Press TV talks to James Morris on Yemen Bomb Scare Scenario

Press TV’s Hassan Tavakoli talks to James Morris on Bomb Scare Scenario

America’s next war is with Yemen?

‘US pro-Israel bias demonizing Islam’

Yemen-based al Qaeda group claims responsibility for parcel bomb plot

Cargo bomb found in UK could have exploded over US (is support 4 Israel worth this?!)

New Bin Laden tape: US support for Israel terror motive yet again

Bombs found in US-bound cargo heading for Chicago area Jewish synagogues

The Parcel Bomb Plot—Al-Qaeda’s Gift to Israel

Press TV’s Saeed Pour Reza talks to Mark Dankof about neocon/Israel lobby agenda for wars

Pro-Israel Biased Media Threatening US Security:
Following UK New Statesman blog entry mentioned in above interview:
General Petraeus Leaked Emails about Israel:

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  • James J. David says:

    Jim Morris puts his finger right on the real source when it comes to identifying the reason for these attempted terror attacks on the United States. Our government and the American media is held hostage by the Jewish lobby and the pro-Israeli movement in order to keep Israel as the overwhelming power in the Middle East, when in fact this kind of unbalanced bias does nothing but promote terror and weaken this nation of ours. I only wish that the statements made by Jim Morris could get to the American public , then and only then will the American people realize that Israel’s brutal and illegal occupation of the Palestinian people is the real source of terror. Jim Morris does a famulous interview on Press TV and is to be commended for his willing to speak the truth. What I said shortly after the September 11 attack remains true today and you can read it here:

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