When Armageddon lives next door

Even more Zionist propaganda intended to get the US into yet another war for Israel in the Middle East as Ahmadinejad never threatened to murder all the Jews in Israel as Benny Morris has conveyed below:

When Armageddon lives next door
Obama is denying Israel the right to self-defense when it is not his, or America’s, life that is on the line.

By Benny Morris

April 16, 2010

I take it personally: Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wants to murder me, my family and my people. Day in, day out, he announces the imminent demise of the “Zionist regime,” by which he means Israel. And day in, day out, his scientists and technicians are advancing toward the atomic weaponry that will enable him to bring this about.

The Jews of Europe (and Poles, Russians, Czechs, the French, etc.) should likewise have taken personally Adolf Hitler’s threats and his serial defiance of the international community from 1933 to 1939. But he was allowed, by the major powers and the League of Nations, to flex his muscles, rearm, remilitarize the Rhineland and then gobble up neighboring countries. Had he been stopped before the invasion of Poland and the start of World War II, the lives of many millions, Jews and Gentiles, would have been saved. But he wasn’t.

And it doesn’t look like Ahmadinejad will be either. Not by the United States and the international community, at any rate. President Obama, when not obsessing over the fate of the ever- aggrieved Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, proposes to halt Ahmadinejad’s nuclear program by means of international sanctions. But here’s the paradox: The wider Obama casts his net to mobilize as many of the world’s key players as he can, the weaker the sanctions and the more remote their implementation. China, it appears, will only agree to a U.N. Security Council resolution if the sanctions are diluted to the point of meaninglessness (and maybe not even then). The same appears to apply to the Russians. Meanwhile, Iran advances toward the bomb. Most of the world’s intelligence agencies believe that it is only one to three years away.

Perhaps Obama hopes to unilaterally implement far more biting American (and, perhaps, European) sanctions. But if China and Russia (and some European Union members) don’t play ball, the sanctions will remain ineffective. And Iran will continue on its deadly course.

At the end of 2007, the U.S. intelligence community, driven by wishful thinking, expediency and incompetence, announced that the Iranians had in 2003 halted the weaponization part of their nuclear program. Last week, Obama explicitly contradicted that assessment. At least the American administration now publicly acknowledges where it is the Iranians are headed, while not yet acknowledging what it is they are after — primarily Israel’s destruction.

Granted, Obama has indeed tried to mobilize the international community for sanctions. But it has been a hopeless task, given the selfishness and shortsightedness of governments and peoples. Sanctions were supposed to kick in in autumn 2009; then it was December; now it is sometime late this year. Obama is still pushing the rock up the hill — and Ahmadinejad, understandably, has taken to publicly scoffing at the West and its “sanctions.”

He does this because he knows that sanctions, if they are ever passed, are likely to be toothless, and because the American military option has been removed from the table. Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates — driven by a military that feels overstretched in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq and a public that has no stomach for more war — have made this last point crystal clear.

But at the same time, Obama insists that Israel may not launch a preemptive military strike of its own. Give sanctions a chance, he says. (Last year he argued that diplomacy and “engagement” with Tehran should be given a chance. Tehran wasn’t impressed then and isn’t impressed now.) The problem is that even if severe sanctions are imposed, they likely won’t have time to have serious effect before Iran succeeds at making a bomb.

Obama is, no doubt, well aware of this asymmetric timetable. Which makes his prohibition against an Israeli preemptive strike all the more immoral. He knows that any sanctions he manages to orchestrate will not stop the Iranians. (Indeed, Ahmadinejad last week said sanctions would only fortify Iran’s resolve and consolidate its technological prowess.) Obama is effectively denying Israel the right to self-defense when it is not his, or America’s, life that is on the line.

Perhaps Obama has privately resigned himself to Iran’s nuclear ambitions and believes, or hopes, that deterrence will prevent Tehran from unleashing its nuclear arsenal. But what if deterrence won’t do the trick? What if the mullahs, believing they are carrying out Allah’s will and enjoy divine protection, are undeterred?

The American veto may ultimately consign millions of Israelis, including me and my family, to a premature death and Israel to politicide. It would then be comparable to Britain and France’s veto in the fall of 1938 of the Czechs defending their territorial integrity against their rapacious Nazi neighbors. Within six months, Czechoslovakia was gobbled up by Germany.

But will Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu follow in Czech President Edvard Benes’ footsteps? Will he allow an American veto to override Israel’s existential interests? And can Israel go it alone, without an American green (or even yellow) light, without American political cover and overflight permissions and additional American equipment? Much depends on what the Israeli military and intelligence chiefs believe their forces — air force, navy, commandos — can achieve. Full destruction of the Iranian nuclear project? A long-term delay? And on how they view Israel’s ability (with or without U.S. support) to weather the reaction from Iran and its proxies, Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria.

An Israeli attack might harm U.S. interests and disrupt international oil supplies (though I doubt it would cause direct attacks on U.S. installations, troops or vessels). But, from the Israeli perspective, these are necessarily marginal considerations when compared with the mortal hurt Israel and Israelis would suffer from an Iranian nuclear attack. Netanyahu’s calculations will, in the end, be governed by his perception of Israel’s existential imperatives. And the clock is ticking.

Benny Morris is the author of many books about the Middle East conflict, including, most recently, “1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War.”

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  • Jeanne says:

    Israel, the Israeli lobby in the US and the neocons (who are almost all Jewish) campaigned like crazy to get the US to invade Iraq. Now they want us to help them attack Iran. This is more than Chutzpah — this is despicable and outrageous. As is often said, “Israel will fight until the last drop of American blood.”

    Before the creation of the state of Israel, the US was widely admired and respected in the Middle East. Muslim hatred is the result of American tax dollars being used by Israel to steal Palestinian land and water and imprison these people in the land where they have lived for thousands of years. Israel is not our friend — Israel is our albatros. Let us finally tell them that our money is better spent building up the USA than stealing Palestinian land and water.

  • Patriot says:

    Exactly Jeanne.. Dr. Stephen Sniegoski documents such in his ‘The Transparent Cabal’ as he even dedicates a chapter to how Israel pushed hard for the Iraq invasion as well:

    Press TV interview with Dr. Stephen Sniegoski about his ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book:


    Take a look at Dr. Sniegoski’s response to disingenuous Norman Finkelstein in the comments section at the bottom of the following URL:

    Norman Finkelstein on Israel, Palestinians and Iraq


    Additional about how the Iraq war was for Israel via http://tinyurl.com/mearsheimer

    One can simply look up ‘Israel as a terrorist’s motivation’ in the index of James Bamford’s ‘A Pretext for War’ book and access the following links as well:

    US Support for Israel’s brutal oppression of the Palestinians PRIMARY MOTIVATION for tragic attacks on 9/11 and earlier at the WTC in 19993 as well:



    Even former CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer conveyed similar in the following youtube:

    “Sit Down!” The Power to Silence the Truth about 9/11″ Part 2

    Leo Braudy says there’s only a few minutes left YET he finds time for himself to ask two more questions! When does a panel discussion ever end, go to the Q and A and THEN go back to the moderator asking even more questions of the panel? (when you want to serve Israel’s agenda)
    It is depraved to deny the main motive for the 9/11 attacks.


  • The Neocon movement is a jewish movement conveyed by Sniegoski’s book. And look who formed it, William Kristol’s Father, Norman Podhoretz’s Father, etc.

  • James J. David says:

    A letter published in Sunday’s edition, April 18, 2010, of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The submitted letter was a bit harsher but I’m thankful I was able to get this in.

    Readers Write 04/18 | ajc.com

    Pro-Israel group paying tab for trip no surprise

    The fact that Rep. Phil Gingrey and his wife received a $17,000 vacation to Tel Aviv paid for by the American Israel Education Foundation shouldn’t surprise anyone (“Members of Congress flying high,” News, April 11.) The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has been using its influence and power to buy off our Congress for decades.

    For years, the Israelis have been illegally occupying Palestinian land, demolishing their homes, evicting their people, uprooting their orchards, invading their villages and imposing collective punishment on all.

    All these crimes are committed while our Congress awards the state of Israel with billions a year in annual aid, further angering the Muslim world. Is it any wonder there is no peace in the Middle East?

    We can thank people like Phil Gingrey, and all the other politicians for supporting such criminal activity, resulting in the ongoing violence in the Middle East that continues to threaten America’s security.

    James J. David, Marietta

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