Press TV talks to James Morris on US-Saudi Arms Deal

Press TV’s Arash Zahedi talks to James Morris on US-Saudi Arms Deal
Excerpt of above interview was included near the end of the following ‘Reality Check’ program which aired on Press TV as well:
Reality Check (good PressTV show that discussed US torture, illegal Israeli settlements, UK government protest):

Target Tehran? Israel, US ‘prepare to attack Iran’

Saudis Would Allow Israel to Attack Iran
The Neocon plan: rattle the sword for Americans to hear so the US will give permission to Israel to bomb Iran
Same war for Israel Neocons Who Peddled the Al Qaeda-Iraq Connection Are Setting Their Sights on Iran
Israeli Nuke Double Standard:
We live in dark times (must read by friend Phil Weiss about coming financial crash & war with Iran):

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  • Patriot says:


    Israel is the most immediate threat to the future of the planet:

  • I notice that when Israel was trying to sell nuclear weapons to South Africa…

    They didn’t ask the US for permission!

  • Patriot says:

    How Much Air Superiority Does a Man Need? by Karen Kwiatkowski

  • Patriot says:


    Your action is needed to oppose war with Iran per H.Res.1553

    Friday, August 6, 2010 2:49 PM

    From: “Dick Blakney”


    To Network Promoting Peace with Iran and friends,

    I appeal to you to take action as requested below.

    Dick Blakney


    Your action is needed to oppose war with Iran

    which is promoted by House Resolution 1553

    Network Promoting Peace with Iran (

    August 6, 2010

    A new House of Representatives resolution could lead the U.S. to a war with Iran, even if the bill never becomes law. Please urge your representative to oppose and denounce this resolution.

    House Resolution 1553, which encourages Israel to start a war with Iran, sponsored by Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX), was introduced on July 22, 2010, has 46 cosponsors, and has been referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. The 46 cosponsors are already nearly one-third of the House of Representatives Republican Caucus. The text of the bill is found by clicking:

    This resolution would “green-light” an Israeli bombing campaign against Iran. U.S. defense officials Robert Gates, Michael Mullins and David Pretraeus have all warned of probable calamitous consequences of such a war. The support for HRes 1553 could rapidly expand, particularly being mindful of the support given on June 28 to the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010, when it was approved unanimously by the Senate, and by a vote of 408 to 8 in the House.

    Why could this resolution lead to war?

    + If enough members of Congress cosponsor the resolution, Israel could perceive that it has a “green light” to attack Iran in the months ahead.

    + If Israel attacks Iran, the United States will almost certainly be drawn in, either because Iran retaliates against U.S. forces in the region, or because the United States feels pressure to help Israel if its assault falls short.

    The article by Gareth Porter Neocon Nutballs Ramp Up Campaign, CounterPunch, July 30-Aug. 1, points out “What is important to understand … is that the aim … is to support an attack by Israel so that the United States can be drawn into direct, full-scale war with Iran. … In the absence of confidence that Obama would be ready to come into war fully behind Israel, there cannot be an Israeli strike. .. [P]olling data show that a majority of Americans have already been manipulated into supporting war against Iran – in large part because more than two-thirds of those polled have gotten the impression that Iran already has nuclear weapons.” Click the website for the article:

    Take action: urge your representative to denounce H.Res. 1553 as a flagrantly irresponsible encouragement of a catastrophic war with Iran. A sample letter which could be sent electronically or by post follows. It would be helpful for you to also urge your acquaintances in other states to do likewise.


    (Your return address and date)

    (Representative’s name & address)//

    I’m concerned about new legislation that could lead to a U.S. war with Iran. Please do not cosponsor H.Res. 1553, which voices support for Israel to use “all means necessary including use of military force “to eliminate nuclear threats” posed by Iran.

    I also ask that you denounce this resolution on the House floor as an unjustified declaration of war against Iran.

    An Israeli attack is almost certain to lead to U.S. involvement. An attack with U.S.-supplied weapons by a country with a “special relationship” with the U.S. and a history of mounting major military attacks with U.S. permission will be seen by much of the world as an attack by the United States. Iran, moreover, would likely retaliate against U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Persian Gulf.

    Defense officials Robert Gates, Michael Mullins and David Petraeus all warn of probable catastrophic consequences of such a war.

    I strongly urge you not to cosponsor H.Res. 1553 and instead to publicly denounce this legislation that could launch a war with horrific consequences for the peoples of the Middle East and U.S. interests.


    (your name)


    Appreciation is extended to the Friends Committee on National Legislation for a portion of the content of this message.

    Dick Blakney (

    Network Promoting Peace with Iran (

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