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Roberts: ‘AIPAC purchases US elections’

Roberts: ‘AIPAC purchases US elections’

Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed

Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed

Joe Sobran: Martyr for truth

Joe Sobran: Martyr for truth

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 7:07 PM
From: “Stephen Sniegoski”


The following is my tribute to the noted columnist Joe Sobran who passed
away on September 30.
Joe Sobran: Martyr for truth

By Stephen J. Sniegoski
The conservative columnist and former assistant editor of National Review,
Joe Sobran, passed away September 30 at age 64 from complications of
diabetes, a disease that had seriously afflicted him for years. Much can be
said about Sobran. He was an extremely talented writer and political
commentator who dissected the politically correct cant of the day in a prose
style that sparkled with witticisms encapsulating trenchant, and usually
taboo, truths. He was a conservative who became increasingly more
anti-government, ultimately declaring himself an anarchist. He was a
faithful Catholic who staunchly opposed abortion. He was an expert on
Shakespeare who supported the unorthodox thesis that the works traditionally
attributed to “the Stratford man” were actually authored by Edward de Vere,
the Earl of Oxford.

Living in the Washington, D.C., area, I got to know Joe Sobran in the 1990s
and continued to see him off and on until recent years when his health
precluded much travel. I always found him to be extremely personable, a
raconteur nonpareil who treated insignificant people such as myself as
equals. Everyone enjoyed immensely the chance to be with him. The monthly
Catholic-oriented dinner that I attend in suburban Virginia is called the
Sobran Dinner, and Sobran himself, in better days, had often attended. I
went to his wake and funeral, joining many other friends and admirers of Joe
in offering our respects to him and his family.

What was especially noteworthy about him, however, was his penchant for
intellectual honesty. Joe Sobran sought to pursue truth, even when it would
lead to the destruction of his brilliant career and ultimately contribute to
his early death. Specifically, it was his violation of the taboo pertaining
to Jewish power and the U.S. Israelocentric foreign policy that led to his
fall. In the 1980s, Sobran was the rising senior editor at William Buckley’s
National Review, and he seemed to be destined for a brilliant future. But
owing to pressure from powerful pro-Zionist Jews such as Norman Podhoretz,
that future never materialized, and Buckley ultimately fired Sobran in
October 1993. Despite Buckley’s close relationship with Sobran, who had
served 21 years with National Review – 18 as senior editor – Buckley caved
in to pro-Zionist Jewish pressure.
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Stephen Sniegoski

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Israel is now punishing Palestinians shamelessly

General (Ret) James David (who sent through the following)  is mentioned on the cover of the third edition of former Republican Congressman Paul Findley’s ‘They Dare to Speak Out’ book about the influence/power of the pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC and similar) on the US political system and media:

From: General (Ret) James David
Date: Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 8:02 AM
Subject: Israel is now punishing Palestinians shamelessly

Israel sucks. This world would be a better place if it never existed.  This 47-year-old Palestinian woman cannot leave the West Bank and go abroad for urgent medical service due to brain cancer.
This is just one example of Israel’s brutal occupation.  Then we have to drop to our knees anytime the word holocaust is mentioned.  They have no shame.
Israel is now punishing Palestinians shamelessly – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
  • Published 00:57 06.10.10
  • Latest update 00:57 06.10.10
  • Israel is now punishing Palestinians shamelessly

    What is delaying treatment of a 47-year-old Palestinian woman, if not punishment of someone who opposes her foreign rulers?

    By Amira Hass


    Behind a modest desk with a view of Beit Jala sits a nameless Shin Bet security service officer who is very pleased with himself. He has just saved the Jewish people in Israel from yet another grave security risk by preventing a 47-year-old woman, for five weeks now, from going abroad for urgent medical tests.

    soldier - Ap - Aug 21, 2010 Palestinian women argue with an Israeli soldier while attempting to cross the Kalandia checkpoint August 27, 2010
    Photo by: AP

    Or perhaps this isn’t a story about just one officer, but rather about a committee of three. What matters is that Khalida Jarrar, a resident of Al-Bireh, has not gone to Amman for diagnostic brain tests that cannot be done in the West Bank due to lack of the necessary medical equipment.

    I first wrote about Jarrar’s case a month ago. On July 19, a doctor in Ramallah informed her she could obtain the necessary tests in either Israel or Amman. The Palestinian Ministry of Health told her it would not pay for the tests to be done in Israel.

    Jarrar, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was refused permission to leave in 2008, when she was supposed to participate in the intra-Palestinian reconciliation talks in Cairo. But until getting that note from her doctor, she had never fought for her right to freedom of movement.

    This time, officials in the Palestinian Authority promised they would arrange her exit permit for medical tests with their acquaintances in Israel. They promised, and then they disappeared.

    After about three weeks, some of her lawyer friends applied directly to the Civil Administration and tried to discover how her exit permit could be arranged. Two weeks later, the answer arrived in writing: Jarrar, it said, does not have a notation by her name barring her exit.

    The Civil Administration officer had relied on computer input from the Shin Bet. So on August 30, Jarrar set out for the Allenby Bridge. But there, the Israeli border control computers had different data: She was not allowed to exit. What had been true a few hours earlier stopped being true when she arrived at the border.

    At the time, the Shin Bet told Haaretz that Jarrar had to apply for an exit permit via the Civil Administration’s health coordinator. So the lawyers resent all the documents to the coordinator.

    At first, there was some delay: The Civil Administration said the documents and the application had not reached their destination. Then work began on the application. But our anonymous man from the Shin Bet is evidently in no hurry.

    This is a mere footnote in the chronicle of the Palestinians’ life under foreign rule. But this footnote is a typical chapter in the history of Israeli society: a democratic society that gives those wonderful fellows from the Shin Bet a blank check to act like the last of the great dictators and juggle with their subjects’ lives – without elections, without oversight, without supervision. Their word is sacrosanct. And if they say, as they did in reply to Haaretz, “Relevant information exists indicating that [Jarrar’s] exit from the area poses a risk to our security,” we all salute.

    If she were dangerous here, she would have been arrested long ago. Her address, after all, is known. Hence the Shin Bet’s bluster about “relevant information” showing the danger she poses will somehow materialize only abroad. Evidence? Explanations? Common sense? No need. They, after all, are paid a salary by the Israeli taxpayer in order to invent new kinds of punishment and torture.

    For what is the endless postponement of an urgent medical test if not torture of a sick person and her family? And what is delaying treatment, if not punishment of someone who opposes her foreign rulers?

    Until six or eight years ago, a journalist’s report of a similar situation would have embarrassed someone up there on the security ladder and an exit permit for medical reasons would have been issued despite the “security considerations.” But today, the sense of shame has disappeared. Society’s backing is assured.

    ‎’Intl. lobby supports Israel’s crimes’

       ‎’Intl. lobby supports Israel’s crimes’

    Is America Under Attack? … Or Are the Barbarians Inside the Gates?

    Is America Under Attack? … Or Are the Barbarians Inside the Gates?
    By Washington’s Blog
    Global Research, October 7, 2010
    Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-05

    Congress and American economists are blaming China for America’s economic woes.

    But as I’ve previously pointed out, while China’s weak Yuan policy is hurting the U.S. to some extent, America’s economic problems are largely of its own making.

    As I have previously documented, America’s too big to fail banks and government have destroyed our economy by:

    Failing to prosecute those who committed rampant fraud, thus encouraging them to do it again

    Rewarding the gamblers who bet everything on insane speculative deals by bailing them out once they lost their bets

    Letting the largest U.S. banks go bankrupt repeatedly due to wild speculation, then blessing the speculation and helping cover up the bankruptcies

    Failing to restore trust in the financial system, but instead suspending the few accounting rules which still exist

    Blowing bubble after bubble

    Refusing to break up the too big to fails, even though virtually all independent economists say that they are a black hole dragging down our economy

    Using bailouts, gimmicks and quantitative easing to temporarily put wallpaper over the holes in our economy, instead of fixing the real problems

    Transferring risk from private banks to the people, instead of making the giant banks write down their bad debts

    Waging unnecessary wars all over the world, so that even our top military commanders are begging to slash defense costs, and otherwise buried our nation under mountains of debt

    Sacrificing any real chance to reduce unemployment in order to keep inflation low

    Shipping American jobs overseas, and giving corporations huge tax incentives to claim that their business is all done abroad

    Allowing the big financial players operate with insane amounts of leverage

    Burdening the American people with trillions in unnecessary interest

    Plundering the treasury to effect “a massive redistribution of wealth to the bank shareholders and their top executives”

    Allowing high-frequency trading to completely warp the markets

    Privatizing profits and socializing losses, trashing the real value of the dollar, and letting corruption run rampant

    Failing to take any meaningful steps to stabilize – let alone fix – the economy


    See thisthisthis and this.

    Barbarians inside the American financial system have destroyed that system.


    American leaders have blamed terrorists for our loss of rights.

    But many of those rights were lost before 9/11. See this and this.

    And former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge says that he was pressuredto raise terror alerts to help Bush win reelection.

    And former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke said a year ago:

    A lot of the cases after 9/11 were manufactured or enormously exaggerated and were announced with great trumpets by the attorney general and the FBI director so that we felt that they were doing something when, in fact, what they were doing was not helpful, not relevant, not needed.


    And FBI agents and CIA intelligence officials, constitutional law expert professor Jonathan Turley, Time Magazine, Keith Olbermann and the Washington Post have allsaid that U.S. government officials “were trying to create an atmosphere of fear in which the American people would give them more power”.

    And former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski told the Senate thatthe war on terror is “a mythical historical narrative”.

    And governments from around the world have admitted that they carry out false flag terror in order to promote their political agendas.

    (Yes, even the new terror threats in Europe are overblown. See this and this.)

    Government has been using anti-terrorism laws to crush dissent and to serve the needs of big business.

    Barbarians inside the American national security system have destroyed our liberties and freedoms based on false pretenses.

    Ironically, the war on terror actually diminishes our national security. So the barbarians inside the gates are opening us up to the barbarians abroad as well.

    © Copyright Washington’s Blog, Washington’s Blog, 2010

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    USS Liberty Israeli’s Forgotten Crime (excellent segment by Jihan Hafiz for RT)

    USS Liberty Israeli’s Forgotten Crime (excellent segment by Jihan Hafiz for RT):