Tea Party Hijacked by Neocons as Ron Paul Foreign Policy is Pushed Aside

Tea Party Hijacked by Neocons as Ron Paul Foreign Policy is Pushed Aside



The Tea Party Disconnect (by Philip Giraldi)

Press TV talks to Stephen Sniegoski on American “Third Party”?


Be sure to watch Press TV with Dr. Stephen Sniegoski about his ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book via the informationclearinghouse.info link near the top of http://tinyurl.com/thetransparentcabal

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews addressed the Tea Pary split between Ron Paul supporters and Sarah Palin neoconned Republicans on his ‘Hardball’ program today:


Sarah Palin is just a neocon advocate for former PNAC Neocon chairman Bill Kristol:

Neoconned Sarah Palin and the Israel Lobby:


4 Responses to “Tea Party Hijacked by Neocons as Ron Paul Foreign Policy is Pushed Aside”

  • Patriot says:

    The brothers Koch – Corporate billionaires that started the TEA PARTY astroturf Movement



  • Rob Morris says:

    This is quite a country we live in, we are controlled not by who we electe but those who hold the biggest bank accounts. How is that we have become little sheep that have strayed away from the reality of what is going on.

    GOP has found a way to destroy the country in their consued eagerness to control the White House. We have slipped into denial if we think the GOP will solve the problems we have. No many do not like Democrats or Obama, they only want him to fail. They have shown many that they only want in office to control and allow people like Koch big money holders to feed their agenda.

    No matter what Obama has tried to do he does not get credit, but only bashing and making out he is evil.

    We can clearly see that those who obose the HC bill are the money holders, the rally that is just been seen Aug 28, 2010 was nothing but a sham it was not honesty but a political stunt to bash Obama, religion to be used as a tool to deceive. Oh my how low can Beck,get, but then we know know that his crowds were bussed in and paid for by Koch brothers, how deceit full then the Media spins , Palin she gets her two cents worth of trash in.

    Beck,is no friend to America, he is only in this for the attention, ego, money, Palin works the same strip. How long will we allow them to continue the BS : Election time always brings out the trojan hores that are filled with lies, and negative.

    America needs to see the real truth of how we are being programmed to turn the pages of false information and then vote for honest person, that is not willing to be paid for by special interests.

    GOP will not solve our problems, they are the ones that are making things harder, yep we are taken in by cons. Wake up Polls are nothing but another tool they use to make you think people are not supporting issues, how can we know the truth when Sept. 11, is still not resolved .

    Money is controlling our minds at the ballot box, false numbers are to sway you.

    I do not buy their polls numbers nor do I buy Aug 28 as taking back , we already lost them to rich.

  • terry says:

    I am not a supporter of either party, especially since I view them both as being basically the same poison.
    Obama hasn’t done anything while in office to show that he is any different than Bush.
    He sucks up to Wall Street no different than Bush.
    His alliance is not with the American Public.
    The only thing that’s going to fix our Politics is a Revolution.

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