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Scanners and pat-downs upset airline passengers

So the following is the kind of inconvenience we have had to experience since 9/11 (primary motivation for 9/11 was US support for Israel’s brutal oppression of the Palestinian people as conveyed via and as one can also look up ‘Israel as a terrorist’s motivation’ in the index of James Bamford’s ‘A Pretext for War’ book) as the cost of supporting Israel is not worth it!:

TSA Body Scans & Pat-Downs? CHANGE Foreign Policy FIRST!

Managing the News (by Philip Giraldi)

Scanners and pat-downs upset airline passengers

TSA boss: New pat-downs are more invasive

Backlash building against TSA’s X-ray body scanners in airports
Why the Public Turned on the TSA!

TSA: Travelers Who Refuse Scanning Can’t Leave, Will Be Fined

US airport body scanners condemned
New security measures amount to ‘virtual strip searches’ and ‘breast groping’, critics and some travelers say.

Security Body Scan Images Leaked Online

TSA forces cancer survivor to show prosthetic breast (what is US coming to with this?!):

Chertoff and Company – The Cover Up (Body Scanners)
Press TV’s Hassan Tavakoli talks to James Morris on Bomb Scare Scenario
Ron Paul Unleashes On TSA: “Enough Is Enough”

Ron Paul Introduces HR 6416: The American Traveler Dignity Act

RELEASED: AIPAC court filing gives inside look at wrongdoing

RELEASED: AIPAC court filing gives inside look at wrongdoing – IRmep

Monday, November 15, 2010 7:37 AM
From: “IRmep”
On Nov. 8, 2010, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) filed a massive 260-page motion [.pdf] in the District of Columbia Superior Court. It asks Judge Erik Christian to dismiss former AIPAC employee Steven J. Rosen’s $20 million defamation suit. In October the court dismissed all counts of the March 2009 lawsuit except for Rosen’s claim of harm over AIPAC statements to the press that he did not uphold its standards of conduct. Rosen and AIPAC have, until now, abstained from filing damaging information about the internal workings of AIPAC in court. AIPAC’s willingness to publicly air some extremely sordid and revealing content to get the remaining count thrown out before an alternative dispute resolution hearing begins in December is a sign that AIPAC is now fighting for its life, or, as one former AIPAC attorney put it “reason for being.”  If Rosen proves in court that AIPAC has long handled classified information while lobbying for Israel, the worn public pretense that AIPAC is anything but a stealth extension of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from which it emerged in 1951, will end forever….
Israel Lobby Archive: (8 MB scanned filing)
Radio interview:

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Britain: Afghan war unwinnable

Britain: Afghan war unwinnable

Just saw the following story at (so the Brits lose their harriers and aircraft carrier as a result of wasting billions poodling along with the US in wars for/because of Israel in Iraq/Afghanistan – incredible!):

Harriers to be scrapped in UK

Max Keiser on RT (Neutering Iran for Israel)

Max Keiser on Russia Today (Neutering Iran for Israel)

This ‘Counting the Cost’ program is a must watch Al Jazeera English broadcast for the interview with the Chinese guy about America’s insurmountable debt which Chalmer’s Johnson addresses as well in his ‘Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic’ book:

Israel First Eric Cantor’s Pledge of Allegiance

Eric Cantor’s Pledge of Allegiance
By Glenn Greenwald
Soon-to-be GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor met on Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – and vowed that he and his GOP colleagues would protect and defend Israeli interests against his own Government. 

Cantor was mentioned in following piece as well:

Elections Put Pro-Israel Neo-Cons Back on Top: