Prof. Mearsheimer: No accountability for Israel on any issue!

Prof. Mearsheimer: No accountability for Israel on any issue!

Saturday, July 10, 2010 11:01 PM
From: “maidhc ocathail”
On July 7, 2010, at “The Spy Museum,” in Washington, D.C., the IRmep sponsored a panel discussion. It was titled: “Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal: Espionage, Opacity and Future.” One of the panelists was Professor John J. Mearsheimer, the co-author of “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy. He is also a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Professor Mearsheimer said: “There is no accountability for Israel on any issue!” He referenced Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, the killing of peace and justice activist Rachel Corrie, and Israel’s recent assault on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. For background on this event and its sponsor, The Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, go to: To view Professor Mearsheimer’s full remarks of 25 minutes, 47 seconds, go to:

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  • WOLF says:

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  • Mike S says:

    Yes Israel can kill American civilian citizens with impunity, they have most of Congress, the President, and his cabinet paid off. They have sold out our country. We fight their wars. We give them money and can’t comment on how they spend it. What would Washington or Jefferson say?

  • Gleno says:

    Mike S. I don’t know what Washington would have done but I’m CERTAIN Jefferson would have purged all dual nationality citizens from the administration, civil service and military.

  • John Taurus says:

    Once again, Israel makes war by deception. How does Israel keep its American slaves happy? First, never, ever let the slave realize he/she is a slave. Remind the slave often that he/she is “FREE”! Give the slave a vote in a predetermined farce called an “ELECTION” where the voting is rigged and the candidates are all hand picked puppets for the Zionists. Keep the slaves dumbed down and introduce ethnic diverstiy to insure that the slaves will not pull together to reach a common goal. Advertise that we are “Fighting for Freedom” so that the slaves will believe the lie.

  • Cold Wind says:

    The Congress, the Administration and the Judiciary no longer work for the American people. The are a subversive force representing Israel, the Jewish Lobby only and for all I know the Queen of England. They do not represent or care a twit for the American people. This perception is the dominant perception in country today. How much longer do you think this situation can last?

  • Temüjin says:

    Beat the drums louder and louder. Soon the noise will wake up the country. Until then beat it more and louder. Let the people hear it clear. Like Jericho, the walls of congress will fall.

  • I refuse to hold the Zionist and some jews responsible for the nature of man.The Committee of 300 Conspiracy-Dr.John Coleman 1/10 exposes the gentile-
    jew cabal.The New Jerusalem-Zionist Power in America By Michael Collins Piper
    is one among many that proves the power of jews in U.S.This is done by showing
    their corporate assets in order of their graduation of wealth.They are controllers of FED and leading bank U.S. shareholders of FED- a conflict of interest if the FED was legal.Article 1 Section 8 U.S. Constitution FED
    unconstitutional.The Goldstone Report and “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy” is explicit in threat of U.S.connected to foreign interest.The special
    relationship of U.S.Israel is connected by Crown?The truth about middle east and Israel-The Illuminati-Jordon Maxwell-You Tube in addition to Joan Veon
    Who Controls The World And Its Assets-You Tube.
    The triangle of power Jesuit intelligence-Knights of Malta-and St.John- military wing-Finance Rothschild-wing of Illuminati.FED-Enter City London-Vatican
    Sovereign states.Illuminati Exposed-Dr.Pierre Ordinaire-My Space Video.The Satanic Central Banksters”Monetary Enslave System-Walter E. Haas Search
    U.S.Constitutional Null And Void-A1-S8-C 17-Ralph Unconstitutional.
    A conspiracy for New World Order.Elite in collusion.Globalization and free trade instrument.Consolidation international banking and coming financial crash of west-to create North American Union and complete world union.War Iran-North Korea if no other solution.War best means to change reality.Norman Dodd-The Hidden World Agenda interview complete-You Tube.Reference for Treason-Antony Sutton-The Best Enemy money Can Buy-You Tube-and other interviews and books.He has evidence to support is alligations.The Case Against Free Trade-Book Ralph Nader-Jerry Brown.Ross
    Perot NAFTA TREASON-run around U.S.Constitution.
    Israel-U.S.-The United States of Israel?Out of proportion jews in U.S government ratio wise by percent to gentiles.Duel Citizenship U.S. Israel
    high government officials U.S..Jordon Maxwell explains the special relationship as I said before.The middle east and Israel-Illuminati Exposed-
    You Tube.
    Israel in my opinion is used as cover for international conspiracy of gentiles and jews.Elite have investment-shares oil-Diamonds-Drugs?Gold-war-etc.Both common gentiles and jews puppets of elite.
    Russia-US-China together?The world is a stage with production created by elite.The Truman Picture Show is the reality of the sheep.
    Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon-You Tube is reality of sordid sorts.

    Wiemar Republic-Anthony Murry-Affirmative Action And The Nazis.Search Freedman Speech-ww1-2-3 You Tube complete.
    The Committee of 300 Conspiracy-John Coleman-You Tube-“1/7 Syndrome of Control-You Tube-Presentation Lindsey Williams.Leo Zagami-You Tube-Norman Dodd Interview-You Tube 51 minutes.The Hidden World Agenda.

    The time is now for patriots to stand.21 Dec 2012 comes
    crash Nov 2010 possibility.Extreme weather getting worst indicates arrival
    of planet X on course for the New Age???HARRP-Moon Beam-Diamond Laser-Holograms-illusion-aliens-reality.Do not be deceives- There is still hope.Do not be baited by false flags.Alien action to fix problem may be seen if true.
    This will occur 2011-Active UFOS observed much more than normal 2011.The enemy will deceive.Stand your ground.Caves escape route for elite.This may all be fiction?Please research all references for truth.

    Walter E. Haas Search Bless America

  • Xi Chin says:

    There is only one solution to this problem. Everyone is thinking it, but noone is saying it. Yet.

  • Peter James says:

    Jerusalem, The Nation Called Israel And Biblical Israel – Their Fate

  • Mihail says:

    The jewish Khazar has total control over America,now they have the house negro in the white house.

  • Felix says:

    Anyone wondering why few Americans give a sh_t about the Russian “spies” recently apprehended by American “intelligence” services? After watching our elected officials let the Israelis steal with impunity our secrets for decades now, we’ve become jaded and no longer have the energy to get incensed.

    Hey, you a$$holes in Washington who pretend to be our leaders, when you’ve finally done something to stop Israel from stealing our national security secrets, then come tell us about Russian “spies.”

  • My Computer says:

    Better watch what you say America, or Israel will drop something on you.

  • Zionism is a worldwide parasitic disease like cancer. It is eating away at OUR NATION and the pathetic brain dead sheeple who vote for their policies are causing the death of OUR USA.
    Obama is a Muslem, communist.
    Revolution should have happened many years ago.
    Unless a s0-called Second Coming occurs, this nation is dead.
    Open the Parallel US Government website for some hope.
    I joined it.
    Pass it on to tax paying, patriotic, birthright, American citizens to join in with us.

  • Braveheart says:

    The zionists has now full control of USA and they do not have to hide it any more. God help the free american people.From now on ,the zionists will be very agressive .

  • James de Juste II says:

    Be warned America. There are some similarities in the US now with what happened to Russia courtesy of the Bolshevic’s. Read the latest chapter translation of Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together” (seen on Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s blog).

    The differences are: 1. the Jews have taken over control of our government and media BEFORE their coup rather than AFTER as was the case in Russia and 2. The flag this time will be the New World Order (Jewish), while before it was Communism (Jewish).

  • Patton says:

    Let’s put it this way: “A church built on usary cannot stand for long.”

  • Aqil abdulla says:

    I think that the Americans must wake up as soon as possible to realise that their gvernments were Hijacked by Zionism through ” Aipac” which more dangerous than Alqaidahand Bin Laden because the last is a clear well-seen enemy . you must respect people like Prof. Mearsheimer and take their words and thoughts seriuosly

  • Aqil abdulla says:

    I think that the Americans must wake up as soon as possible to realise that their gvernments were Hijackedsince more than40 years and still- by Zionism through ” Aipac” which more dangerous than Alqaidahand Bin Laden because the last is a clear well-seen enemy . you must respect people like Prof. Mearsheimer and take their words and thoughts seriuosly

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