Press TV’s Waqar Rizvi talks to James Morris on Israeli Nukes

Press TV’s Waqar Rizvi talks to James Morris on Israeli Nukes:

AIPAC’s Push for War with Iran:
 PressTV – ‘Israeli lobby behind Iran sanctions’
Mullen: US very ready to attack Iran (for Israel)

British plans to exit its citizens from the Persian Gulf in the event of a war with Iran

‘Israel may attack Iran’s nuclear sites if diplomacy fails’

Israel’s nuclear ambiguity

Australia: Iran nuclear ‘deterrent’


Israel rebuffs call to join NPT

Israel stops whistleblower Vanunu from getting German prize
Israel Planned to Nuke Arabs in 1980 (Vanunu mentioned as well)
Press TV talks to James Morris on US-Saudi Arms Deal (coming war with Iran discussed):
Additional at following URL:
Press TV’s Hassan Tavakoli talks to James Morris on Yemen Bomb Scare Scenario
Additional via following URL:
One can listen (via following URL) to Iranian professor (Mohammad Marandi) agreeing with what James Morris conveyed (via above Press TV interviews) about the US/Israel wanting to take down Iranian regime for its support of the Hezbollah and Hamas resistance to Israel (as Dr. Stephen Sniegoski discusses in his ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book as well):

The Neocon Agenda (excerpt from Karen Kwiatkowski interview with Dr. Stephen Sniegoski):

Reality check: Iran is not a nuclear threat

If Israel attacks Iran it would be disastrous for the US

On How War with Iran might Destroy the United States
Broder’s Brainstorm (by Patrick J. Buchanan)

 Neocons & their proxy politicians want Iran war next for Israel

Pro-Israel media bias threatening US security:

Following UK New Statesman blog entry about General Petraeus mentioned in above interview:

General Petraeus leaked emails about Israel

Additional via following URL if interested further:





Excellent Press TV ‘The Isle’ broadcast for interview with Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu:

Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D (Vanunu mentioned):

We Live in Dark Times (coming war with Iran)

US applies double standard with Israeli nukes yet again

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