Americas – Obama urges funds for Israel shield

US is in a record budget deficit, but there is always more US taxpayer money for Israel:

Al Jazeera English – Americas – Obama urges funds for Israel shield

Step up Diplomacy not more Aid to Israel

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  • James J. David says:

    President Obama is asking Congress for an additional $205 million for Israel to build its air defense system so that it can intercept rockets from Gaza. These are the same rockets that always land in open fields injuring no one and the majority of times are fired only in retaliation to Isaeli aggression. And it wouldn’t surprise me that the Israelis intentionally provoke Hamas to fire these rockets knowing that they don’t harm anyone but gives Israel more justification in duping our Congress to authorize this air-defense systme to be paid by the American taxpayer. The money will come from cuts in U.S. defense spending as presented by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates this week. Remember, this $205 million is in addition to the annual $3.6 billion in military aid already given to Israel. Now, President Obama wants to use this saving to award Israel instead of helping the American people. I’m sure Rahm Emanuel, a former IDF consultant, had some influence in this decision. Come on America, it’s time to wake up to this Israeli stranglehold. Call your congressman today.

  • This is just another gift to select U.S. Congressmen and Israel.

    Anyone who has researched and studied these so-called “rockets” knows that these rockets are not what Israel advertises them to be to the West.

    First of all, I challenge anyone to show me a photo of any Israeli actually bleeding from any of these rockets;

    Second, these “rockets” are actually mail-order fireworks from China. Chinese fireworks Ladies and Gentlemen!
    There are no military loads or warheads on these rockets, as they are truly fireworks. The IDF knows these rockets pose no strategic threat to Israel; more an inconvenience than anything else.

    What’s Israel dropping on Palestinians? Fireworks? I think not! How about 2,000lb. laser guided bombs with MADE IN THE USA stamped on the side of them? I wonder if Palestinians consider 2,000lb. bombs an inconvenience?

    $205 million? Fuck you! Obama wants to protect Israel while they wantonly bulldoze Palestinian homes.

    .r o n

  • How dare the Palestinians utter a word of protest? What’s wrong with those Palestinians? How dare they complain about endless murder,endless occupation and endless generational hopelessness.

    If the American people only knew…….we’d begin bombing in five minutes.

  • mikeyd says:

    H*** NO! Tell those Zionist douche bags to get their own defense. I’m not paying for that ish if I’m not getting benefits or find it in my best interest. And those Israelis are not in my benefits or in my best interest cause where cashing out too much for them. When my sons can’t even find a job!

  • Be not decieved by the Rand Paul Victory. He had said previously when asked about Iran that he differs from his father on forgein policy. Is this another career politician? Or will he do whats right once hes in?

  • Patriot says:

    U.S. Congress approves Obama funding for Iron Dome defense system

    Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:09 PM

    From: “Kristoffer Larsson
    A 410-4 margin – not bad! And the Americans, already in financial straits, becomes $205 million poorer. Quite an achievement.


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