A Timetable For War (with Iran)

A Timetable For War


Posted By Philip Giraldi On May 5, 2010

Readers of my articles will know that I am extremely pessimistic about the prospects for peace in the Middle East.  I do not believe for a second that the leaders of Israel actually consider Iran to be an “existential” threat but the fact that they have cried wolf so often has convinced the Israeli public that it is so.  Worse still, Israel’s friends in the US have convinced the American public of the same thing even though Iran does not threaten the United States at all.  Relying on a complaisant media that has fully embraced the fabricated narrative of fanatical Mullahs brandishing nuclear weapons shortly before handing them over to al-Qaeda, a majority of Americans now believes that Iran must be dealt with by force and that it already has a nuclear weapon.  As in the case in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, the fictitious threat has taken on an ominous reality because the lie has been repeated often enough to appear to be truth.

I believe several things must be understood in relationship to the likely formula for initiation of such a conflict.  First, in spite of the increasingly bellicose language coming from Robert Gates and Hillary Clinton, I do not believe that the Obama Administration wants a war.  On the contrary, I believe that the language is designed to convince Tel Aviv that the US is getting tough with Iran to preempt any possible military action.  The principal advocates of war in the United States are not in the White House.  They continue to belong to the Israeli lobby as given voice through its acolytes in Congress and the media.

Second, the Israeli government having sold the “existential threat” fiction does want a war, but its options are limited.  It knows it can only do temporary damage to Iran and wants the United States to do the heavy lifting.  That will require contriving a situation that will bring about US entry into the conflict, otherwise an Israeli attack will have only limited value, possibly slowing down Iran’s nuclear program but not stopping it while also guaranteeing that the Mullahs will make the political decision to develop a weapon.

Third, Washington has no real ability to put pressure on Israel as the White House has already made clear that it will not cut aid to Tel Aviv and will continue to use its veto to protect Israel in international fora like the United Nations.

Fourth, once the shooting begins, even if Israel starts it, both Congress and the media will demand that Washington intervene to support brave little democracy Israel.  One can be sure that on the day after Tel Aviv starts a conflict Congress will overwhelmingly pass a motion approving the Israeli action and also calling on the White House to have American forces join in.  The Washington Post, FOX news, and The New York Times will be beside themselves with joy.

Putting the four premises together, what does it all mean?  It means that Israel will seek to start a conflict with Iran and pull the United States in.  It will ignore any US calls for restraint and will attack the Mullahs with or without a pretext, whether or not Iran remains in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty regime (which I believe it will), and whether or not Tehran does anything aggressive.  In the lead-up to such an attack, Israel will intensify its propaganda efforts and is quite prepared to lie to make a case against Iran and its friends in the Middle East region.  The recent total fabrication of a case that Syria had given Scud missiles to Hezbollah is a case in point.  Israel sees everyone in the region as an enemy or a potential enemy and it works very hard to make Washington see things the same way.  Once the fighting starts, Washington will inevitably be drawn in with Congress and the mainstream media cheerleading the process.

So let us assume that Israel will attack Iran.  After all, it is a win-win situation for them in that they will demonstrate once again to the Muslim world that they are not to be trifled with and will leave the serious fighting to the United States.  I believe they will attack Iran by the shortest route, which is over Iraqi airspace.  Iraqi airspace is controlled by the United States Air Force, which would undoubtedly be under orders not to shoot down the Israeli planes lest Obama find himself facing a furious AIPAC, Congress, and the press immediately thereafter.  A shoot down order is just not possible given Congressional democrats’ fear of how Jewish political donors would react, not to mention the danger that the usual voices in the media would turn against the Obama administration on the eve of the midterm elections.  Unless the Iranians were to react in an extremely restrained fashion, they would consider the US complicit in the attack due to the passage over Iraq and their retaliation would bring Washington into the war, which is precisely what Israel expects to happen.

The only joker in the deck for Israel is the possible unintended consequences.  If the war were to go badly, with Iran, for example, using its Chinese supplied cruise missiles to sink a US aircraft carrier, the role of Israel in starting the conflict might well be challenged by many in the US, so many that even the media and Congress would have to take notice.  But Israel probably considers that a remote possibility given the huge military advantage that the United States enjoys over Iran so they likely believe it to be it a risk worth taking.  Also, one must consider that the hard right Israeli government of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is not necessarily a rational player that will weigh up all the pluses and minuses.  Netanyahu is driven by racism, intellectual arrogance, and a belief that he can control events in the United States, all of which will be part of his decision making.

Which leads to the question of timing.  There has been some talk in the media that Israel would likely “do something” by November.  Why that date is being selected is not completely clear, but I believe it will be sooner and this is why:  as noted above, the United States controls Iraqi airspace currently.  But that control will be ceded to the Iraqi government in August when the US presence in Iraq is due to be reduced to a “garrison non-combatant” level of 60,000 soldiers and airmen.  At that point, the US Air Force will no longer have autonomous authority to engage in Iraqi airspace, but the Iraqi government will be empowered to request US assistance to do so.  Imagine for a moment what it would do to US credibility in the Arab world if Baghdad were to ask the US to help defend its airspace against an Israeli incursion and the US were to refuse to do so.  So I think the Israelis will make their move before August.  They want to entangle the United States into fighting on their behalf but they will not necessarily want to humiliate Obama while doing so.

So what can Obama do to stop this?  There has been some speculation that he might send a private emissary to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu with the message that the United States does not support an Israeli attack and that Washington will both denounce the action and not back Tel Aviv.  I believe that Obama has already told Netanyahu both privately and through diplomatic channels that the US opposes military action but the Israeli government no doubt regards such a warning as toothless, particularly as both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have asserted that Israel has a right to make its own security decisions.  Any move to punish or pressure the Israelis would be blocked by Congress, so the Obama warning can be brushed off.  The only option that I believe would actually work is for Obama to go public preemptively on the issue and proclaim that there is no casus belli with Iran, that any Israeli attack will not be supported by the United States and that furthermore the United States will take the lead in condemning such an act in the United Nations and in all other appropriate international fora.  Is that likely to happen?  I think not.  And that is precisely the reason why I think a new war in the Middle East is inevitable and will take place this year, probably by August.

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  • Patriot says:

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  • Lisa says:

    I agree with almost everything, except that Obama isn’t all in with Israel and AIPAC. B.O. is the ‘heavy’ against Israel, and the Republicans are the softies, or, more accurately, the Hegelian Dialectic at it’s finest, all for our benefit of course.

    Which ‘side’ are you on?- Are you an anti-Semite? You MUST be, or you would support every (savage and insane) action of ‘our friend’ Israel. Or are you a proud-to-be Zionist?- as is our most honorable Vice-President. We support EVERYTHING Israel determines to be factual, and we support them in their efforts to wipe-out all feared enemies, no matter that they’ve never been attacked by non-aggressive Iran or any other country who could possibly want to harm poor tiny little (nuclear-armed) Israel.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors, no matter what these puppets dutifully smatter out to the ‘free press’. I have no doubt that the evil PTB are cunningly working the thoughts of all sane peoples to pick a side and keep us focused on those terrible terrible terrorists, all supported by Iran and/or the Taliban. It is a well known ‘secret’ that Ahmadinejad DIDN’T say anything about wiping Israel off the map as was widely spread to the non-Arabic speaking world via the complicit press. I’ve seen video of a meeting with him and orthodox Jews, which started with hand-shakes and HUGS. What Ahmadinejad said was that the Israel REGIME must fall. I have to say I whole-heartedly agree. They are part of the puppet show controlled by the evil PTB, and they want nothing but death, murder, suffering, and all in the name of global governance.

  • Steve says:

    The war against Iran by the USA has already begun, the Iranians have just not started shooting back yet.

  • jim says:

    What is left out of the article are the repercussions, which include the response of Russia and China. A war between the US and Iran could result in stoppage of oil exiting the entire Middle East. The US would effectively cause an oil blockade upon China.

    When the US did this to Japan years ago, this caused the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. Another problem would be if Iran cuts off the US supply line from Kuwait and starts serious attacks upon US troops. This could result in many thousands of dead US troops in a very short period of time.

    The Iranians are Persians, not Arabs. They are fierce fighters, as the US supported Iraq discovered during the 1980’s. They will be out for serious American blood if the US attempts to turn them Iraq.

    Has anyone considered the possibility that Russian nuclear missiles are stationed within Iran right now? The US does this in several countries, and there are clearly many Russian technicians working inside Iran on various things including nuclear technology. There is absolutely the strong chance of an Iran war escalating to nuclear quickly.

  • Patrick Sullivan says:

    They’ve already pulled the trigger on us many times over the decades.

    WE the Living Dead.

    It is amazing that more folks have not figured it out yet, but they will.

    We only continue to exist due to the righteous efforts of the advanced civilizations that have stayed the nuclear-armed hands of the central bankers; the bankers who have long planned to make the mass of the human race extinct.

    The central bankers have fooled some of the ordinary people, yet once the people get a few clues; they’re bound to see it.

    When that time arrives, the ordinary people will Put them to the test and terminate them. We will shut down their prisons, torture chambers and professional contract murder for hire operations. We are called upon now to terminate them.

    For if the bankers are not stopped once and for all, they will continue to attempt to exterminate us with the use of nuclear weapons. If they should finally break through and attack us with nuclear weapons, as they have long planned to do, it will be too late.

    Act against them now and terminate them; while we still have a chance.

    Topple this hireling gang of murdering bums in Washington.

    “Start tossing them; you know what to do”

    “Erase them”

    They have besmirched humanity

  • Anglo-Saxon says:

    This is only a hunch, but it might be worth throwing out for wider consideration. If the United States military were to attack Iran, then the whole world might well turn against America and Americans. We will all be after you; armed with 50 years worth of contempt. Not a pleasant prospect, eh?

    And as for those Ashkenazi faux-‘Jews’ who appear to exist only to further the goals of the Rothschild syndicate’s 200 year pursuit of world hegemony, I would imagine they would be wilting, big time, under a renewed and unrelenting siege.

    Bully boys (and gals) sooner or later get their comeuppance. The bigger they (think) they are, the harder they fall. From my travels I get the distinct impression most of the world would be delighted to see the planet cleansed of big-mouthed, preachy Americans (who for some strange reason think they live in “the land of the free”, while actually occupying a soft-Communistic state with a short temper) and Chutzpah filled pseudo-‘Jews’ whose real genetic (Asiatic/Mongol) origins few have properly worked out, even at this late hour.

    If you Americans cannot get your house in order — by standing up to fight the criminals who have clearly taken over your country — then nature assisted by outsiders will be obliged to intervene and do it for you with a ferocity that will exceed any pathetic Hollywood disaster ‘blockbuster’.

  • hereward says:

    I’m very pessimistic about this situation, because there’s one thing that is glaringly obvious, like an elephant in your back yard: the Iranians probably ARE working on a nuclear weapon, because, from the standpoint of power politics, they would be fools not to, especially in view of the threats emanating from Tel Aviv and Washington. And, of course, the United States and Israel seem to be highly upset by that very idea. The ironic thing is that if the American and Israeli leadership weren’t making so much hostile noise toward Iran, the Iranians would not have that motivation.

    The main problem, of course, is that Israel and the US are highly likely to do something stupid whether their ideas about Iran are correct or not.

  • chris says:

    We should look at whats happening in the financial markets and especialy the shaky ground that exists in most of the western countries at the moment.
    This is the type of scenaro that precedes a major war.
    The MSM’s saber rattling, as usual for zionist bigotry, has the populations, especially the US, primed and ready.
    Unfortunately I agree with Mr Giraldi’s assessment and I am not even a scholar or “expert”.

  • TJ'SDAD says:

    Nothing is going to happen until the Republicans regain Congress which is the current ploy right now as DEMS announce in not seeking reelection. The majority switch off is how fakey both parties work together to get each other agenda thru so the NWO can con most of the ignorant americans in believing that there is actually a two party system. Republican have brainwashed the so call right into believing Isreal is sanctioned by a messiah and needs our youth for Isreal’s existence. Like johnson deed about protecting as South Viet Nam.

  • Jean-Claude Anthony says:

    Concerning the Middle East, despite all the talk about a “successful surge” in which the United States paid off various Iraqi irregular militias not to shoot at our troops, there is still much which needs to be said about Iraq, and to a lesser extent, Afghanistan. This exercise will require the painting of some very broad and even painful strokes. So many important and vital questions have not even been asked, let alone pondered.

    For one thing, we could realize that the “offensive” in Marjah (Afghanistan) is a fraud aimed at energizing American popular support at home, since Marjah is not even a town or city but really a decentralized tribal backwater devoid of operational targets. But as the character or George says on Seinfeld, “Remember Jerry, it’s not a lie if you (yourself) believe it.”

    For another thing, we must realize that if Israel had been re-created in 1948 in Uganda or Argentina as some Zionists wanted (smartly, perhaps) we’d still be caught up today in the Middle East drama. Lawrence of Arabia warned about this scenario almost 100 years ago.

    There are of course on the surface the all-too-familiar debacles. How could these impending defeats in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan have happened to “the greatest military power on Earth?” Consider that the very same nation which in 1945 had six percent of the world’s population and over 80 percent of the world’s wealth has now decayed into an infantilized economic and moral state.

    A nation caught up in such a great decline should be ripe for self analysis, rather than engaging in craven delusions. If the reasons for the invasion were wrong, or outright lies to conceal the real agenda, how can the occupation ever be made right? As such, one might wonder about the real reasons behind the invasions?

    Was it to break up Iraq into three little states which would be unable to challenge the U.S. or Israel? (I doubt our leaders are that smart.) Was all of this the workings of the Project for a New American Century, AIPAC, the Council on Foreign Relations or some other allegedly nefarious group? Some hidden New World Order elite operating from secret chambers? The Antichrist? The Boogeyman? Or did George W. Bush and Tony Blair fly by the seat of their collective pants?

    There are those who claim over 1,000,000 Iraqis, mostly civilians, are dead. Some may rightfully dispute this number, as if an exact account is possible in a country where overwhelmed morgues have turned away bodies in droves. This Neocon invasion happened all because the U.S. felt the need to get rid of a murderer and dictator we had trained, financed and armed. It’s fair enough to say “We created him, so it was our responsibility to get rid of him.”

    But make no mistake, Islamic militants did not start the war in Iraq — Dubya did. Why?

    First, Saddam tried to kill his father, George Bush Sr. (We can understand the son’s anger about that and perhaps even applaud it).

    Second, President Bush Jr. read a book about democracy written by Natan Sharansky, a former Soviet refusenik, (a smart, decent man) who gained notoriety in the Israeli Knesset. After reading this book, Bush Jr. decided to democratize the entire Middle East. He quoted from this book at his second inauguration. The question remains, if Natan Sharansky had written a book about the cartoon character Gumby, would we all be riding around now on an orange horse?

    British Intelligence, Blair, the CIA, Dubya and his cabal (as correctly chided by everyone from Paul Craig Roberts to Paul Sperry) have acted shamefully at various levels. This should be chilling to all decent Americans who value truth. Only liars tolerate other liars. And no lie occurs in a vacuum, rather only to cover up other lies. And they still don’t get it, do they? Let us consider that American soldiers (about 80 percent are at least nominal Christians, Catholics and Protestants/Evangelicals) have now effectively run most Iraqi Christians out of their own country by installing the radical Shiites to power in Iraq. Is that true irony? Of course we all know from an infamous Sixty Minutes interview with a true insider how evangelicals have been used to the highest degree by this administration.

    And to think how many of us voted for them back in 2000 not knowing their level of contempt for us! Never again …

    And where are the vaunted American Christians when our fellow believers are killed in Iraq and Gaza? Many actually cheered on this sickening spectacle. Others simply nod in silence. No wonder so many people hate Christians in America. What happened to love thy neighbor?

    What happened to silencing one’s own conceit, false pride and self esteem? What happened to the notion of turning the other cheek and doing good to those who hate you?

    What happened to defeating evil with love and not with more evil? To know Christ’s power mean to first know His betrayal and abandonment and humility and service to others. How can we say we are Christians when we are so quick to kill? This is not the path to “the narrow gate.” This is more like “I never knew you.”

    With thousands of dead American soldiers (the very best boys and — shamefully — the girls of America cut down like flowers in their youth) and tens of thousands of serious casualties, again, we must ask, “Why?”

    There was a greater freedom of worship for Iraqi Christians under Saddam than after “liberation.” And as non-state and sub/micro-state actors (Fatah, Hezbollah) and supra-national actors (al-Qaeda, Islamic jihad) continue to fill the coming power vacuum, things might get even worse in the Middle East for everyone who doesn’t support their particular brand of religion. What’s the point?

    What about all the missing U.S. development aid which Paul Bremmer couldn’t account for? He couldn’t fly in some accountants? Where is the outrage of the U.S. taxpayer? Who knew the money was being flown in? Have you considered that maybe we stole the money from ourselves?

    As an aside, the December 5th, 2006 edition of the USA Today reported that a billion dollars has been wasted on training the Afghan police force. No one knows how many police were trained, what equipment they have or where it is. Where is the outrage as Mr. Obama makes further preparations to bankrupt America in the Graveyard of Empires? The nation of Afghanistan where Alexander the Great, the British Empire and the Soviet Empire all were all eventually sent packing. Is our hubris that strong? Are we that far off the beaten track?

    How could our military have trained so few Iraqi soldiers in all this time and with all that money? Why dismantle the entire Iraqi Army and purge every single Baathist from power? Was that smart? Is this the best our military, the CIA, DIA, State Department, Rand Corporation and so-called Ivy League “elite” can come up with? What do they teach at West Point? “How to Ruin a Country 101?”

    Can you explain how a radical Shiite government in Iraq, allied with Iran and chanting “Death to America” helps American interests? It’s just insane and it is getting increasingly harder to focus on the reality in Iraq, or what went on in the minds of Cheney, Bush Jr. and Halliburton. (As a plus, the Kurds, the largest ethnic group in the world without a country, may finally get their own state.)

    Of course, things didn’t have to turn out this way. From the very beginnings of the now infamous Shock and Awe we had no real plan for occupation. U.S. Special Forces bribed Iraqi commanders with briefcases filled with cash as a means to make them abandon their positions. This was not a very good introduction to capitalism.

    Then we failed to secure an important Iraqi museum which was soon was looted. Great and priceless treasures of human antiquity were lost. This was a horrible mistake as it set a tone for anarchy. In fact, it was so stupid from a tactical point of view it stupefies the imagination. When questioned about this, former Secretary Donald Rumsfeld simply said “Democracy is messy.” Well, so is a diaper! That’s why a baby needs constant attention.

    And what good is a brand of democracy in the Middle East which brings to power the rockets of Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iranian-aligned the Shiites in Iraq and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? These groups only taunt Israel and give the Israeli/American military machine more reasons (real or imagined) to go to war. And wars mean money for certain elites.

    (That said, if it was a reverse situation and the facts on the ground showed all Jews from Morocco to the Philippines and from Southern Russia to the Sudan, and this tiny little Muslim nation was in the middle of that vast “Jewish sea” of nations and peoples, would all those Jews come after this one tiny Muslim country? Or would they leave them alone and give them a tiny piece of land the size of New Jersey? I think we all know the answer to that question at least.)

    Want an exit strategy? Sure, with multi-billion dollar bases, the most luxurious embassy ever built, air power and oil involved, was there ever a plan to leave Iraq?

    Ever truly ponder Rummy’s “light footprints” of a rapid moving, fluid military? Does this include women in combat, women with babies in combat, women with little children in combat and as Sixty Minutes reported, calling up a 60 year old grandmother?

    Further, does this include our troops hunting for scrap metal to protect themselves, and the families of servicemen and women mailing off body armor and other equipment the military should be providing? But we’ve got oodles of money to send the ANC, the United Nations and God knows who else. (The “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska comes to mind).

    “Look, Grandma mailed the soldiers cookies!”

    “Look, Grandma mailed the soldiers body armor!”

    “Look, Grandma mailed the soldiers … Grandma!”

    This is America?

    Why wasn’t a 60 year old grannie on the beach at D-Day?

    Then, to control people with vice, alcohol and prostitution were legalized almost right away in Iraq by the U.S. forces. If you look at MTV you will see why Muslims fear America. Our culture is disgusting. Things we would have shunned even in 1990 are now not only openly tolerated but celebrated. Legalizing such vices in Iraq probably alienated many Muslims. Islam is a genuine religious faith and we should respect its higher morals, especially its stance against abortion, resistance to pornography and other ills. Instead we as Americans demonize them, because their prayer life, family values and resistance to abortion show us how sinful we really are. (Granted, some of them are violent and very nutty. Usually you become a martyr by being killed, not by killing other people.)

    Not many Americans realize that scores of Iraqi doctors and professors have been murdered on an almost daily basis. How does this bode for the future?

    Why aren’t professional mercenaries from South Africa and ex-SAS protecting them, or even trying to? Again, no one saw this coming? Does anyone care about the Iraqi brain drain?

    Trick or Treat at Abu Ghraib was beyond disgusting and has forever damaged the image of America. Our soldiers and the Vlakplas archetype mercenaries were beyond cruel. Where is their honor? Where is their love? Where is their humanity?

    The rape of Abeer Qasim Hamza, the teenaged Iraqi girl, her subsequent murder and the murder of her family (and a very small child) to conceal this sick ritual was beyond disgusting. The U.S. soldiers involved with this are beyond inhuman and shame all of us. Again, this is the great, Christian America? No wonder people around the world hate us, our sick culture, deluded and insane leaders, our violent video games and our pornography. No normal person wants to fight the war in Iraq anymore so they have to let in people with criminal records. How sad.

    Think of Jessica Lynch, our great heroine, running around topless at her Army base in Iraq. (That’s our girl!) Ponder Lynddie England recording the madness at Abu Ghraib through her cell phone pictorial essay. Sadly this is what America has decayed into. This is attested to by the recent story of a young man in the U.S. who was vociferously cheered on over the Internet via his webcam as he committed suicide.

    Not all Americans are that way, not nearly a majority, but there are far, far too many who live and think and act that way for us to remain a “normal” country.

    Other questions we might consider about Iraq, our foreign policy and culture run across a wide spectrum;

    What about the fresh water from the Tigris and Euphrates? Israel is running out of water. Has a pipeline been proposed? (A few years back, Tony Blair was caught trying to broker a fresh water pipeline from Kurdistan to North Cyprus and then across to Israel).

    What about Iraq’s oil?

    What of Iraq falling into Iran’s orbit?

    What about the proposed oil pipeline going through Afghanistan? What about the opium? What about the opium money?

    What about exiled Iraqi girls as young at eight being sold into sexual slavery in Saudi Arabia via Syria — as reported by Brian Williams on NBC News? How could Bush Jr. sleep at night knowing this is going on?

    What about America’s MTV culture trying to turn Allah McBeal into Ally McBeal in the Middle East and Central Asia? That is the real issue in the battle between civilizations. It is the singular untold story — the sexual liberation of Islamic women. Granted, some Muslim women are treated like chattel slaves and even have acid thrown in their faces, (the “Religion of Peace”) but we all know the American endgame for them is Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton. That’s another brand of acid and a story for another day.

    What about Central Asian population control? Will the New Age Mother Gaia types allow Iran’s population to continue to grow at such a high rate?

    What about the U.S. declaring victory in Afghanistan not when bin Laden was captured (he probably never will be) nor the Taliban defeated (they are now busy retaking the country) but rather when “women were liberated from the Taliban.” This is the 21st Century America. The soft America. The America that makes the World War II generation cringe. The America where all the soldiers in our Army get to wear the archetype special forces beret so their “feelings” and “self esteem” aren’t hurt.

    The America which made Alan Greenspan a demigod. The America which abandoned all its traditions and morals to participate in the global economy. (Pornography, weapons sales, MTV values, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, sexualizing pre-teens, slave labor imports from Mainland China, helping to fund the U.N. abortion jihad on and on ad infinitum). Again, have we no pride, no honor and no shame? Think of the latest American fashon — high heel shoes for babies. Think of our once vaunted universities and the godless, Christ-hating professors who insert Marxism into your precious chlidren. Think of the filth on Saturday Night Live. Think of the war on the Boy Scouts.

    Think of the murder of poor Channon Christian and her boyfriend in Memphis, this by the lowest form of oxygen stealing parasites ever to grace America’s shores. This gang Sodomized them, cut off her breasts, cut off her boyfriend’s penis and then poured lighter fluid down her throat. While they did this they were living out rap lyrics calling the faithful to “kill whitey all night long.” Where were Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Mr. Obama on this hate crime? Silent. Regardless, this is the United States of America. This is who we are and there is no escape from that fact. We are a nation that is already eating the dishes we served to Rhodesia, South Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. The dishes we served to the Hmong, Montagnards, the Karen, UNITA, Rwanda, South Sudan, the Contras and the Afrikaners. It’s cosmic blowback. “As you do unto others …”

    I count America having lost four wars in the past six years: there is of course Iraq, Afghanistan, the Somalia-warlord contest and by proxy, Lebanon. The U.S. has been kicked out of Uzbekistan. Bahrain might be the next nation to send our fleet away, never to return. Are these disasters somehow linked to the sickness in our culture? Perhaps not. But is God blessing our nation these days? If not, then why not? Maybe it’s time to ask if America is long past the point of no return? (Maybe Woodstock was the point of no return — though few could see it — then or now).

    We woke up one day and the Soviet Union was gone. We woke up the next day and apartheid was gone. Think it’s impossible we’ll wake up one day and find the gang in Washington, D.C. vaporized by a terrorist or Russian or Chinese or North Korean mini-nuke? Let’s hope not, but we should be ever wary. We have real enemies “out there” and inside our own nation. These enemies, both foreign and domestic, terrorize us daily through their Gramscian culture war 24/7/365.

    Because of Iraq, our military is a wreck. Ex-NFL great and late soldier Pat Tillman, (an Arizona State graduate) though a brave and great American, died for nothing. Our leaders have been exposed as insane cowards and liars. They ran from Vietnam, only to send young American men and women to do what they themselves would never attempt. Now they’ve handed our nation over to Marxists.

    Furthermore, depleted uranium is making many of our soldiers sick, never mind what it is doing to ordinary Iraqis and Afghans. It’s all just so very, very Christian, isn’t it? Let’s wave the flag and chant a mantra that the center is still holding.

    South America, Central America, much of Africa, China and Russia, along with Cuba and North Korea and various drug cartels are aligned against the U.S. Our border with Mexico is a joke and the EU is leaning away from the U.S. On our side we can count on Australia, the UK, Thailand, Singapore, Israel, Latvia, Albania and maybe (and this is a big maybe) Bangladesh.

    Nuclear war and nuclear terrorism remain very real possibilities though our shopping mall culture does not want to hear this annoying truth. Remember when a man carrying a sign on the street saying “The End is Near Repent” actually seemed funny instead of prophetic?

    We’re in tremendous and unpayable debt, with both fiscal and trade problems as Lou Dobbs tries in vain to tell us just about every night on CNN.

    Worse of all, our children wear pajamas to school, can’t flush the toilet and in the winter, during the most frigid of days, many children refuse to wear a coat, but rather only a T-shirt. It appears the insanity and the infantilization has spread from top to bottom.

    I want America to become a great nation again, but the sad reality is that from impending Sharia Law in the UK to France on fire to the new Hong Kong to the killing of the ethno-European farmers in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and The New South Africa, our civilization is either dying or already dead.

    Democracy has become meaningless in many ways. It’s not merely the idea of democracy being “the broad participation of the electorate.” Rather it’s about the progressive left wing Gramscian/Jacobin and Cultural Long March on social and economic issues favored by the American and Transnational elites.

    (Consider in Europe how the Irish and Danes must vote again and again about immigration or divorce or abortion or the Euro till the elites get the answers they want.) In the U.S. we have similar battles about abortion, pornography, the NEA, the dumbed-down public schools, taking our guns away, Rhodesia (destroyed, totally) MFN for China, turning over South Africa to the communists in the SACP/ANC, legalizing the 30 million illegal immigrants, partial birth abortion, (as needed for fetal tissue in regard for disease research, cloning and future patents on the human genome) Dubai ports (shut down), as well as the erstwhile boondoggle of the financial bailout (opposed by Americans but went through anyway).

    The question of the day is how we should feel about our new crop of leaders? Think back to where Hillary Clinton was in 1974. At that time, then-President Nixon was fighting Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge and their soon-to-come Killing Fields. As a young lawyer Hillary Clinton was actively working on Capital Hill to impeach Nixon and hamstring the war effort. Yet rightly or wrongly, be it the plain truth or the imaginations of the vast “right wing conspiracy,”

    Hillary’s husband got to stick around through LORAL’s satellite technology and missiles to Red China, “Coke Daddy Supremo” in Mena, Arkansas, the alleged rape of Juanita Broderick (“You’ve got two problems honey, one you’re credible and two you’re very credible”), helping “Father” Aristide in Haiti, propping up the ANC, Wen Ho Lee, Monica’s dress, Ron Brown, Vince Foster, organizing demonstrations vs. the U.S. during the Vietnam War in the UK, editing Communist and Soviet propaganda documents in Eastern Europe and the rest of it.

    William Jefferson even went back to Eastern Europe at the end of his second term to visit his old Commie friends. These are our leaders? Couldn’t one man or woman in the United States Senate have asked Hillary about any of this at her confirmation “hearing?” Are they that cowardly or that pathetic? Why should these wicked, sick and evil Marxist animals (think of Winnie Mandela on crack) get a free pass?
    Instead of fighting the enemies of God and humanity, Hillary was on the front line to undercut Nixon. And of course the Khmer Rouge were given a huge boost by Nixon’s impeachment. They took over Cambodia and murdered 25 percent of the population — around 2 million people. Now this woman will be in charge of the State Department. And to think, what kind of a man would select this woman, drenched in blood — legalizing late term abortion and the bombing of Serbia — to represent our nation? And they invoke the name of Abraham Lincoln in doing so. They are delusional beyond human imagination. Pity them as you pray for them. Yes they’re only human and no one can be perfect.

    It’s just that they lie to themselves as they “play the great role” (as do many Republicans) while the remnant of real Americans know better vis-a-vis Marxism, late term abortion, cloning, DNA, stem cells, GE/GM foods, United Nations, EU, African Union, Big Pharma, public schools, open borders, replacement migration, Tower of Babel, ANC, MFN for China, the financial “bailout” and the rest of the never ending nightmare.

    Behind the media spin they most often seem anti-Christian, anti-Bible, anti-family, anti-patriarchy and anti-white. They wage war on everything that is pure and good and noble left in the world. All normal people, black, white, gay, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Korean, Arab, Jewish and so forth should see through their lies and agenda. They won’t be happy until we’re all starving, homeless serfs dressed in rags and pleading for them to “save us.” It’s already starting.

    As for McCain and Bush Jr., their cluster bombs for Iraq and Afghanistan, use of depleted uranium and arms for Lebanon and Gaza; they are beyond the pale on those anti-life issues. It’s sad how the Christian right waved the banner for them. What real choice did Orthodox Jews, Muslims, Catholics and Protestants have for a true, 100 percent pro-life agenda in this past Presidential election? All of our institutions are corrupt. It’s no longer good vs. evil. It’s corrupted good vs. evil. What ever happened to “Thou Shall Not Kill?” Arab blood is real — they’re not computer characters in a violent video game.

    Hopefully the Republicans will enjoy their next twenty years in the political wilderness. Just as he destroyed his oil company, Bush Jr. has destroyed our nation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Republican Party, the rightist Evangelical block, the border with Mexico, Iraq (“God told me to strike them!” Sure bro …) Afghanistan, New Orleans and our economy. Add to that the happy times at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo. And remember, just a few weeks before 9/11 Bush Jr. went to New York City to tell us “immigration is not a problem to be solved.” How crazy was that? Didn’t one of the 9/11 pilots get a visa renewal form in the mail the following April? I think we’re talking about Narnia. We talking serious institutionalization.

    As for President Obama, consider the message of the International Herald Tribune of December 20th, 2008. In an article by John L. Allen, the senior correspondent for The National Catholic Reporter entitled “The Pope’s Real Message for Obama” we read; “Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City, Missouri, for example, warned voters that their eternal salvation might be at stake if they supported Obama … Cardinal Francis Stafford, a former archbishop of Denver who today heads a Vatican court, described Obama’s rhetoric on abortion as “aggressive, disruptive and apocalyptic,” and compared the election results to the Garden of Gethsemane — the spot where according to the Bible, Jesus agonized before his crucifixion.”

    In the end, the nightmare in Iraq is merely a symptom of a far greater American disease. Where there is no love, no honor and no shame, there can be only false pride and ultimately, a decay into evil and unreality. More bombs for Afghanistan and Pakistan are not the answers. If “God is love” then in those three words alone will we find the answers to the questions we seek. For now, we can only join Cardinal Stafford in weeping for our once great nation.

  • Mike says:

    An attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities poses immense risk of contaminating the region with radioactivity from vaporized nuclear materials. If Israel does attack Iran’s nuclear infrastructure it should be held accountable for a nuclear attack by the international community. This isn’t going to only poison Iran but where ever the jet stream carries it as well.

  • AntiLieGuy says:

    Putin said “An attack on Iran will be considered an attack on Russia.” The same day as the next false flag to invade Iran, 10-10, Russia, China and the SCO are going to destroy America. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now by all the chemtrails sprayed every day globally to hide the sign in the heavens — Planet X! News here: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/6519605/WarNews and http://www.xfacts.com

  • HomeAlone says:

    Oh, you can be sure the U.S. Congress will immediately come to Israel’s support, but I think it’s already planned for the USA to get out of one of it’s two current wars. That’s when we can anticipate our involvement with Iran.

  • AM Carter says:

    What source is the author citing with ‘existential’ and “‘threat'”?

  • DOGISMYTH says:

    this is just another reason why the USA cannot handle another country with intelligence, resolve, technology or dissent towards the USA. READ IT! Iran is a great country which will be destroyed by the Zionist lead USA…as usual.


  • Cat Callahan says:

    Jews make up less than 5% of the American population, but they are way OVER-represented in our congress and senate! And guess who runs the Federal Reserve? We send Isra-hell $7 million a day! When our own citizens are going hungry and we are urged to war with people who are no threat to us! I might have some fear of Al- Quida(sp?), I do not lose ANY sleep over the Mullahs in Iran-they are very aware of the consequences of war with a nuclear country like the US. Everytime the Jews need a war to protect their financial interests(which generally have little or nothing in common with our financial interests) we are called upon to war yet again! WE CANNOT AFFORD WAR ANYMORE THAN WE CAN AFFORD UNLIMITED IMMIGRATION! If the Jews are so dammed keen on having a war, let them be the ones to do it!

  • somebody says:


  • marduk says:

    The only thing this article forgot to mention is the seventy million Persians and what they’re going to do. Other than that it has it all figured out.

  • nas says:

    The reason zionists want war with Iran is to destroy the US military. Russia and China will come to Iran’s aid. Once the US military is destroyed zionist/communist armies will attack and invade the USA. Destruction of the USA is the plan and always has been.

  • IG-88 shell for sale says:

    Sad to say, as a Canadian, America our old friend (we forgave the U.S.A. for everytime you invaded Canada), once again though, it looks as if you have gone insane with power.

    How much punishment does the average America put-up with before you say, “That’s enough!”. Lies, zero-value-political movers and shakers that in the end, always prove themsleves to be bought and sold and as cold as the blood loving puppet dictators you hire. Iran might even be under the same beastly bankers, Note; suckered into bailouts, suckered into wars, suckered into fearing the truth, suckered into starting WW III.

    For all the zio-christian kool-aid makers – I don’t think Jesus can be pushed into giving you a lift, not when you’ve broken so many rules and no longer understand right from wrong. America, if you think the stupid world hates your guts now than try and break the final rules of combat and move you’re mafia armies into Iran.

  • Mtyboltar says:

    If McCain and Palin would have won the election we would already be at war with Iran. “Bomb, bomb, bomb…”

  • Anadianant says:

    Wow! What a well written article and what a well written set of comments.

    War? Indeed. It is cleanse time. Who is dirtier? The unwashed or the unclean?

    We are coming to the eye-of-the-needle point in a long cycle. All of the machinations we saw in the last century (the great wars, the Fed, central banking, de-colonialization, globalization, militarization, de-valuation) were all steps along the way. As were TV, MTV and Ultimate Fighting Championships.

    Now the real fight is upon us. Let’s be like warriors not soldiers.



  • Len Giles says:

    Unfortunately, the USA is under siege by the American Zionists. In fact, the whole nations is now a member of the GZE (GLOBAL ZIONIST EMPIRE).
    Currently, the Global Zionist Empire is made up of 36 nations. This Zionist cancer spreads very quickly. Before long, the whole Western World will belong to the Global Zionist Empire.
    When this happens, China will be forced to declare war on the hostile Zionist Empire.
    That will be the start of the end of HOMO SAPIENS.
    Len Giles

  • rachel says:

    when the left hand is doing something extremly stupid alwasy look at the right hand. Our right hand is preparing for a war with venezuela. Columbia apprroved 47 ships and 20,000 plus marines to enter thier country to fight a “war on drugs.”

    look at the current situation with the drug gangs being “militerized” and how they are suddenly a massive threat to our security in AZ.

    contrary to belief the conservatives and neo-cons in this country (who are not paid shrills) will not support an attack on Iran simply becuase they do NOT support Obama. Thus, anything this guy does is a mistake.

    Nope…Iran is the distraction. our government knows war with Iran cannot be won and could even make China and Russia into outright enemies. That most of America will go “wait a minute. This sounds like another Iraq.”

    Nope, Venezuela has been a target for a very long time. They discovered even more oil there recently. Then thier is the gulf oil cover up which is somehow going to play into this coming invasion.

    Iran is the distraction while the real target, venezuela is set up.

  • Dave says:

    It’s interesting (and horrifying) to see the same behavior that resulted in Khazar Jews being evicted on about 40 occassions from many different nations in Europe being employed on a national scale,as a national policy in Israel.
    The problem is that there is no longer a “safety valve” which allows host nations the ability to evict the menace amongst them,now it must be dealt with at the high cost of wars,oil shortages and misery for all.
    Knowing the self destructive mentality of the tribe that occupies Israel,I have no doubt that those loose cannons will eventually entangle the US in a huge nuclear war.
    God damned them all!.

  • James J. David says:

    The last thing this country needs is another war. U.S. Congress should be ashamed for even bringing this resolution to a vote, as we all know that an Israeli attack on Iran guarantees a U.S. involvement and a threat to our national security. I fail to see any compelling US national/strategic interest in the U.S. support of Israel and the U.S. Congress’s passionate attachment to Israel. One of the primary reasons US interests elsewhere in the region are threatened is because of our support for Israel. So, what do we gain from our support in return? Nothing, except the loss of American lives, and a bankrupt country. It’s time that the American people vote these politicians out of office for thier dual loyalty to Israel that harms the interest of America itself. Instead of protecting America’s security these politicians bow to the Isareli lobby, in order to protect their own political careers, without any regards as to the number of American men and women dying for these politician’s self-interest. They all need to be voted out of office, and people like John Bolton, Sean Hannity, and the likes should be given a one way ticket to Tel Aviv and never allowned back in this country. I can bet none of these people ever served a day in combat nor do they have children ever served a day of military service. I’m sick of these people who use innocent American lives to serve thier political advances. We need to end this passionate attachment to Israel if we ever expect to win this war on terrorism. Israel is the biggest threat to world peace, and our support only endangers America’s security. Let’s bring this message to our representatives and demand that they do the same.

  • WRAY EDWARDS says:

    When Richard Nixon discussed the planting of nuclear weapons in this country by our enemies and so-called friends (Israel), he was not kidding. As a matter of fact, I would be totally amazed and utterly disappointed if Mossad has not moved those most effective pieces on the international chessboard.

    Is there anyone out there with at least two brain cells left to rub together who thinks that the Zionists have not made this move? Such a task would be child’s play for the Ashkenazi considering the fact that hundreds of tons of cocaine and other psychotropic poisons saunter across the American border with Mexico every year.

    That is why American government puppets dance to the Israeli Prime Minister’s tune at every turn. Think not? Just check Ambassador Rice’s abstention from voting on the Gaza Ceasefire Resolution in the U.N. Security Counsil last year. Ehud Olmert ordered George Bush (in Philly – or Chicago at the time)to order Condi to abstain…and she was, I believe on the drafting committee.

    Want another proof? How about the “Dancing Vidiographers” who stated on Middle Eastern TV that they were “there to tape the event.” After being arrested, they were suddenly, along with hundreds of other Israelis, to be repatriated to Israel, and the U.S. complied.


    Olmert said Monday that Rice had been embarrassed by orders from President George W. Bush to abstain from voting on the cease-fire resolution that she was negotiating. Olmert said he had called Bush — and interrupted him at an event in Philadelphia — to ensure the United States did not vote for it.

    “I said: ‘Get me President Bush on the phone,'” Olmert said in a speech in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon. “They said he was in the middle of giving a speech in Philadelphia. I said I didn’t care: ‘I need to talk to him now.’ He got off the podium and spoke to me.”

    Olmert said he argued that the United States should not vote in favor of the resolution, and the president then called Rice and told her not to do so. “She was left pretty embarrassed,” Olmert said.

    Our troops in the Middle East serve two main purposes: To supply free mercs for Israel’s strategic and tactical designs in the region…and to massively deplete America’s finances in preparation for its induction into the NWO. I’m just sayin’

  • Joe in JT says:

    We will fight and destroy Iran right down to the last American soldier. Signed, Israel Prime Minister, B. Netenyahoo. (and Joe Lieberman)

  • Errol Brereton says:

    I just cannot remember anyone mentioning the most obvious scenario should Israel or the U.S.A. attack Iran. Can Russia, the U.S.A. or the U.K account for their missing Nuclear weapons? If we are to believe in the `MAD MULLAHS`existence, then we must believe the ultimate reverse joke.`THE REVERSE SAMSON OPTION` to the invaders, and to a people who has had thousands of years of civilization. Yes, man is one of the most irrational piece of someone`s handiwork.

  • Grizbear says:

    The Bible and Illuminati WW3 senario goes something like this. The Palestinians declare a state and the US has a dity bomb attack. We blame Iran and attact them. Israel goes to war with the Palestinians…Syria…Jordan…Egypt and Lebanon. North Korea attacks South Korea and China attacks Taiwan.

  • Publius says:

    Kabuki. All Kabuki. The US has been prepared to attack Iran for many moons and has not done so. Israel is not going to engage Iran and get destroyed. The color revolution in Iran failed; trying to kill the President failed; war would fail also and the consequences of failure are too great too contemplate. The prospect for a sitting President like Obama of having several wars going on he cannot pay for – or win – is to create an image of a paper tiger. Imagine the consternation in D.C. if Iran smacked down an Israeli attack!

  • warrior says:

    If Israel wants war then set recruiting tables in all the local synagogues! See how many Jew boys sign on the dotted line!

  • This is a ‘strategy of tension’ that has been moping around for what? five or six years now?

    All of this is just to keep your pants on fire.

    Meanwhile the US continues to melt down by the numbers as all run around like chicken little.

    Set the course for liberty, all speed ahead, and damn the torpedoes, nuke or not. Do not be distracted by this hysteria.

  • Joey says:

    Those of you who say the U.S. will get theirs by countries who are sick of us……YOU WISH! Many countries say the don’t want the U.S., but in fact, if there was no U.S. there would have been numerous invasions of smaller countries already. The reason there hasn’t been….because before anybody makes a move, they ask themselves…..What will the U.S. response be. We as a nation, have single handidly lifted more nations out of squalor than any other nation has before….EVER!! When you “countries” are ready to come beat us down….BRING IT!!! Even in the very rare event, that you beat our military….highly unlikely, the civilians here are all armed….to the teeth…..which effectively makes us the largest armed group in the entire world…..and we are all crack shots…….and all of us ready to sacrifice ourselves for our nation….I take that back….we are all ready to sacrifice you all for our nation!Other countries when they beat the ass of another nation, usually keep it, we, on the other hand, give it back, and help rebuild it. So condemn us all you want, but God help the world, if we ever fall, because there will be noone left to keep madmen in check. By the way, we as a nation give more money to charities as a civilian population than any other nation does, and our government, while flawed gives aid to more countries than any other nation, including our enemies, i.e. North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. Signed, a Patriotic, United States Marine!

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