Interview with Philip Giraldi: Israel’s policies are manifestly evil

From: Kourosh Ziabari
Subject: Interview with Philip Giraldi: Israel’s policies are manifestly evil
Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010, 2:46 PM

Dear editor,

I’ve conducted a new interview with Philip Giraldi, the former CIA
officer and anti-war activist. We’ve discussed the latest developments
of the Middle East, the prospect of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the
possibility of a peaceful compromise between Iran and the United
States and the impact of Israeli lobby on the long-term policies of
the White House.

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Israeli policies are manifestly evil: Philip Giraldi
Interview by Kourosh Ziabari

Philip Giraldi is a former counter-terrorism specialist and military
intelligence officer of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.
Now, he chairs the Council for the National Interest as the Executive
Director. CNI is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the
transformation of United States’ Middle East policy.

As a CIA officer, Giraldi served in different countries including
Turkey, Italy, Germany and Spain. He is now a Francis Walsingham
Fellow at The American Conservative Defense Alliance. He has appeared
on several radio and TV programs including Good Morning America,
MSNBC, NPR, Fox News, BBC, Al-Jazeera and 60 Minutes.

Giraldi works with the American Conservative magazine as a
contributing editor and writes a regular column for the Antiwar
website. He is an outspoken critic of the hawkish policies of the
United States and has publicly decried Washington’s unconditional
support for the state of Israel.

Philip Giraldi joined me in an exclusive interview to discuss the
latest developments of the Middle East, the prospect of
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the possibility of a peaceful compromise
between Iran and the United States and the impact of Israeli lobby on
the long-term policies of the White House.

Kourosh Ziabari: Why is the Israeli lobby so powerful, influential and
authoritative? Almost all of the major media conglomerates in the
United States own to well-off Jews who are committed to maintaining
the interests of the state of Israel in the U.S. Some experts say that
Israel is the representative of the United States in the Middle East
region, but some others suggest that it’s Israel which determines the
future of political developments in the United States. What’s your
take on that?

Philip Giraldi: The Israel Lobby is so powerful because it
deliberately set out to establish control over key elements in the
United States.  It has demonstrated a number of times that politicians
who are perceived as being unfriendly to Israel will face serious
problems in being reelected because the Lobby mobilizes to provide
money and media support to opponents. This means that congress is
afraid to oppose anything that Israel and its Lobby wants. The same
holds true for the presidency. Every presidential candidate must be
seen as friendly to Israel or he will be attacked in the media and
denied millions of dollars in political contributions, making it a
safer option to support Israel. Finally, pro-Israeli interests control
much of the media and, more important, dominate the opinion and
editorial pages, making the only narrative that most Americans hear
about the Middle East highly favorable to Israel and highly critical
of all Israel’s enemies. As a result, Israel is able to control U.S.
foreign policy as it relates to the Middle East and also much of the
Muslim world.

KZ: The recent call by the Iranian President on framing a fact-finding
group to probe into the 9/11 attacks sparked intense controversy
around the United States. Is it because the United States considers
9/11 a red line which should not be crossed?

PG: Many Americans believe that 9/11 was never properly investigated.
Some believe that the U.S. and, or Israeli governments were actually
involved. The Federal government does not want the case to be reopened
because a truly open investigation might reveal things that it would
like to keep hidden. I do not know what exactly those things might be,
but, at a minimum, there was a high level of incompetence within the
government in the lead up to the attacks, both by Democrats and

KZ: The former Italian President had once said that Mossad had played
a role in the 9/11 attacks. Is there any convincing evidence that
Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks? Can we rely on some implications
including the five dancing Israelis who were seen cheering while the
Twin Towers collapsed, or the closure of Zim Shipping Company’s
headquarters at the World Trade Center two week before the 9/11

PG: Most intelligence officers believe that Israel, which was
conducting a massive and illegal spy operation inside the U.S. aimed
at Arabs living here, knew at least parts of the 9/11 conspiracy.  It
did not share that information and it is also clear that leading
Israeli politicians welcomed the attacks because they made Washington
a totally committed ally in full agreement with the Israeli view of
Islamic terrorism. The Israel view, i.e. that anyone hostile to Israel
is a terrorist, has done great damage to the United States because it
has created enemies where no enemies previously existed.

KZ: What’s your take on the exercise of double standards by the U.S.
over Israel’s nuclear issue?

PG: There is no justification for Washington’s hypocrisy over Israel’s
nuclear weapons program.  Israel should be held to the same standard
as everyone else, but the action of the Israeli Lobby means that it
will never be accountable for anything as long as Washington is in a
position to protect it.

KZ: As someone who has closely worked with one of the most sensitive
parts of the U.S. government, do you like the continuation of
belligerence and hostility between Iran and the United States? Are
these two nations fated to be at odds forever? Can you foresee
promising horizons of reconciliation and friendship?

PG: I do not believe that Washington and Tehran are natural enemies. I
believe that they have been turned into enemies by the media and the
activity of the Israel Lobby. Unfortunately, that situation will not
change until Washington completely overturns its policies in the
Middle East, something that might not happen in our lifetimes. Many
young Iranians, the bulk of the population, do not harbor any real
hostility towards the United States and if the policies were to change
I believe the two countries could again become friendly.

KZ: Is it plausible to be a former CIA officer at the same time as
being an outspoken critic of the U.S. administration? You’ve been
quite forthright in your criticism of the U.S. foreign policy,
especially with regards to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Haven’t been any
pressure on you to soften your tone or retreat from your stance?

PG: I have never been pressured to soften my criticism of the US
government’s foreign and security policies.  There are many former
intelligence officers who have also been highly critical of
developments since 9/11.  It is because intelligence officers quickly
recognize lies when they hear them and are not very tolerant of a
government that lies its way to war.

KZ: Iran marked the 20th anniversary of the conclusion of 8-year war
with Iraq last month. Iranians well remember that it was the United
States and its European allies, who persuaded, equipped, funded and
aided Saddam Hussein in invading Iran. 20 years later, they came
together to topple the very Saddam they had supported in war with
Iran. Saddam killed more than 400,000 Iranians. My uncle was one of
them. Can you put yourself in the place of an Iranian citizen who
witnessed the war? What would be your feeling then?

PG: For the United States, the support of Saddam Hussein against Iran
was a quid pro quo that goes back to the holding of the U.S. Embassy
hostages in Tehran after the Islamic revolution.  It was revenge pure
and simple in hopes that Iraq would prove victorious and bring down
the Iranian government. As an Iranian, you have a right to be outraged
by what happened but the Embassy seizure was also outrageous. The U.S.
response was, as it often is, disproportional and I am ashamed of my
government’s support of wars to fix political disputes.

KZ: and for the final question, how do you estimate the prospect of
Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

PG: There is no hope for resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict
as long as the United States continues to permit the Israelis to
expand and commit crimes against humanity directed towards the
Palestinian people.  Evil is evil no matter how you try to dress it up
and the Israeli policies are manifestly evil.  The Palestinians cannot
ever accept a peace settlement that requires being held in a large
outdoor prison camp by the Israelis supported by the United States.

2 Responses to “Interview with Philip Giraldi: Israel’s policies are manifestly evil”

  • Von Arrow says:

    re: Israel

    I support cutting all U.S. funding to Israel until Israel fully and completely complies with U.N. Resolution 242.

    Our American Congress gives Israel a big, fat check each and every year for over four billion dollars!!!!

    That’s over $4,000,000,000.00 annually! Like a big Christmas present from you to Israel – year after year.

    Tax-free, courtesy of the American taxpayer (you & I) with absolutely no strings attached. These U.S. Congressmen and women who continue to just say YES on the annual vote/Congressional giveaway to Israel apply no restrictions whatsoever on that multi-billion dollar giveaway, period.
    If our U.S. government was sincere about bringing peace to the Middle East, wouldn’t such a sincere desire include conditionalizing the four billion American dollars we give to the Israeli government each and every year?

    Don’t you think it’s about time our Congress stop funding Israel until they comply with international law, namely, U.N. Resolution 242?

    No respect – no money.

    Listen up Israel: You gotta:

    1. withdraw to the 1967 borders;

    2. Recognize Palestinians’ Right-of-Return to their homeland, upon which Israel rests.

    What part of that doesn’t one understand?

    Clearly, it is unacceptable and downright dirty for our own U.S. government to fund, arm, cater and support a state which engages in apartheid-like activities for over four decades, including the systematic destruction of the Palestinian people and infrastructure DESPITE international law, signed agreements, human decency and U.N. Resolution 242.

    Not only is it immoral for our U.S. government to fund Israel, it is ILLEGAL for our government to fund any nation in violation of our U.S. Arms Export Control Act. This Act prohibits our government from providing U.S. weapons to any nation who uses them in an offensive manner. It is a fact our own State Dept. has already sanctioned Israel for utilizing our American-made and provided weapons in an offensive manner.

    The Israeli argument is they aren’t using our American weapons in an offensive manner, but a “defensive manner” instead. Are you kidding me? Defensive? When an Israeli soldier stands on Palestinian soil in the Palestinian territories and blows the brains out of a Palestinian man, woman, teenager or child, is that an example of using our American-made and provided weapons in a “defensive manner?” I think not. Not by international law, not by any means, not by any standard of human decency.

    Here in America, I don’t support the Israeli race war against the Palestinian people. Do you? It is official Israeli government policy to ethnically-cleanse Palestinians of the Israeli state. Is that what you support? No decent American should support such a state-sponsored racist abomination. Do you want $4 billion of your tax dollars funding and supporting this Israeli apartheid-like regime?

    The problem is the Israeli government does NOT want to recognize Palestinians’ Right-of-Return, despite U.N. Resolution 242; despite int’l law and signed agreements; and, the Israeli government seeks a racially-pure all-Jewish state. Who in the hell here in America supports that crap? The Hollywood crowd? Right-wing neocons and left-wing liberals? I know I don’t support it. Do Jews control the American media? You tell me: do you ever hear this kind of discussion in the U.S. media? (dead, blank silence)

    Further, each time an Israeli soldier kills a Palestinian on Palestinian soil with an American-made and provided weapon, the entire Islamic world blames the USA for those deaths. Israel has been illegally occupying the Palestinian territories since 1967, and Israel continues to not only ignore U.N. resolution 242 ordering Israel OUT of the Palestinian territories, but in recent years, continue to build illegal settlements. The right wing of the Israeli politburo INSIST UPON continuing to expand and build illegal settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, yet Western media pundits are incapable of fathoming a common peace plan for the Middle East: How about beginning with Israel? starting with Israel complying with U.S. Resolution 242, withdrawing to the 1967 borders and fully recognizing Palestinians’ Right-of-Return?

    How about telling your Congressional representative to just say NO to the annual Congressional multi-billion dollar giveaway to Israel until they comply with U.N. resolution 242?

    How ’bout it?

    There’s your “Peace Plan.”

    by Von Arrow

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