Pakistan’s Convoy Halt Forces U.S. to Reduce Tensions

Pakistan’s Convoy Halt Forces U.S. to Reduce Tensions

Analysis by Gareth Porter*  

WASHINGTON, Oct 8 (IPS) – By continuing its halt in NATO convoys headed for Afghanistan through the Torkham border crossing into a second week, Pakistan’s military leadership has brought an end to the unilateral attacks in Pakistan pushed by Gen. David Petraeus and forced Washington to make a new accommodation.

And it may make it impossible for Petraeus to make the argument in the future that the United States can succeed in Afghanistan, given the refusal of Pakistan to budge on the issue.


What are those neocons advising Petraeus going to tell him to do next?!

Neocons Resurfacing under Obama:


Six More Years (by Philip Giraldi)

What about the following as well?!:

New NSA replacing Jones supports harder line against Iran (for AIPAC/Israel of course!)

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