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Russia Today (RT) & Iran’s Press TV as US Public Enemies according to former CNN head

RT as Public Enemy? Top US media boss ready to fight ‘enemies’

RT Enemy of the States? Walter Isaacson Firing Up New Cold War! [RT]

Is RT the enemy of the US?

US media fears competition

Israel is governed by a former Terrorist Organisation USA funds them to survive ! – friend Jihan Hifaz interviews friend Danny Schechter:

What a joke as Americans wouldn’t know anything substantial if they had to rely on ‘US’ media and couldn’t get news from other sources!

Where is the US media coverage on the neocon Frederick Kagan advising General Petraeus in the Afghan quagmire (should be ‘neocons’ advising General Petraeus as Russia Today still hasn’t done a segment about the email exchanges with General Petraeus which show him being subservient to neocon warmonger Max Boot as conveyed via as well)?:

Neocons Resurfacing under Obama:

 Pro-Israel biased media threatens US security:
US double standard with Israel nukes (pushed by pro-Israel biased US media as well):