New NSA replacing Jones supports harder line against Iran (for AIPAC/Israel of course!)

Jones resigns as NSC chief, Donilon next director

Tom Donilon (new NSA replacing General Jim Jones who has been against war with Iran) and  AIPAC associated Dennis Ross have pushing the administration towards a more and more confrontational stance against Iran:

Philip Giraldi on Jones Resignation (The Return of Sandy Berger)

Obama security advisor resigns

AIPAC Israel firster Rahm Emanuel pushed for General Jones to make Donilon his assistant according to following article:


So AIPAC (Israel first) Dennis Ross edges out Jones at NSC as reported last year:

Dennis Ross (and his association with AIPAC) mentioned in following article:

The Israel lobby’s shame

Tom Donilon was the Right Move (Hardly!): Initial Reaction (must read comments at bottom!):

Tom Donilon: The Last Best Hope to Help Obama Make Vital Strategic Leaps (must read comments at bottom!):

Obama pressed to weigh Iran strike (for Israel)!:

Israeli nuke double standard:

8 Responses to “New NSA replacing Jones supports harder line against Iran (for AIPAC/Israel of course!)”

  • Boone says:

    When are we as Americans going to wise up and realize that Iran is NOT and never has been a threat to us. The media ( Jewish owned in most cases ) would have you believe that Iranians are bloodthirsty, evil terrorists bent on taking America down. Well, that is not the case. Iran wants peace and they just want to be left alone to live and grow like us ( if you can call what the USA has turned into ‘growing and living’ ). The Iran Contra Scandal was a huge lie and an even bigger cover up along with 9-11 and many other hijinx that our Jewish run government gets up to. Unfortunately, most Americans are too history stupid to know that or know anything else historical. Heck, most Americans can’t even read or spell correctly anymore. I cringe when I read the crap that people write and say. Getting back to Iran, it’s not the US that wants to obliterate and create another world war with Iran. It’s Israel using the US as they always have to do their dirty work. Most of the people in high positions who can make these decisions of whether we go to war or not are Jews/Jewish. You know that, right? They have an agenda and will not stop at anything to get their way. They LIE because that’s how they are brought up and taught. I sincerely hope America starts waking up and doing something about this before it’s too late. I’m afraid it already might be. It’s painful for me to watch this BS going on and it literally makes me ill. My best friend and soul mate is Jewish and he agrees with me completely. He see’s and knows what is going on. He hears it in Synagogue every Saturday. You’d have to be blind not to and I’m afraid most of America is blind. And no, you don’t have to be Jewish to see it happening either. It’s quite obvious with the way things are going and with what is happening on a daily basis. Wake up sheeple, please! Take the blinders off! Thanks for reading this. – A Disgusted Montana Cowboy

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