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US-Israel – Panel Discussion

US-Israel – Panel Discussion

We just held another panel discussion on the US-Israel relationship.. very robust – and in the words of one of our guest, also very ‘scary’. Here’s a link to his blog post written after the debate:

And here is a link to the original discussion (downloadable MP3) Hour 1 –

U.S. Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Attack Threat

U.S. Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Attack Threat

WASHINGTON, Apr 23, 2010 (IPS) – The Barack Obama administration’s declaration in its Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) that it is reserving the right to use nuclear weapons against Iran represents a new element in a strategy of persuading Tehran that an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites is a serious possibility if Iran does not bow to the demand that it cease uranium enrichment.

Although administration officials have carefully refrained from drawing any direct connection between the new nuclear option and the Israeli threat, the NPR broadens the range of contingencies in which nuclear weapons might play a role so as to include an Iranian military response to an Israeli attack.

A war involving Iran that begins with an Israeli attack is the only plausible scenario that would fit the category of contingencies in the document. ….

A Timetable for War (with Iran):

Nuking the Mullahs:

Obama Picks Kagan, Backer of Indefinite Detention Without Trial, for High Court


Obama Picks Kagan, Backer of Indefinite Detention Without Trial, for High Court

May 9, 2010 by legitgov

Breaking: President Barack Obama to pick U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan as U.S. Supreme Court nominee (CLG compilation) 09 May 2010 You know you’re in trouble when Faux (Fox) News is calling her ‘a brilliant woman.’

During her hearings to be confirmed as Solicitor General, the New York Times paraphrases Kagan as saying “that someone suspected of helping finance Al Qaeda should be subject to battlefield law — indefinite detention without a trial — even if he were captured in a place like the Philippines rather than a physical battle zone.” –Charlie Savage, Obama’s War on Terror May Resemble Bush’s in Some Areas, The New York Times, 17 Feb 2009. (Wikipedia)

Kagan to be Supreme Court nominee (CNN) 09 May 2010 President Obama will select Solicitor General Elena Kagan as the Supreme Court nominee to replace the retiring John Paul Stevens, a legal source close to the process told CNN Sunday evening. The nomination is expected to be announced Monday at 11 a.m. ET, another source familiar with the process said. Kagan, 50, a New York native, was widely reported to be the frontrunner for the nomination


 Kagan Argued to Ban Political Pamphlets

Pat Buchanan: Suggests Too Many Jews on US Supreme Court Bench:

Elena Kagan: Jewish Ethnic Networking Ease the Path of a Liberal/Leftist to the Supreme Court
Elena Kagan and the Supreme Court: A Barnyard Smell in Chicago, Harvard and Washington