Rahm and the General Are Gone; Time to Put Freeman Back to Work

Rahm and the General Are Gone; Time to Put Freeman Back to Work, by James M. Wall

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Rahm and the General Are Gone; Time to Put Freeman Back to Work 

by James M. Wall

We have two weeks to endure until November 2, that blessed day when these depressing mid term elections finally give the nation a new congress.

Once those elections are over, President Obama has at least two more years in which he must work around the Congress and address himself to restoring moral fiber to his handling of the atrocious conduct of the Netanyahu-Lieberman government of Israel.

I suggest he start by restoring Charles Freeman to a position of influence in his administration. Freeman’s removal in March, 2009, was an early signal that Obama was more interested in appeasing the Zionist forces in the Congress, in Israel, and within his own White House team, than he was in taking bold steps toward ending the slaughter of innocents that continues under the guise of the latest Peace Talks charade.

More than a year and a half after his sudden departure from the White House, courtesy of AIPAC, Freeman is still speaking his mind. On October 15, of this year, he spoke at Tufts University. He opened his speech:

     As an American, I look at the results of U.S. policies in the Middle East and they remind me  
     of the T-shirt someone once gave me. It said: “Sinatra is dead. Elvis is dead. And me, I don’t
     feel so good.”

     The Middle East is a constant reminder that a clear conscience is usually a sign of either
     faulty memory or a severe case of arrogant amorality. It is not a badge of innocence. These
    days, we meticulously tally our own battlefield dead; we do not count the numbers of foreigners
    who perish at our hands or those of our allies. Yet each death is a tragedy that extinguishes
    one soul and wounds others. This deserves our grief. If we cannot feel it, we may justly be
    charged with inhumanity.

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