Obama’s beginning of the end

Obama’s beginning of the end


Eric S. Margolis

12 December 2010 

In 1956, Britain , France and Israel colluded to invade Egypt to overthrow its hugely popular nationalist leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser.  US President Dwight Eisenhower deemed the tripartite Suez aggression immoral and damaging to American interests in the Muslim world.  “Ike” ordered the British, French and Israelis to get out of Egypt at once – or else.  They got out.

Fast forward to 2010.  President Barack Obama demands Israel stop building illegal Jewish settlements around Jerusalem and on the West Bank .  Obama rightly concludes the ongoing agony of Palestine has turned the Muslim world against the United States .  It is also the primary cause of what Washington calls “terrorism.”  After the Suez invasion, Israel ’s American partisans set about building an influence network that would ensure no American president could ever force Israel to do anything against its will. 

Their brilliant success was again confirmed this week as Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of Israel ’s rightist coalition, literally spit in Obama’s face, sneeringly rejecting the president’s pleas to create a viable Palestinian state. The US Congress and rightwing media actually applauded the public humiliation of their president and vice president.  How the mighty have fallen. Obama has shown himself utterly without spine, and terrified of the Israel lobby at a time when his political fortunes are plummeting.   The White House understands that America ’s vital interests in the Mideast are being increasingly undermined by Israel ’s adamant refusal to allow a workable Palestinian state instead of apartheid-style Arab Bantustans.

A triumphant Netanyahu made clear Israel would retain all of Jerusalem , settlement blocks around it, water resources, key roads, the West Bank high ground and the Jordan River valley. In short, “useful Palestine .” The rest, waterless scrub and slums, might be left to the Arabs. Nothing was said about Israel ’s illegal occupation of Syria ’s Golan Heights .

Even Obama’s shameful offer of a multi-billion dollar bribe to Israel of 20 F-35 warplanes and unlimited diplomatic support, in exchange for a flimsy 90-day building freeze, was contemptuously rejected by Netanyahu. He knows the US Congress would give Israel the moon if asked. The US has already given Israel at least $114 billion since its creation in 1947.

What does Obama’s humiliation mean?  His chances of being defeated in the next presidential election are growing.  Obama’s arch-rival, the pro-Israeli Hillary Clinton, is positioning herself to take over the Democratic Party from Obama.   

The US diplomatic, intelligence and military establishment has got the message, loud and clear:  don’t mess with Israel .  The last US president who tried to restrain Israel ’s West Bank colonisation, George H.W. Bush, failed to win re-election; his able secretary of state, James Baker, was slandered as an “anti-Semite.”  By caving in to Israel ’s hard right over the West Bank , Obama sends a message of profound weakness to the rest of the world. He is signaling that Israel , not the White House, really makes America ’s Mideast policy. Israel also increasingly influences US policy towards Pakistan , Afghanistan , India , Iran and North Korea . The humiliated Palestinian Authority is shown as a helpless puppet of the Americans and Israelis, as rival Hamas has long charged.  

Obama’s defeat suggests Israel now has “carte blanche” to move ahead and attack Lebanon ’s resistance movement Hezbollah , Syria , and eventually Iran .  In fact, Israel now seems to have the power to plunge the US into war against Iran whenever it decides the time is right and the risk worthwhile.

Since the US has become a helpless giant, it’s up to the rest of the world to end the suffering in Palestine . Brazil and Argentina have taken an important step forward by recognising a Palestinian state in the pre-1967 borders. The 2002 Saudi peace plan still offers all parties concerned the fairest, most practical road to peace.

The UN General Assembly should again endorse this plan and call for more pressure on Israel .  But Netanyahu and his fellow rightwing zealots are determined to hold on to every meter of the West Bank and Golan. Some far rightists want to expand Israel into Lebanon and Syria .  Israel ’s refusal to compromise over Palestine is at the heart of its increasingly dangerous confrontation with Iran .

Obama’s shameful failure will haunt the world for decades.

Eric Margolis is a veteran US journalist.

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  • Patriot says:

    Israel reinvading Lebanon (per http://tinyurl.com/cleanbreak) could draw US into a war with Iran if Syria (Iran’s ally) get’s involved too!:

    ‘Israel preparing for war with Lebanon’


    Attack on Iran could spark wide-scale war


    See what Admiral Thomas Moorer had to say about Israel’s influence and George Washington’s ‘Farewell Address’ warning against having passionate attachments for foreign countries (like we have for Israel) as well which are both at the bottom of http://astandforjustice.org


    Israel going back into Lebanon after Hezbollah would be right in accordance with the rest of ‘A Clean Break’ (blueprint for the Iraq invasion as well) which one can read about via http://tinyurl.com/cleanbreak from James Bamford’s ‘A Pretext for War’ book.


    Former Congressman Paul Findley on Push for Iran War


    Special Relationship with Israel: Is it Worth the Costs?


    Israel: Obama’s Last Card


    US’ mixed signals in brokering Middle East peace talks


    AIPAC’s Push for War with Iran:


  • Stella Longer says:

    Israel’s grip on America is further manifesting itself in the guise of the Depart of Homeland Sec. DHS.
    The Airport “checkpoints” and the soon to come bus and railway station checkpoints, (right after the appropriate ‘terrorist’ event involving a moslem patsy) are the birth child of the checkpoint systems in the occupied territories, courtesies of the same father.
    America is doomed.

  • Tom Dee says:

    At the same time Israel, England and france were attacking Egypt the Israel’s were plotting to blow up American buildings in Egypt and blame the Egyptians. They intended to poison the relationship between the USA and Egypt. This was known as operation susssan or the lavon affair. It was the result of much of the bad feelings and was direct result of the 1967 war of aggression. The second prime minister of Israel wrote in his diary that the Israel government proposed to invade and take of Syria because of political unstable situation. Ben Gurion responded that he wanted to stick with his plan to attack Egypt in 1955. It is interesting how Israel could plan to attack Egypt but claim it was only because the egyptian took over the canal but Ben Gurion was planning the attack two years before the canal was taken over. One can only belief that every bad thing that the AIPAC cries about has been the result of the desire of the zionist to attack and steal all the land that they can without regard to who gets killed or injured. BTW in april 1967 the Israel air force destroyed the Syian air force over a minor water disagreement in the hula depression near the golan heights. How nice to have the enemy on the north air force out of action so the defensive war resulitng from the blockade of the Israel port could be launched with 100 percent of the jets attacking with no fear of being attacked by Syria. Irsael has a terrible history covered over again and again in the news. Few people would support Israel if they just understood the truth of their history.

  • jojo says:

    If other USA presidents went againist Israel wants and ended defeated,therefore Israel Firster’s Obama President stands to reason to be reelected 2 terms.
    God help us if Hilary gets to be President–at least Obama has not pleased Israel in attacking Iran by aug 2010 :^/

  • OlatheJim says:

    One of the best way to support the truth is to support LinkTV. They broadcast news from the Middle East and Al JazerraTV. Also DemocracyNow/ Unfortunately our cable providers do not carry it. You have to use satellite. I have DirectTV. When you have studied the creation and life of Israel like I have you realize it was a bad idea for Jews and so if you support Israel you are actually anti-semitic to use the way that word is commonly used.

  • Rick says:

    Greetings-A person can spout all the political justifications they want about the Mideast situation-But until we all admit the religious issues at stake, we will be on the road to all the Biblical Apocalyptic scenarios-Is that what y’all want?No?Then drop your religious stuff, & help save the world.

  • Judas Tobias says:


  • Jared says:

    Stephen Sneigoski made so many valid points in his interview with Hesham Tillawi discussing how past presidents handled the Israel issue.

    Barack Obama is slicker than Slick Willy, I can tell you that. Though I hate admitting this, but it sounds like he’s dancing between the raindrops while trying to save himself.


  • kevertje says:

    What i don’t understand is in de Amercan politics is the fact that you guy’s have so many Jews in the government that are allowed to have dual citizenship All other Americans are forbidden to have dual citizenship!!So where is your alliance? Other thing that’s bothering me is what’s going on in the airports Complain and complain about the treatments one receive at the hands of governments officials. The populace keeps whining but nothing happens as no body takes action. All you guys sit there considering whether it is constitutional. I WILL NOT FLY!! It is to me unbelievable that you people let your wife and little childeren be molested, and radiated.

  • jack says:

    Kick the usurpers out and give the Palestinians back their land, all of it, which they’ve owned for 11,000 years. And make them pay for all the suffering, murder and mayhem.

  • Son of Liberty says:


    I submit, make Israel prove they were given that land by God Himself. What incredible BullCrap!!! Simple right and wrong could easily soolve all this. The Jews stole Palestine from its People. Kazars cannot claim to be the original Jews. It is a certainty that the Palestinians are the original Jews. Still, who cares about the Bible. The literal, real Tabernacle of Exodus was buried in King Tut`s tomb, therefore, therefore, no Moses, no David, no Solomon, etc, etc, etc. Hard to fathom, tougher to swallow, but still…TRUE!

  • Elijah Isaiah says:

    They Falsely claim the name “Israel” as part of the Deception going all the way back before Balfour.
    The correct name should be “Judah”.
    Please read Isaiah 5.
    The King James is a little obscure, but a New Revised Standard is easier on this part.
    God’s favorites, Chosen, have destroyed, murdered, and degraded their way into WRATHFUL comeuppance.
    Right ON about Dual-citizens from Israel being in positions they don’t belong around the World.

  • Eileen Kuch says:

    According to the US Constitution, only US citizens may hold public office or work for Local, State, or Federal Government agencies. Dual citizens MUST give up the foreign citizenship (and this INCLUDES ISRAEL) to be eligible for either Government employ or elective office.

    Therefore, dual citizens like Tim Geithner, Joe Lieberman, Dick Durbin, etc. must either renounce Israeli citizenship or resign; and, if these “traitors” refuse, then, they must be kicked out. It is these people who have (and still are) placed America and its people in mortal danger. All anyone needs to do is find out what really happened to the USS Liberty and her officers and crew; and, the truth about many of these “dual-citizens” in Government can be exposed. We all know that their loyalty is NOT to America, but, instead to a hostile foreign power – ISRAEL.

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