The Tea Party Disconnect (by Philip Giraldi)

The Tea Party Disconnect

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Some have expressed hopes that the tea partiers, many of whom grew out of the Ron Paul movement, will bring about a shift away from American imperialism through their demands for smaller, cheaper, less intrusive, and more accountable government. But it ain’t necessarily so. The tea partiers generally fail to understand that the indispensable element in the explosive growth of big government over the past ten years has been Washington’s failure to craft a foreign and security policy that is commensurate with the nation’s resources and proportional to the actual level of threat that exists in the world. This results in the tea partiers overwhelmingly supporting an aggressive security policy even though they must know that leaving the Pentagon budget untouched and untouchable guarantees deficit spending and continued growth of the parts of government that are allegedly committed to “keeping us free.”

The Republican Party has clearly understood that tea partiers are more-or-less fallen away Republicans based on their dislike of government coupled with unthinking chauvinism and are currently crafting their message to entice them back into the fold prior to November 2 nd. It is amusing to watch John Boehner with a straight face decry government growth and deficits when it was George W. Bush, aided and abetted by the selfsame Republican Party, who started down that road. Boehner is careful not to mention the two wars started by Bush that the nation continues to be embroiled in, nor is he interested in the oceans of red ink that global conflict inevitably produces. Discussion of foreign policy and war has been a no-no for both parties in the congressional elections campaign since both are complicit, and from the tea parties one hears nothing about Washington’s unbridled foreign interventionism. What America does overseas is a matter of little concern to most Americans as long as taxes do not rise to pay for it and one’s children are not drafted to hump a rifle through the Khyber Pass.

Nowhere is this blindness towards the foreign policy roots of the current political and economic disaster more evident than in two national political figures who are widely regarded favorably by many of the tea parties, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich. Gingrichis an exceedingly clever and devious man whose foreign policy views are completely compatible with those of most neocons. He has also been close to Israel for some time. When he was speaker of the house, an Israeli company hired his second wife Marianne Gingrich for $2,500 a month plus commissions in September 1994 after he announced congressional support for construction of a free trade zone in Israel. Her work for Israel Export Development Co. was to find tenants for the trade zone. Gingrich claimed that since her job did not involve working with the US government, there was no conflict of interest. Gingrich, a champion of family values, divorced second wife Marianne in 2000 and is now on wife number three, who is 23 years his junior.

Gingrich believes that Iran as a “nuclear state” presents a “serious problem” for the United States that must be addressed by President Obama. “The president needs to say to the world that it is unacceptable to have a vicious dictatorship seeking to gain nuclear weapons with the direct goal of genocide.” He worries that Iran policy is stuck in an appeasement mindset. “It’s like the 1930s. The Iranian regime is dedicated to creating a second Holocaust, in terms of wanting to annihilate Israel. For 31 years, it has been trying to tell us through every method they know – through terrorism, killing Americans, and developing nuclear weapons – that they are trying to defeat us. Yet, while the regime is explicitly dedicated to the destruction of Israel, and the defeat of the United States, there remains an absolute refusal in the Western world to be honest about it. At what point do we decide that what we need is a calm and methodological regime-change policy…”

Gingrich also believes that waterboarding is not torture and that George W. Bush’s policies “blocked a number of planned attacks.” But the intention to use civil courts to combat terrorism means that “The Obama team is even more pro-terrorist rights and anti-national security than the Clinton team was.” Gingrich was also the first major US politician to assert that Islamic law – sharia – is a threat to American freedom. In a July 29 th, 2010 speech he stated: “The fight against sharia and the madrassas and mosques which teach hatred and fanaticism is the heart of the enemy movement from which the terrorists spring forth. … One of the things I am going to suggest today is a federal law which says no court anywhere in the United States under any circumstance is allowed to consider Sharia as a replacement for American law.”

Palin is something quite different, and a good deal more dangerous than the lumpish and frequently strident Gingrich. She knows nothing of foreign policy and even less of security and defense related issues and is basically a neocon creation being promoted by them as a national candidate. Palin was discovered by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol in 2007 while he and a group of National Review stalwarts were on an Alaska cruise. Kristol assiduously pushed the right buttons to get her on the Republican ticket with John McCain. Palin returned the favor, describing how she had an Israeli flag on display in her governor’s office and describing her love for Israel during the debate with Joe Biden, but her ignorance of foreign policy issues was palpable during the campaign. Palin continues to be in contact with Kristol and has benefited from a recent hagiography The Persecution of Sarah Palin: How the Elite Media Tried to Bring Down a Rising Star by Matthew Continetti, who bears the title of “opinion editor” at the Kristol’s Weekly Standard. Continetti’s critique of Obama administration policies appears to include all Muslims, “Since 2005, Americans have been worrying about Iran’s ambitions for regional hegemony. Maybe it’s time we started worrying about Turkey’s regional ambitions as well. The Turks ruled the region from 1453 to 1922, after all. A renascence of Turkish power, in an Islamist guise, would cause all sorts of troubles no one can anticipate.”

Palin’s closest foreign policy adviser appears to be hardliner Randy Scheunemann, who advised John McCain and is perhaps most famous for his working as a lobbyist for Georgia, likely motivating his boss to declare “We are all Georgians” in a war that Tbilisi initiated against its neighbor Russia. So much for getting things wrong, but that has never in any way slowed down the neoconservatives. Another close adviser on foreign policy is Michael Goldfarb, who is the partner of Scheunemann at lobbying firm Orion Strategies, also worked for Kristol at the Weekly Standard, is an adviser for the Emergency Committee for Israel, and has also been associated with Liz Cheney’s Keep America Safe.

Palin’s boasts of being the mother of a combat veteran – her son with the somewhat unusual name Track – and has repeatedly asserted fatuously that American soldiers overseas are fighting to preserve freedoms in the US. Her simplistic bumper sticker analysis is perhaps not too atypical of the political chattering class, but even by their standards she is sometimes overly adept at reducing complicated issues to neocon crafted soundbites. In what was billed as a major foreign policy speech, delivered to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in April 2010, she staked out her basic position vis-à-vis the Democrats: “In foreign policy, we’ve got the makings of the Obama Doctrine: coddling our enemies while alienating allies.”

In another speech on June 27 th during a celebration called Freedom Fest in Norfolk Virginia, she also discussed foreign and defense policy. She said “This administration may be willing to cut defense spending, but it’s increasing it everywhere else. I think we should do it the other way round: cut spending in other departments – apart from defense. We should not be cutting corners on our national security.” Oddly, she added that “it takes a lot of resources to maintain the best fighting force in the world – especially at a time when we face financial uncertainty and a mountain of debt that threatens all of our futures” without apparently understanding that the two are related. Clearly failing to appreciate that military spending is money wasted, she asked “Did you know the US actually only ranks 25th worldwide on defense spending as a percentage of GDP? We spend three times more on entitlements and debt services than we do on defense.”

Concerning the War on Terror she insists on the use of the term “Islamic” to describe terrorists, opposes the proposal to close Guantanamo, rejects any deadline date for remaining in Afghanistan, and denounces any attempt to try terrorists in civilian courts. And she is not surprisingly particularly outspoken on Israel, stating “Folks, someone needs to remind the President: Jerusalem is not a settlement. Israel is our friend.” At Freedom Fest she elaborated “They escalated a minor zoning issue in Jerusalem into a major dispute with our most important ally in the Middle East, Israel. They treated the Israeli Prime Minister shabbily in Washington. When a Turkish sponsored flotilla threatened to violate a legal Israeli blockade of Hamas-run Gaza, the Obama Administration was silent. When Israeli commandos were assaulted as they sought to prevent unmonitored cargoes from being delivered to Hamas terrorists, the Obama Administration sent signals it might allow a UN investigation into the matter – an investigation that would be sure to condemn our ally Israel and bemoan the plight of Hamas.”

Tea partiers must begin to understand that accepting the calls of leaders like Palin and Gingrich for smaller and more sensible government and a return to constitutionalism without also understanding that they stand for an incoherent foreign policy, perpetual war, and ballooning deficits is self defeating. They are both traditional Republicans who want nothing more than to return the GOP to power. Only when you begin to question the raison d’etre for the wars and put an end to the American empire can you stop writing a blank check every year for the Pentagon, stop borrowing money to fund the fighting, and take sensible steps to reduce the size of government, making it again answerable to the people. As the memory of the overhyped terrorist threat fades, you might even begin to restore some of those civil liberties that have been stripped away by the Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Act, and the increasingly frequent assertion of state secrets privilege.

Is it imaginable that the Tea Parties might turn in that direction? Perhaps not, though much depends on the extent to which the Republican Party and people like Palin, Gingrich, and Boehner are able to co-opt the movement. If they do, the revolt will fizzle out and turn into George W. Bush lite, or perhaps not so lite, with complete adherence to the consensus politics that created the current mess in the first place. Hard to imagine, but if the tea parties take a large share of the vote and align behind policies embraced by the likes of Gingrich and Palin, things could actually get worse.

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  • Patriot says:

    How can you tell whether US politician is running for president (of the United States)?

    Tea Party Hijacked by Neocons

    Newt Gingrich: Propagandist for Israel

    Marianne Gingrich Denies Israel Job Is a “Political Payoff”

    Neoconned Sarah Palin and the Israel Lobby:

    More on PNAC Neocon Randy Scheunemann via following URL:

    PNAC Neocon agenda wants a war with Russia for Israel

    Who Started Cold War II? (by Patrick Buchanan)

    Nudge NATO: Russia pushes to keep Alliance from its doors

  • GreenClover says:

    Well, “…the revolt will fizzle …” is not going to fizzle out. Democrats are poor losers & will create more civil unrest (as with Bush & campus revolts in ’60s) than the TeaParty members. I think it’s going to get ugly.

    Might prepare by reading a book out about revolution coming to America soon. It’s a must read cause it could be our destiny soon. I recomend it.

  • My sister is a “Tea Partier”. My sister is a Zionist Christianoid that just loves Palin, and hasn’t two brain cells to click together, just like her admired one.
    It is the Zionist Christianoids who have pretty much taken over the Tea Party movement, and they are all raging lunatics.


  • Patriot says:


    Take a look at Christian (Israel first) Zionist John Hagee in following Dutch documentary on AIPAC as Hagee has collected loads of cash from his congregation (wonder if he receives cash from Israel and wealthy Zionists as well):

    The Israel Lobby (Marije Meerman, VPRO Backlight 2007)

    See the following URL to see who actually ‘picked’ Palin!

    Neoconned Sarah Palin and the Israel Lobby:

  • Elegant synopsis. If the tea party movement could gain greater momentum in the Midwest and northeast there may be some hope, as folks in therein are somewhat less likely to take the glitter on the preachers face for tears. That said, there is no place on earth more self-deceived than new York city. They actually think they have it figured out; whereas, they are the biggest tools on the entire globe. Alas, despite the fact that most people are ignoramuses, it must be granted they aren’t getting the whole story. A lot on the vanguard are expecting the power-checked yet gleam eyed patriotic masses to pick up on inferences. As the article points out, this is a people almost poised to bring back into power the same people who ground loader heels in their faces, no questions.

    We want our country back. Of obvious necessity we must therefore want power. We no longer have the money, but we do have the truth.9/11, 9/11, 9/11. Don’t throw that one away, that’s one powerful card. It ain’t the only one either.

  • Ann says:

    The Tea Party wasn’t hijacked by anyone. From the start it was funded by and therefore controlled by big business, who could not care less what people want. Want proof? Have you asked your boss for a raise lately?

    And, get over the Democrat vs. Republican facade. There is NO DIFFERENCE – both support the interests of the powerful and wealthy.

    Open your eyes to the new feudalism.

  • David says:

    As Lou Dobbs said “President Bush singed into law the North American Union ”
    “he did so without the approval of congress or the people of America”

    Expect Canadian laws to be enacted in America
    including gun laws,hate laws,property rights laws ,etc…

    the days of Cowboy Justice in America is coming to a close,
    the days of retarded kids on the streets with guns are coming to a close,
    the days of different laws in different places in America is coming to a close.

    Those who wish to embark on a different path will find themselves isolated.
    As the people are brought ever closer to starving ,they will stampede the flag the constitution and the patriots to sign up.
    Don’t get steamrolled by that tsunami.

  • Robert says:

    These Tea(pee)Partiers are the same folks that gave Bush a second term. You think they get it ? I don’t think so. Clueless bunch of TV “educated” morons are tripping on some kinda messiah for president. America is much sicker than I thought 10 years ago. Keep your passport close by, this things going off the charts.

  • Bill says:

    The tea party is just another distraction. There is no other way to do this. Everyone in the federal government needs to be fired. All of them, including Ron Paul etc. The Federal Reserve needs to be bulldozed and if you want, all of its management thrown in prison forever. Do anything less is a complete and utter waste of time.

  • Lynn D. says:

    Throughout history ALL good groups of any significance have been infiltrated and led astray until the conflicts within the groups have resulted in the destruction of the groups themselves, or the goals of the groups have been altered so that nothing of real value can be accomplished. This is exactly what has happened to the Tea Party. And it should be painfully obvious to anyone over the age of 20 that Republicans in the majority never reverse the legislative damage done by the previous Democratic congress, nor vice a versa. The ability to “throw the bums out” every two or four years is just a release valve built into the faux political system which guarantees the continued elite control of our faux political process. America today is a one-party state much like the Soviet Union, China or Nazi Germany and both nominal political parties are just façades presented to the public to create the illusion of competition and choice. The establishment leadership in both the GOP and the Democrats represent the goals of the same special interests.
    Please rise above the Left/Right paradigm. It’s a box the elite have put your in so that you can’t see they all work for the same masters. You ask, what then can we do? Read Luke 13:3 and John 14:6. If most of America would do what those two verses say, our enemies’ house of cards would crumble overnight. And I am not a “Zionist Christanoid Tea Partier”. I am a true follower of Jesus Christ and I have known for years that voting is futile. This present world is under the control of Lucifer (1 John 5:19) and voting is a dog and pony show for those too ignorant to see the big picture (which is that we are in a spiritual war!) I let a few of satan’s stooges do the talking, maybe someone will wake up and see the big picture:

    “We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans..”– Bill Clinton USA Today–3-11-93, page 2a

    “If the American people knew what we have done, they would chase us down in the streets and lynch us to the light posts.” George H.W. Bush

    “The [U.S.] Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper.” George Bush, Jr.

    I believe that if the people of this nation fully understood what Congress has done to them over the last 49 years, they would move on Washington; they would not wait for an election….It adds up to a preconceived plan to destroy the economic and social independence of the United States!” –George W. Malone, U.S. Senator (Nevada), speaking before Congress in 1957.

    “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the government since the days of Andrew Jackson.” FDR

    All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” David Rockefeller Sept. 23, 1994

    “The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.” James Madison

    The task is to covertly lower the standard of living, the whole social structure, of America so that we can be merged with all other nations. Senator Rowan Gaither

    “From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.” — Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. , 1913 (The year the Federal Reserve took control).

    The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the [public] is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society[via newspapers and TV] constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.’ Edward Bernays (Father of modern media and nephew of Sigmund Freud).

    The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight. JFK

    The ruling class has the schools and press under its thumb. This enables it to sway the emotions of the masses. Albert Einstein

    “Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.” Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Temper Bay says:

    – ….John Boehner with a straight face decry government growth and deficits when it was George W. Bush,…….who started down that road.-

    The road to big govt. was cut by Abe Lincoln, graded by FDR, paved by LBJ, and the clowns, both Dem. and Rep., that followed have all expanded it. Bush and Obama have merely added a fast-lane.

  • Mihail says:

    The stupid christian-zionist,useful idiots are going to burn in hell with the chosen devils(Khazars jews,ashkeNAZI DEVILS).They believe that jewish Rapture will save them,there is no Rapture,it is a jewish invention,and the satanic jews from the Synagogue of satan(Revelation 2:9,,3:9)are impostors,fake,liars.Those sons of hell have adopted judaism(satanism)in 740 black see kingdom.
    The Jewish Encyclopedia:

    “Khazars, a non-Semitic, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, who were converted as an entire nation to Judaism in the seventh century by the expanding Russian nation which absorbed the entire Khazar population, and who account for the presence in Eastern Europe of the great numbers of Yiddish-speaking Jews in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Galatia, Besserabia and Rumania.

  • ARTHUR says:


  • Joe says:

    Palin is an globalist disinformation agent. There is a video on you tube showing here hugging Henry Kissinger. She is being used to hijack a grass roots movement. This is why real change never happens. People back a false hero and the one world agenda continues.

    A few years ago Gingrinch hosted a scientific meeting in New Orleans. Japanese scientists were detailing brainchipping technology.

  • James J. David says:

    Good job, Jim. I’m not too sure if you know this or not but Newt’s association with AIPAC paid off for him, and even paid off for his wife as you can read below. It’s not telling how this association has rewarded him both in terms of financial and politically.

    People: Marianne Gingrich Denies Israel Job Is a “Political Payoff”

    By Nathan Jones

    Marianne Gingrich, wife of House Speaker Newt Gingrich, has been hired by the Israel Export Development Co., Ltd (IEDC) as its vice president for business development. Mrs. Gingrich’s interest in Israel’s proposed free-trade zone, designed to attract foreign investment to Israel, was said to have begun during an eight-day trip to Israel she and her husband made in August 1994 at the expense of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Israel’s Washington, DC lobby.

  • Pierre M. - France says:

    I have been very much a RON PAUL admirer from the beginning. I am living far from the US in a socialistic type European state and I really learn a lot from Ron Paul movement, which supports minimal state, peace, democracy, freedom and truth. It means also less military expenses.

    On the contrary, neocons have restricted individual rights, spy citizen, use torture, and lie to the americans and the world for starting a war which killed hundred of thousands for the benefit of cheatfull american corporations.

    From the external, looking at their ideas, it does not seem to me that the Tea Party has something to do with Ron Paul view and ideas, but everything to do with Neocons.

    For Me, Neocons are the worst – American new fascisms, cheaters, liars who threaten American society and world peace. All that for corporations and Israeli benefits.

    Obama is big state, inefficient socialism dreamer.

    You really need a third way. Ron Paul and his ideas are this alternative. Put trust in man and freedom, it means that people should be encouraged, empowered by the state – not assisted in the socialist way, not enslaved as in the Neocon agenda.

    Just hope that Americans will one day get their country back, it will help them, the world and mankind.
    I hope I am wrong concerning the tea party.

  • Gary says:

    I know who picked Palin – Henry Kissinger vetted her himself when Juan McLame chose her as his running mate. It’s tough trying to sort through all the lies and deception, but I still believe one term with Ron Paul as President will begin to get things turned around. That’s all he would get anyway.

  • Gary says:

    @Arthur – Yes I think at this point, there should be a new capitol set up somewhere in the central part of the nation. Washington is too far gone. The States should just leave them to rot in their filthy corruption.

  • Kate says:

    As an “original” tea partier from the very first rallies (during all the name-calling in Apr 09), I am offended and weary of continuous articles like this tying the entire tea party “movement” to “mainstream, illuminati-accepted Republicans” like Gingrich and Palin. The “establishment” Gingrich has already been chosen as the 2012 Republican contender. I like Palin but at every rally she flashes the illuminati hand signal (thumb, index finger, and pinky in the air, two fingers down).

    The Republicans have tried every way possible to “take over” the tea party. They can’t because most of us are NOT signed up to the “organized” tea party groups. The anger started with the bailouts, increased with ramming Obamacare down our throats, and the entire congress IGNORING the public’s pleas to STOP IT! Mostly baby boomers, actually having READ about “taxation without representation”, we said ENOUGH. Tea partiers have faced ongoing derision, taunts, and name-calling by the liberals and the media. Now we’re coming after them, and ousting all those smug LIFERS like Barney who ignored the our calls, letters, town hall concerns, THEN called us astroturf.

    So…we’re taking over one of the parties, and those we can’t oust in November, we’ll finish off in 2012. The entire congress is in our cross-hairs and we mean to win. If those elected in Nov don’t do the job by 2012, they’ll be ousted too.

    And PLEASE, stop “assigning” us YOUR selected Republican candidates. You’ll find we’ll be selecting our own.

  • Patriot says:

    Jim, thank you for posting comment above about Gingrich’s ex-wife.. Take a look at following as well when you can!:

    Bombs found in US-bound cargo heading for Chicago area Jewish synagogues

    US (Israel first media) won’t be telling Americans about following either!:

    New Bin Laden tape: US support for Israel terror motive yet again

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