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Iraqi melting pot fears ethnic tension will boil over when US troops leave

Iraqi melting pot fears ethnic tension will boil over when US troops leave 

Iraq violence increase shows ‘Surge’ not a ‘success’ as neocon advocates say!

US ‘exploited’ Iraq communal strife

The above fits exactly with what my friend (Dr. Stephen Sniegoski) discusses in his ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book about the neocon fragmentation agenda for Israel’s enemies in the Mideast (so much for the ‘success’ of the neocon inspired/drafted ‘Surge’ after US troops leave). Please take a look at his ‘Fragmentation of Iraq’ piece via following URL if interested further

Fragmentation of Iraq for Israel:

I had arranged the Press TV interview for Dr. Sniegoski which can be viewed via the link near the top of if you would like to take a look at your convenience. The following is interesting to take a listen to as well (it was from an interview with Steve by Karen Kwiatkowski who is mentioned in James Bamford’s ‘A Pretext for War’ book as well – she was a Colonel at the Pentagon working in an office next to JINSA Neocon Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans and saw how the intel was being cooked and manipulated to get US into the Iraq quagmire as she resigned as a result):

The Neocon Agenda (excerpt from Karen Kwiatkowski interview with Dr. Stephen Sniegoski):

Karen went on to write articles like the following one:

Open Door Policy (for Israeli generals at the Pentagon):

I had helped to set up the following interview for Karen at RT:

“Operation in Afghanistan is rooted in Israel”

And neocons have been advising General David Petraeus in Afghan quagmire as well:

Israeli Nuke Double Standard: