Press release for immediate use – Saturday 16th October
The Viva Palestina convoy will set sail from the port of Latakia, Syria, tomorrow morning, Sunday 17th October, bound for Gaza.
After a journey of 3,000 miles from England and four weeks on the road, the convoy is now just a couple of days away from its destination, the people of Gaza. The convoy has been joined by convoys from Morocco and Algeria and from Jordan and the Gulf States.
This will be the largest aid convoy to break the siege of Gaza since the Israeli war on Gaza in January 2009. The convoy includes some 40 survivors from the Mavi Marmara massacre over which Israel now faces prosecution in the International Criminal Court.
The convoy aboard two ships will pass through the point at which the Mavi Marmara was attacked and the ten human rights activists massacred. There will be a service of commemoration at that point and flowers will be laid on the water.
The convoy is then due to arrive in Al Arish, Egypt on Monday morning and will then proceed to drive the 40 kilometres to the Rafah Crossing. An ecstatic welcome is expected in Gaza where news of the convoy has been eagerly followed over the last four weeks since it set off.
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  • Patriot says:

    Israel Attacks Gaza, Silence from Mainstream Media about Israeli Violations of International Law


    It was the Gaza assault’s worst atrocity. Now the truth may finally be told


    Israeli presence ‘irreversible’: A UN human rights rapporteur says continued settlement construction will probablyhttp://bbc.in/baRQE2

    The cruelty and unlawfulness of the Gaza blockade imposed by Israel


    Siege takes toll on Gaza children



    Inspired by Gaza Blockade, Roger Waters (PINK FLOYD) Records New Version of “We Shall Overcome”


    THE GAZA FREEDOM MARCH final 2 (must watch youtube)


    Desperate mother died searching for food for her children in Gaza


    Isn’t it time we end, “The War On Palestinians?”


    Carter: Palestinians live in ‘cage’


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    Stop press: Sunday 17th October


    The Gaza aid convoy, with 40 survivors from the Mavi Marmara massacre, has been delayed departing Latakia, Syria for Gaza. Last minute complications over entry requirements by the Egyptian authorities are responsible for the postponement. Convoy organisers are confident these problems will be quickly resolved and the convoy will be on its way tomorrow morning (Monday).

    For more information, etc, please phone Rob Hoveman on 07889 726777

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    Stop press – Monday 18th October

    Convoy Departure – Further Delay

    To everyone’s intense frustration there has been a further delay in the departure of the convoy to Gaza. Due to depart this morning the convoy remains for the moment in Latakia, Syria. Convoy negotiators are in intensive discussions to try to resolve formalities which are still holding things up.

    Meanwhile the Israeli Defence Force has been making threatening noises concerning the “flotilla”,which we assume means the boats ferrying the convoy to the Egyptian port of Al Arish. Convoy leaders reiterated they would not be deterred by any Israeli threats and intend to ensure the safe transportation of the medical aid to Gaza via Egypt and the Rafah Crossing at the earliest opportunity.

    For further information, please phone 07889 726777

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    CBC News – Media – Director Mike Leigh cancels Israel trip

    According to the newspaper Haaretz, Leigh, who is Jewish, wrote a letter to the school saying he opposed Israel’s policies on Gaza and calling the loyalty oath requirement the “last straw.” The requirement, which the Israeli cabinet approved last week, obligates non-Jewish immigrants to pledge loyalty to a “Jewish and …democratic” state.

    Leigh last visited Israel in 1990 and said he has stayed away in protest. In his letter, he said he considered withdrawing last spring from the November visit after an Israeli raid on a flotilla of Gaza-bound ships resulted in nine deaths. Leigh said he reconsidered the visit once again when the Israeli government said it would resume allowing new building in the West Bank. But the loyalty oath legislation was the last straw, Leigh said. He added that he would not visit would Israel again until there was a “just solution” to the Palestinian issue.

    Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/arts/media/story/2010/10/17/leigh-israel.html#ixzz12hoaimXa

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    Gazans awaiting arrival of aid convoy (video):


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    Press release for immediate use – Friday 22nd October


    Viva Palestina convoy leaders declared their entry into Gaza a “breakthrough”, smashing open the illegal siege that the Israelis had imposed on the Palestinian people there.

    Convoy leaders confirmed that not only medical but other forms of aid have been taken into Gaza on the convoy in almost 150 vehicles which can be used for medical and other peaceful purposes. Total aid is valued at $5million.

    The convoy has been met with jubilant scenes on the way to and in Gaza City itself.

    Convoy leaders were also keen to correct inaccurate reports that had appeared in the New York Times and elsewhere. These claimed that the convoy had entered Gaza through Israel.

    These claims are entirely untrue. Viva Palestina has had a firm principle from its inception and that is it will not go through Israel to reach Gaza or hand over to Israeli authorities convoy aid.

    Entry into Gaza was through Egypt. The convoy sailed from Latakia in Syria to the Egyptian port of Al Arish and then drove the 40 kilometres to the Egyptian/Gaza border at Rafah where they entered the Gaza Strip.

    The Egyptian authorities proved very co-operative after lengthy negotiations conducted in Syria. Convoy leaders however regret the decision by the Egyptian authorities to exclude 17 members of the convoy including George Galloway.

    For more information, etc, please phone 07889 726777


    Viva Palestina arrives in Gaza


    Viva Palestina convoy reaches Gaza


    Viva Palestina members tour Gaza

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    General (Ret) James David (who is mentioned on the cover of the third edition of former Republican Congressman Paul Findley’s ‘They Dare Speak Out’ book about the power/influence of the pro-Israel lobby on the US political & media) sent through the following as US pro-Israel biased media (http://tinyurl.com/proisraelbiasedmedia) reveals itself yet again!:

    James David wrote:

    If you don’t think the news media isn’t controlled and censored in this country (USA) just look at the story below. This big achievement to assist the people in Gaza and bypass Israel’s blockade is a victory to peace activists and a defeat to Israel. Isn’t it amazing how much publicity the failed attempt received when Israeli forces attacked a flotilla of aid-carrying ships from Turkey? But when Israel fails, the publicity is zero.

    Viva Palestina Arrives in Gaza!
    Aljazeera Oct 21, 2010


    Pro-Palestinian activists in more than 100 cars and lorries have crossed into the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip through Egypt’s Rafah crossing with aid worth nearly $5m.

    Several dozen survivors from the Israeli attack on May 31 on the Turkish aid ship the Mavi Marmara were among those in the “Viva Palestina” convoy.Israeli commandos killed nine pro-Palestinian Turkish activists when they boarded the Mavi Marmara, the main vessel in a ‘Freedom Flotilla’ also attempting to deliver aid to Gaza.

    Editor CE adds: Witness almost complete blackout of this amazing effort by true humanitarians from many countries. Two days after the convoy arrived in GAZA only BBC, the Arab Press, and the Israeli press have reported that it happened…and not one USA network or major news outlet has reported it!

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