during the campaign for President of the United States, “The only thing worse than attacking Iran, is not to attack Iran”. In January 2008, he warned at a campaign stop in Florida, “There will be more wars, my friends. I hate to tell you this, but there will be more wars.” So it is no surprise that he recently called for pulling the trigger on Iran. AMERICA IS SO LUCKY THAT THIS NUT WAS NOT ELECTED PRESIDENT!!!!!!

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