Obama signs new round of Iran sanctions for AIPAC (on behalf of Israel)

The Mearsheimer/Walt ‘The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy’ book validated yet again with the following:


Obama warns Iran of new pressure, to sign sanctions

Thu Jul 1, 6:23 pm ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) – President Barack Obama warned Iran Thursday it faced mounting pressure and isolation, before signing tough new US sanctions he said would strike at Tehran’s capacity to finance its nuclear program.

The measures, on top of new UN Security Council and European sanctions, aim to choke off Iran’s access to imports of refined petroleum products like gasoline and jet fuel and curb its access to the international banking system.

“With these sanctions — along with others — we are striking at the heart of the Iranian government’s ability to fund and develop its nuclear programs,” Obama said in an advance copy of his remarks ahead of a bill signing ceremony.

“We are showing the Iranian government that its actions have consequences, and if it persists, the pressure will continue to mount, and its isolation will continue to deepen.

“There should be no doubt — the United States and the international community are determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”

The US Senate and House of Representatives approved the legislation — which backers described as the toughest ever unilateral US sanctions against the Islamic republic — by crushing 99-0 and 408-8 margins last week.

The United States spent months assembling an international coalition for new United Nations Security Council sanctions on Iran, which passed last month.

The measures, the fourth such set of UN penalties levied on Iran, are meant to punish Tehran for refusing to halt its uranium enrichment work, the most sensitive part of its atomic drive.

In response, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Monday he would postpone nuclear talks as a “penalty” to world powers as a result of the latest UN sanctions.

The new US sanctions are effectively designed to force foreign firms to chose whether to do business with Iran or the United States.

The law shuts US markets to firms that provide Iran with refined petroleum products that the oil-rich nation must import to meet demand because of a weak domestic refining capability.

It also takes aim at firms that invest in Iran’s energy sector, including non-US companies that provide financing, insurance, or shipping services.

It could also see non-US banks doing business with certain blacklisted Iranian entities — including Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and several banks — shut out of the US financial system.

Obama noted in the remarks that Iran had spurned the offer of dialogue that he had made last year on coming to office.

“To date, Iran has chosen the path of defiance,” he said.

“That is why we have steadily built a broader and deeper coalition of nations to pressure the Iranian government.”

World powers led by Washington have accused the Islamic Republic of seeking to build nuclear weapons and demanding it freeze its uranium enrichment activity, which can be a key step towards developing an atomic arsenal.

Iran denies its nuclear program has a military use.

“The government of Iran still has a choice,” Obama said in the prepared remarks.

“The door to diplomacy is still open. Iran can prove that its intentions are peaceful. It can meet its obligations under the (Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and achieve the security and prosperity worthy of a great nation.”

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  • Patriot says:

    AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee which pushed hard for the Iran sanctions on behalf of Israel of course!) has the following Google ad already appearing on the Web:

    Ads by Google

    Stop Irans Nuclear Threat

    Thank Congress for their support of new Iran sanctions legislation

  • Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich says:

    Wendell Philips, the famous abolitionist, was of the opinion that ‘two kinds of men generally best succeed in political life; men of no principle, but of great talent; and men of no talent, but of one principle – that of obedience to their superiors.’ Mr. Obama embodies both. Lacking principle, he obeys the command of the pro-Israel lobby groups and continues to deny the Americans their independence.

    July 4th has a special significance in American history. On this date, the Declaration of Independence was signed. At the time of the signing the US consisted of 13 colonies under the rule of England’s King George III. The colonies objected to “Taxation without Representation”. Today, the Americans are still subjected to taxation without representation. The traditions of parades and fireworks once firmly established as part of American Independence Day culture has given way to fireworks in service of Israel. Clearly this President finds servitude more gratifying than Independence.

    Every betrayal starts with trust. As Americans looked to Mr. Obama for change, peace, and security, he inked his pen with cowardice and betrayal as he signed the sanctions legislation against Iran into law. His betrayal of his duties covered with a blanket of lies, he declared from the White House that “in the entire world, there is only one signatory to the NPT —- only one —- that has been unable to convince the International Atomic Energy Agency that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes”.

    Indeed Mr. Obama is a man of talent and no principle. He is telling us that the ‘international community’ is convinced that America’s nuclear arsenal is for peaceful purposes, and Iran’s inalienable rights under the law are in violation of the law. As a man of one discipline only – that of obedience, he has heeded Benjamin Netanyahu’s call to impose “crippling sanctions” on Iran (Woodard, The National, Sept, 2009), depriving Americans of hundreds of thousands of jobs and an annual savings of $38-76 billion — the high price tag of servitude.

    This Fourth of July, fireworks will once again fuel the apathy of a nation at war with its own future – a nation on a path of self-destruct in order to serve the agenda of another. It will be a day like all other days which saw the Americans cheated of their independence and sovereignty.

  • Felix says:

    Having watched my country rapidly descend into mendacity these last ten years, come Sunday, I will wear a brave face and smile and laugh for my family and friends, for my nieces and nephews, and I will hope that this mock cheerfulness will help me forget how for at least the last five years, every Independence Day has seemed like a day of private mourning for a beloved friend or relative now dead and rapidly being forgotten.

    When I see the clowns in government, of both parties, trying to pass themselves off as wisemen and statesmen, I wonder that more American citizens don’t speak “sedition.”

    Happy 4th of July, everyone.

  • Ernst says:

    I have to state, that what Obama is doing here with his sanctions is a very aggressive economic war against Iran. I think he is even worse than a mafia gangster. They at least had a code of honor: never shoot women, children babies.
    Obama is killing women children babies in scores and does not have one single molecule of remorse. Will the USA go into history as the killer nation? The baby muncher? As Israel’s arse lickers they are already famed for.

  • Hi says:

    Newpolicy.org check it out for a more pro-U.S. foreign policy

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