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Bombs found in US-bound cargo heading for Chicago area Jewish synagogues

Bombs found in US-bound cargo heading for Chicago area Jewish synagogues

Explosive packages reflect new Yemen terror threat  

  • Bomb transported on passenger flight

    Yemen Covert Role Pushed

    Foiled Bomb Plot Heightens Talk of Putting Elite U.S. Squads in CIA Hands

    Press TV’s Hassan Tavakoli talks to James Morris on Bomb Scare Scenario

    US Israel first media still won’t tell Americans about Bin Laden’s warnings as conveyed via URLs below:

    New Bin Laden tape: US support for Israel terror motive yet again

    Bin Laden:

    Ongoing US support for Israel’s murder of Palestinians not worth getting blown up on planes & attacked in US

    Listen to what courageous Brit historian Tony Judt (who was Jewish and recently passed away) said at the end of following Dutch AIPAC documentary about US getting tired of cost of Israel like Roman Empire: